How To Make Your Character Sit In Black Desert Online?

For so much time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my character sit. It’s difficult in this game because Black Desert Online is like an RPG that lets you walk around everywhere and do everything at your own pace. I had a lot of fun with that, and it’s certainly not easy to sit. There’s a lot going on in this game that you have to be aware of and keep track of.

It is challenging to get the character to sit on the seat and even harder to get the character to do it convincingly. This article will show you how you can make your character stand up or sit down pretty quickly! It’s best to know which buttons you need to press and the best ways to do so.

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How to make your character lean against the wall

Black Desert Online has some excellent features, which makes this game very popular among RPG lovers. You have to be careful and pay attention to all of your character’s needs in this game. For instance, you have to eat, drink, sleep, and maintain a positive state of mind. These things are essential because if you choose not to take care of them, you’ll die or get sick if you don’t stop.

To position your character so that they are leaning against a wall, have the back of their body facing the wall. Pressing the “S” key on your keyboard makes your character lean against the wall and relax. You may have to do this process repeatedly so that your character can remember where they are leaning against the wall. You have to keep applying more pressure, and you have to press the “S” key again, and then your character will immediately lean against the wall when pressed.

You can also add more pressure on your character so that they can relax against the wall. First, you have to hold down the “W” key and press the “S” key. After that, you must keep pressing the “S” button until your character is leaning against the wall again.

How to make your character sit:

Your character could also sit. There are two types of sitting: and each has its pros and cons.

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First Method:

The sitting pose is an essential part of a character’s animation. Characters can sit on low surfaces, such as benches or ledges, by positioning themselves back to the surface and tapping the S key. Depending on how much they want to sit, they can tap the S key multiple times; from here, they can then press Q to switch between five different sitting positions.

The possibilities of this method are that it is straightforward to use and is available in several seating positions. However, this method is disadvantageous because you can see the character between the surface, while others find their character floating above. This is what you’ll notice when people try to float a little bit—as other characters look to do this, and they will.

Second Method

You can also place your character on the surface in which you want them to sit. For example, if they’re sitting on a chair or ledge. First, make sure your character is at the edge. Then, hit Q to make them sit. Also, they may kneel if you are wrongly positioned. Rooftops are typically high surfaces. Some fine finishing may be necessary for this activity, but the activity itself is fantastic. To change between two seats, you may hit the Q key after being seated.

Most of the time, you won’t like the way your character appears when you use the first method, but this approach is still great. The second method is less fuss-free than the first method, but it can be tailored to make it work. Another disadvantage is that you have to choose only two positions.

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