The Best Techniques for Silver in Black Desert Online

Silver is a valuable resource in BDO. You can use it to buy almost every major thing you will need, such as armor, outfit materials, or anything else you want. However, getting silver in BDO is no child’s play. That’s why, in this article, we will outline the best ways to get silver in Black Desert Online.

There are so many different ways of getting silver that it would be impossible for me to rank them all. So here’s what I’m going to do: look at a list of the top five and give some more detailed info on them so that it’s easier for you and should make your life a little easier when choosing which way of making money is best for you!

5. Horse Breeding

Horse breeding is an activity in the game that allows players to obtain horses. There are different types of horses and tiers. The higher the tier, the rarer it is. Tier 1 is the most basic, with Tier 8 being the rarest. As a player progresses through stages in horse breeding, they become quicker in acceleration, turning, and braking. You can obtain horse breeding at a low cost compared to its counterparts from other games. The horses obtained from horse breeding are used in the late game for various purposes.

To make money, you need to first get a horse up to Tier 5. To do this, the horse has to level up on his own, and you can’t do anything about it. Breeding horses works like this: the higher the 2 horses in question, the better your chances are that one will go up a tier or even three! The bird will either stay at the same level or rise by one, two, or level three tiers in exceptional circumstances. The horse can only level up once without being assisted by the player, but through getting luck on your side. To generate money from this process, level up 2 horses to Level 30 and breed them together.

The abilities of it determine the worth of the horse. There’s a chance they’ll pick up a new skill when they advance in rank. Some abilities are more important than others, like drift and instant acceleration, which increases their value significantly. The market for horse breeding may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. You can either try your luck at breeding or sell an unpurified horse to someone else who requires one for breeding purposes. A female has only one pregnancy attempt, whereas a male has two, which you can place on the market to help with someone else’s needs when breeding horses.

In this technique, you risk a lot of silver, but it is also the easiest way to earn money. If you are interested in making money with this type of technique, you need to spend a lot of time and effort – about 25-30 hours AFK before reaching level 30 horse. This type of approach can work great if you’re confident about your abilities and/or horse, but it’s not an easy method for making money.

I like horse breeding because it helps me escape from reality, and a lot about this hobby is not based on numbers or statistics but personal preference. Horse breeding has helped me explore my creative side by growing plants and ensuring that they can thrive under normal conditions rather than just being given something that will only survive in a greenhouse. I’ve only had a few lucky streaks since I started playing this game. However, maybe one day it’ll benefit me, and I can get the tier 8 horse.

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4. Fishing

On number four, we have fishing, which is my specific favorite owing to my laziness. I truly appreciate how this game’s fishing mechanics have been designed. To catch fish, you must wait for a bite and then hit the spacebar. You can also play an easy mini-game with only one button that requires you to do an action at specific intervals.

The only way to make money in this circumstance is to sell your catch to a commercial manager. Fish are available in a range of colors, including whites, greener, blues, and golden. Whitefish are worth a few thousand silver pieces, but goldfish are worth somewhere between 40 and 150 thousand coins. As you progress in your fishing skills, you have a higher chance of catching rare fish.

Fish, such as trout and salmon, have been found to provide you with fragments of an antique relic. These are applied to make boss scrolls, which are used to call in bosses. It is either possible to create a scroll using these five tips or sell them in a market for quick money. The bosses that are summoned by the summon scrolls to drop lots of loot and money, which makes it a good thing for gamers who are looking to earn silver in BDO.

Fishing locations that are a little different from what you usually do are also great for catching more fish. Getting a fish near Velia would not provide you with as many uncommon ones. A boat is required if you wish to capture more fish. Boats are suitable for fishing because they’ll allow you to go deep sea and access the best fishing locations in the game. It is something I encourage since it offers you something to do and also makes you happier.

The fishing profession in Black Desert Online can be profitable. You can sell your fish to a non-player character (NPC) known as the Imperial merchant manager, who will pay you more than regular vendors. Some people are willing to pay twice the cost of a fish, but there is a limitation on what they’re willing to buy. Some people will buy a specific quantity of fish, even if they are ready to pay a more excellent price.

It’s doubtful that anybody capable of selling fish to the Imperial merchant has done so if you’re fishing in a popular area of water, that means you won’t be ready to trade any more of your own caught fish to him. So try to hand them out during off-peak hours for a greater chance of making some money.

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3. Trade Runs

You can use materials to make trade crates in Black Desert. You can then sell them to traders. There are endless ways you can make slingshots, ranging from a simple oar or wooden stick to an elaborate elixir of food and ingredients. There are also countless variations on what materials you can use to make trade crates. To make slingshots, find the materials you need and mine them in your mining areas (you can also purchase them from trade merchants). The game has a few methods of trade, so I’ll quickly go over them.

The first technique is to do the trading oneself. The principle of this is that you buy your pack and then make your way to the merchant seller with it. As you continue to observe them, you will succeed with even greater money. Observe what they do and how they act. Learn their needs and then cater to those needs. The value of an iron ore pack varies depending on the metal grade. The ore is worth more if its quality surpasses the average.

