Where to Find Mayor’s (SVM) Shorts in Stardew Valley?

One of the numerous tasks to do in Stardew Valley is to find the Mayor’s misplaced shorts. He seems to have misplaced them somewhere in town, and he’s asked you to help him find them. As a result, in this article, we’ll show you where to find the SVM’s Shorts. 

The “City hall leader’s Shorts” Tale Quest in Stardew Valley is one more of the game’s certifiable story missions that feels uncannily credible. The mission is a little silly, however finishing it is loads of fun. The journey’s goal is simple: “find  the Mayor’s prize pair of purple shorts that have disappeared.” To finish the mission, you should simply adhere to the guidelines.

The shorts are rather simple to locate: they are in Marnie’s room. On the ranch, there is a room. You’ll find the farm just to the south of you. The only stipulation is that you must be friends with Marnie first. Option A is to create a friendship with Marnie by giving her presents. However, as missions are uncommon, Option B is to build a friendship with Marnie by giving her gifts.

Where to find Mayor’s Shorts

Marine’s bedroom in Stardew Valley has the Mayor’s shorts, but you won’t be allowed to get there right away because you need to strengthen your friendship with Marine to two hearts first. You can do this by giving her presents or completing tasks for her. You cannot just give her anything if you choose the gift option because some NPCs favor certain types of gifts over others. With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of the top Marine gift ideas below.

  • Pink Cake
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Diamond
  • Farmer’s Lunch

Players should also bear in mind that they will only give an NPC a gift twice every week, so make the most of it. Marine can generally be found at her farm, which is south of yours, once you’ve found a gift for her. You can offer her one of the gifts after you’ve found her, and then return the next day to give her another. You’ll have to wait an entire week in-game before you can give her another. Continue in this manner until you have two friendship hearts and are permitted to enter her room.

The journey will begin with a part of the Mayor’s letter that you get via the post office. The Mayor requests your assistance in following for a purple short that he appears to have lost. The solitary piece of information is that the shorts are purple and a city hall leader top pick.

After heading upstairs, find her room, and the shorts will be at the end of the bed. All that remains is for you to return the shorts to Mayor Lewis, typically found in the Mayor’s Manor. Go into your journal to collect the 750g prize after finishing the SVM’s Shorts task. When you accept the reward, you will have completed the task.

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