Stardew Valley: Geologist or Miner? Which One To Go For?

Throughout the game of Stardew Valley, you will get several professional preferences as you move to further levels. On level five, you will need to decide between the profession of Miner and the Geologist.

Talking about mining, it relates to the breaking of rocks. During the initial days of your game, you will experience in mines that the bulk of minerals and gems are barricaded.

Four days later, Joja Corp sends you a letter stating that the landslide shutting off the mines has been cleared. That means now you can access them.

Consequently, when you hit level five in mining, the next option that will come up to you is Geologist or Miner. Both these professions will have a profound effect on your income for the big journey. So, they can be called the engine that carries out your farm smoothly. Most importantly, how they affect your game is radically unusual.

Let’s move ahead to explore what this game has to offer us about Geologist or Miner, which will take our game to the next level.

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What Does Miner Earn in Stardew Valley?

Miner’s profession is very smooth in Stardew Valley. Each vein you dig will provide you with one plus ore. All this will be very beneficial, whether it is your first game or your end game. Try to earn tons of iron bars and ores as much as possible because you can use them to manufacture things in your initial playthrough. 

Also, try to get rare ores like Iridium for ending games. Keeping stocks of these ores with you will not create hassle later in the game.

Now, when you reach level ten after taking miner, another choice of Prospector or Blacksmith will come up to you.

When you choose to be a blacksmith, your worth of metal bars will increase by 50% more. However, it is advantageous but not as much as you gain after becoming a prospector. When you choose to be a prospector, your opportunity of finding coal will double.

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What Does a Geologist Earn in Valley of Stardew?

Another option you have when you don’t pick a miner is to be a Geologist. After becoming a Geologist, there will be a 50% possibility that gems will appear in sets in the geodes and the nodes you obtain from smashing rocks and pebbles.

Gems are helpful to generate money. Moreover, you can give them as gifts. So in case, you have less cash in your initial playthrough, then buying additional gems can help in becoming wealthy.

Now when you reach level ten, you again have to decide between becoming an Excavator or Gemologist.

When you choose to become an Excavator, the possibility of your finding geodes will get doubled. However, when you choose to become a Gemologist, the worth of your gems rises by 30% more.

So, if you are confused between an Excavator or a Gemologist, don’t worry, as we will make this choice easy for you.

See, objectively, selecting an Excavator is a useful one to be taken, as by doing that, you will get a double hit to locate geodes and nodes. Also, this option sounds more helpful than the choice of going with a Gemologist. This is because by becoming a Gemologist, you will only earn a raise of 30% in your gem’s worth. 

Also, when becoming an Excavator, it will be easy for you to replenish the museum and library with things like minerals or artifacts.

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What to choose between Geologist or Miner?

Well, after exploring both the opportunities that you get after availing these two preferences. We can say that for an early game picking up the miner is accurate as you require many reserves for crafting unique buildings. Also, one plus ore that you get from every ore mine which you smash aggregates to a total ton of ores.

Contrarily, as a geologist earning two gems in place of 1 is beneficial. Also, by selling jewels, you make a satisfying side income which can create a good impression on NPC’s.

Therefore, a geologist is a decent choice for the climax as after reaching level ten, no one wants to sell his metal bars and want to manufacture a ton of coal by themselves from wood.

Final Thoughts

We can say that the outcomes of this game entirely depend on the skills you possess. Neither option is innately outstanding as it almost relies on what you’d relatively have a residue of gems or ores.

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