How And Where To Exchange Fisher’s Token In Black Desert Online?

A Balenos fishing rod is the most popular fishing rod in Black Desert Online for AFK fishing due to its usable nature and bonuses. During fishing competitions, you can expect the quantity of money to increase by using this rod.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding how and where to exchange fisher’s token in Black Desert Online. Continue reading for further information.

BDO AFK Fishing Basics

AFK Fishing is a lucrative way to get AFK money, particularly if you have a comprehensive Bag of 192 slots. Also, with a lower quested container, nighttime AFK fishing may still get you a decent quantity of antique relic quartz shards. With low-inventory warriors, removing relatively low-quality fish may increase the number of relic shards. Cognitive fragments are being used in large enhancement; therefore, relic shards are quite valued.

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What is The Best Way to AFK Fish?

A sailboat or a beachfront on a river, lakes, and ocean is all you need. To connect your fishing pole, go up to that and right-click it. Simply press the space bar, and now you’re done! Check the box that says, “do not join fellow adventures’ ships.” This stops you from being picked up by a scarlet player and transported or killed.

You have the option of keeping different classes of fish. You can still change this “junk” treasure for goods if you choose the reject option. Every one of the emerald grande rare artifacts, such as historic relic crystal shards, can be yours to keep.

Spell Gemstone For Balenos Fishing Rod Item Brand

An item brand spells stone might be used with a Balenos fishing rod. By halving the rod’s longevity consumption, you’ll be able to improve the AFK fishing duration significantly. That $4 item increases the amount of time you can spend fishing. This also cuts the price of fixing a Balenos fishing rod by 32%.

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The Best Fishing Spots

Fishing In The Mainland’s High-Level Area

AFK fishing is excellent with Kamasylvia as well as Deighan. Some locations, on the other hand, will indicate an “overtired” quantity of fish. Grana as well as easter bunny cabins are by far the most popular destinations in Kamasylvia since they are secure zones, yet they are usually exhausted. Harak’s refuge and also the country’s capital are both safe areas in Deighan.

While dealing with Valencia, the Kama offers a higher distance benefit than Deighan. Kamasylvia and Dreighan have a higher probability of dropping ancient fragment shards than the norm.

Great Ocean Fishing

It is recommended to fish in the South Margoria Sea for the best distance benefit. It gives you a 136-foot increase in distance of 43%, close to the actual distance benefit of 150%. You can reach a maximum of 150 percent if you venture further and further into the Middle Margoria Sea. 

Therefore, if you are trying to go there on a ship that isn’t just a swift great ocean voyage via ocean boat, including the Epheria sail, it will be slow and risky.

The AFK fishing duration in the Ross, as well as Marjorie seas, is quicker than typical. Relic dropping rates are high in the fish pool. A distance benefit for commerce is the finest, as well as the great ocean waters generally, are abundant. Many people are put off by the traveling time and the time it takes to create a boat. Calm sailboats help to reduce the amount of time spent on the water.

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Conclusion on the Best Fishing Spot

The ideal fishing site is determined by a number of criteria. It doesn’t matter wherever you fish if you could only get 40 inventory spaces and didn’t check back too often. It won’t matter if your fishing place is depleted because you’ll be prevented by the limited inventory anyhow. If you’ve had a maximum inventory of 190, you could fish for a long period of time till your inventory is depleted, and the ideal place for you will be an abundance area.

The optimal fishing site is influenced by trade expertise as well. You may obtain the Valencia City deserts trade boost if you already have artisan 2 trade, which will boost your profits by 50%.

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AFK Fishing Pet 

The young dragon is perhaps the best fishing pet since you may choose the talents you desire, such as a skill of endurance to decrease resistance as well as a unique skill of auto-fishing totally eliminated. Young crimson dragons and newborn gold dragon is the name of this pet. That’s a restricted pet kind that only appears during particular events.

How To Exchange Fisher’s Token Online In Black Desert

As a show of appreciation, the otter fisher gives a token. Take that and bring it to a fisherman and trade it for pasted bait. From an otters fisher, you might obtain them through completing missions or exchanging fisher’s tokens for them. Although the duration is short, this will compound with meals.

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