The Best Ways to Enhance Energy In Black Desert Online

Live every other game, Energy is a game structural resource in Black Desert Online. Your character can use energy for different tasks, such as trading with other people, collecting employees, and so on.

The bar is found at the top left of your computer screen next to the game level bar. To play, every player is given a default gauge. This default gauge is used the same way as the other gauges in the game and has a limited number of spaces that you can fill.

As you progress through the game and participate in specified searches or activities, your detection level can be increased. These levels are most commonly created by performing missions for the various factions in the game.

In addition, even if you spend all of your energy bars, it refills over time. What’s more, the bar has a convenient “auto refill” function to make sure that it never runs out! Every three minutes, you will receive one Action Point through conventional methods.

The “energy gauge” is placed at the top left of your screen. It is indicated by a symbol of a stick figure with a circle around it. The number next to the symbol is the amount of energy that you have at any given time. It is replenished at a slow rate, which means you cannot run out of energy quickly. You will always have enough energy to perform your tasks as a player. Your maximum energy may be viewed as your current energy.

The most typical approach to improve your energy gauge is through the discovery or advancement of new knowledge. However, you may raise your energy bar in numerous more ways. Let’s teach you the most refined techniques in Black Desert Online to enhance your vitality!

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Energy Basics

It is essential to know that your maximum energy is shared by all of the characters on your account. Each player can do many things while they play.

By using energy, you can perform activities like:

  • Investment of nodes
  • Employment of workers
  • Gathering
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Fishing
  • NPC interaction
  • Trading

What Can You Do to Achieve Energy?

Different cultures have different ways of understanding and using energy. For example, the Black Desert knowledge system is challenging to understand without prior knowledge. First, you must hit the “H” key on your keyboard to open the knowledge system. It is arranged in a unique manner, which disorients many.

A tiny bar at the lower right-hand corner of the screen shows different subjects you have written about. Each type of subject has its category. You will be given a list of options when moving through every cascading list. These choices display the various types of thoughts that the main character has with non-player characters.

You will gain the energy bonus once you’ve communicated with or talked to all in-game citizens on that list. For instance, if you can talk to twenty particular characters to get a 20-point energy reward.

The prize is not limited to NPC interaction. On top of these different tasks, you may gain energy in the Theme Bar. In this example, you receive a reward for clicking on the “sea” button. It is one way that energy can be conserved. By using different activities, the consequence can be that you will grow.

In the subject bar, you may select from the following tasks to gain energy:

  • Characters: It typically includes dialogues with non-player characters (NPCs) to advance the story or achieve specific goals.
  • Topography: There are three possible quests that you can undertake to help you get the most out of the game. You can explore, complete your map of your region and fill in the missing regions.
  • Sea: The ocean is a vast expanse of water, and there are so many different areas to explore. Consider exploring the different areas of the ocean!
  • Ecology: It focuses on completing tasks related to certain mobs, like the one in Calpheon.
  • Adventure Journal: You have to acquire certain rounds or communicate with certain NPCs to get their rewards.
  • Academics: It includes visiting the many libraries found across the whole game and reading particular books.
  • Life skills: Armed with specific skills, you can earn a reward.

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How Can Specific Tasks in the Topic Bars Be Completed?

If you are interested in earning energy, let’s assume your objective is to keep a character tab. When you hover your cursor over an NPC, the name of the NPC you’re looking for will appear. The Queen of Heidel Market Street says you must go to the market and find her.

You should waste time talking to many people if you don’t know where to start looking for specific NPCs (non-player characters). Furthermore, there is also a way to find these individuals on the road. The BDO Codex website presents all the topics in its knowledge system, and you can visit it to learn more. You can get an overview of how to do something or what NPCs are in a particular area.

You may, for example, search via the Codex website or Google and cascade the links until you reach “Characters” when you perform the search. A list of characters will appear. You may select a character from that list to find what you need to know. Your task list is shown in the same order as the game subjects. 

A new window opens, and the location of the character is described. For specific locations, even a computer game picture has the character’s position during play. Different players can contribute images if they’re absent or if they move at specific times. Click the BDO website, and a map will show the character’s position with a red marker.

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How Can Energy Be Retrieved?

The reward is not proportional to the amount of time spent with an NPC. You have to complete all of the tasks before you can get your prize. After you have been on the list, your screen will be feedback showing how much energy you gain. You gain more energy for every second of playtime.

When you finish a quest, your XP bar will show how much energy you received. The number of experience points acquired depends on the quest’s difficulty, and as such, it will differ from player to player.

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