Most Fun Classes in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online has some of the most fun classes in MMORPG history. There are a total of ten classes that you can choose from. Harbinger, a healer class, is very mobile and shares damage with its teammates. Warrior is one of my favorite classes to play because it’s versatile and can be completely different depending on your class setup. I love these classes because they have the most fun mechanics, which allow for crazy combos due to their skill sets. Furthermore, each class has unique icons that make them instantly recognizable, so you don’t get confused during combat encounters.

In this article, I will discuss the most fun classes in Black Desert Online. I will first list the best classes and then explanations about why that class is fun.

1. Mystic 

Mystic is my favorite class because of its supportive skills and unique mechanics. Mystics are fighters who use close-range martial arts from the East. Mutants can draw power from assaults to conquer the battlefield. Striker combos, like Mystics’, are more challenging to develop than those of other classes. The endurance of mystics during guild conflicts is also questionable. The Black Desert Online class, the one that’s top-tier in PvE, is going to have high power and resilience.

2. Ninja

In BDO, Ninja is a class that will make you stand out even if you are wearing the same gear as others. Ninja is designed to be a very close-range class with some mid-range skills. They are fighting classes that take out their enemies with swift and deadly precision. Ninjutsu is the unique characteristic of a ninja being a melee class without any ranged attacks at all. Their abilities have long casting animation time which makes them vulnerable in PvP, but they can be pretty fun to play and, for me, also wonderful to watch.

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3. Sorceress

Sorceress cannot use staves and daggers, but they can use staff as a secondary weapon. I like the sorceress because the primary attack skill is called “Spell Casting.” There are many Soul Skills that you can learn by equipping specific gear. You don’t know when you’ll get hit, and your skills will be interrupted. However, if you use Spell Casting, it’s easy to stop your skill. I’m also interested in the Mystic-Sorceress combination for PvE. It is my favorite PvP class in the game, and it’s also enjoyable for people who like to have a lot of options during battle.

4. Witch

A witch is a mage who uses magic to attack others or defend themselves. There are many skills that you can use at long range. There are a lot of flashy abilities that will make the combat entertaining. You can summon a pet and attack the enemy with spells while hiding behind it. The witch is also fun to watch because they use a lot of cool-looking magic spells in combat. It is recommended for players who have played a wizard or Elementalist in other RPGs and MMORPGs.

5. Ranger

I like rangers because of their incredible mobility and wide range of damage skills. They are close-range classes that can deal a lot of damage with their bow or crossbow. There are multiple instances where you can hit an enemy with your basic attack, which is very easy. If you choose a ranger as your main class, it’s easy to equip a good bow. You can also go further and use long-range archery skills to take out enemies from afar. It’s incredible how far you can fly while using the Ranger’s Glider skill.

6. Musa

Musa is a close-range class that uses a sword and has been using Hanbok since BDO. Musa fights with two swords. This class doesn’t have many skills but still cleans up enemies quickly with simple combos. If you like to shadow-step in and out of combat situations, then this class is for you. It’s also great for solo play, and you can use skills at any time. I recommend this class to those who enjoy the flashy, high-speed action of a ninja or fun PvP battle of shinobi fighters in other online games.

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7. Warrior

A warrior is a class that can attack and defend at the same time. You can use various weapons, ranging from one-handed swords and axes to two-handed swords and shields. Warriors are versatile because they can use shield bash skills with weapons in both hands. Even when fighting at a more extended range, warriors will protect their allies by hitting enemies from afar with skills with damage over time effects, like fire spells. Warriors are great for people who like having both offense and defense skills at their disposal. You can make a huge variety of combos by using different types of weapons. The most exciting part is the high damage sustained when attacking with a two-handed weapon, making it even more fun to play.

8. Wizard

A wizard is a class that uses magic to support other classes. They can freely cast magic on allies and heal them at the same time. I recommend this class for people curious about playing this kind of character. However, it is one of my recommended classes for beginners. It is one of the most significant classes in Black Desert Online, and it’s great for solo play or during fights against large groups of enemies.

9. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a class that uses swords and axes. They have only one weapon and are close-range classes, but their skills come out fast. Valkyrie specializes in acute attacks so that they can deal significant damage. However, Valkyrie’s HP is lower than other classes’ HP.

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10. Tamer

Tamer is a class that specializes in gathering pets and using their abilities at the same time. They can get them to attack their enemies, so it’s a close-range combat class without any ranged attacks. You can control the pet using skills at will. You can also use many special pet abilities during combat. It’s pretty fun to organize a party and go out to the field.

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