However, if you go to the next nearest town, such as Velia, it will suddenly produce a lot more value. So, to trade goods, you must link all of the nodes on the map. The distance doesn’t matter, but the contribution points limit how far you can travel. If it is changed from Trent to Heidel, you might make a visually lovely uppercase mark.

If you craft elixir trade crates in a high-demand city, each crate can be worth approximately 100,000 in silver. Consider how much money you might earn if you’re able to sell them around halfway over the map? Your inventory limit won’t even matter because you can carry multiple crates all at once. Sometimes it’s best to make the crates in one city and then sell them all over another city. 

It is the first method to get profit from trade crates. If you don’t want to take all these excursions personally, soon enough, you’ll grow tired of them. It would be fantastic if this were feasible for products to be transported from one place to someone without doing it yourself. You are lucky because a system of warehousing is found in the game. You can transmit via the transportation system packets to any city as long as nodes connect them. The delivery of goods costs three times as much if the nodes are not connected. It can take a long time, and you will use silver. If the distance is not so far, it will take a couple of hours, but it isn’t too expensive, and you can do something else with your time.

The method of moving products is straightforward. You must visit your local warehouse and choose the transport button. Then you choose your destination and mode of transportation, which is generally a freight wagon. Add the goods you wish to send and then hit the Send button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Wait a few moments, and your information will be shown in your chosen city. Following that, you must meet them at storage sites and get them from storage.

2. Life Skills

I would like to briefly reiterate my point by saying that Life skills are number two, but alchemy and cookery more precisely. Alchemy and cooking are two life skills that also make significant amounts of money. It should not be too difficult to acquire a certain degree in these areas, but you must put effort into improving your abilities to earn decent wages. For example, I got an alchemist degree and worked on becoming an expert before I started making a lot of money from it. There still are a few methods to make money from cooking and alchemy, so I’ll keep you updated on how that works.

The first approach is relatively simple. It is a reliably acceptable level; once attained, you should begin making dishes such as the Calpheon Special. It’s a consumable product that gives players bonuses that help them level up fast. However, like me, many individuals can’t worry about doing this alone, only buying it off on the market. It isn’t too tricky, and the supplies are easy to find. You may buy them in quantity, and they sell quickly. This strategy can make fast cash, and you may even master it. You may take advantage of this technique to generate money or be classified as a premier skill. You can make fast and straightforward money using this approach. You could also use alchemy to do so. Elixirs are popular in games because they help players earn more silvers, making for quicker grinding.

If you don’t want to use the first technique, you can try the second alternative: producing these goods boxes. I started this earlier, but it has to be repeated: Be careful when combining alchemical items because you’ll have a lot of money if you do. Mixing many elixirs in a crate will make more money than 100,000 silver. Using life skills to make money is the best way to go into the game. If you are at a high skill level in alchemy and cooking, you will make a lot of money from sales and production. You can sell the products you create for a higher cost than the market price.

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1. Grinding

So the best way for me to get money is, of course, grinding in BDO. Although this approach is not the funniest means of making money, it is the most reliable lifestyle. The grind is a well-known term among RPG players, but it’s not as simple as you think it is. You have to be patient with grinding and earn a decent amount over time to establish your foundation for game progress. You can quickly improve your skills by using consumables and leveling up your professions. It takes time to achieve something or make use of something, and the same holds for grinding in Black Desert Online. If you plan to play Black Desert online without putting any effort into it, you will be bored in no time. It is a tedious way of earning money, but it is the best way to do so.

Horse breeding, trading, and other lucrative activities will bring you a lot of money. Consistent grinding is the best way to keep your earnings thriving. Many gangs have been willing to compensate by surrendering their goods for trafficking, for instance, catfish, which may be traded for 60,000 silver in NPC transactions with one hundred of them. For instance, these things have a noteworthy decline rate, so adding many doesn’t take much time. The waste from the higher class is of much lesser worth, like five hundred silver Aakman.

Grinding is good for getting random drops. Some examples include black stone, forbidden books, relic shards, and weaponry. The inclusion of these drops might result in a rise in money or a favorable improvement in your character. Many grinding industries have varying typical income amounts. Some locations provide more money than others. I can make between 1,5 and two million per hour at catfish but can make up to four million per hour elsewhere. The situation is different depending on what equipment you have and how many uncommon drops you get. The chunk of money you’re paid might differ based on your location and level of experience.

In many games, luck is a factor that players can earn by mastering finding treasure. It is worth using when you have extra slots available. You will discover uncommon things more likely, which makes farming a more efficient process. You can collect rare items if the luck of the draw is on your side. You can get an earring at Witches Capilla that you might not be able to find anywhere else. It is a fantastic item for an AP. You have the option of selling it for about 9 million silver in an auction house.

Is your money not yet enough? Then it’s time to attempt your luck to slay a few ogres. There is also a magic ring that they can drop from ogres. One time it was worth more than fifty million silver. If you have to, then you will be handsomely rewarded. Note that prices for the western variant might be changing since they’re based on market pricing. In addition to the income of rare items, there are also many other lucrative ways you can make money in Black Desert Online. 

I have a lot to say about grinding, which is why I’m not going to spend much time on it now. However, I will cover it more in the future. That is to say, this is now and for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading! I hope at least one of the techniques in this blog post resonated with you.

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