Free 100% Working Realm Royale Codes – Updated 2022

There are many Realm Royale codes online, but many of them have expired. We will examine the best practice for locating one and redeeming it.

The Realm Royale codes usually expire when the servers are shut down. However, there are also many released codes after the servers went live before the shutdown. 

The Realm Royale is a mobile, multiplayer game where players must fight to be the last one standing. Two game modes include battle royale and battleground. The team with the most survivors at the end gets the victory.

The Battle Royale genre obsession began with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a browser map-based shooter where players start with nothing and are forced to scrounge for materials. In Realm Royale, there are no guns or vehicles to help players survive. Instead, the game revolves around gathering resources and building defenses.

Game of Epic Fortnite went wild, but Culling 2 and Darwin’s Radical Heights project were cheaper and smaller imitations of it. It wasn’t possible to stand the competition.

Another game that right now is amassing tons of players is no other than Realm Royale. The game is similar to Fortnite by offering cartoon-like graphics and bold aesthetics. In this game, you can choose any of the five-character classes and fight other players. Each of the characters comes with unique abilities that you should use wisely.

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The battle royale is a more challenging mode because you must avoid enemies and the deadly storm. After that, you have to capture the point or push the payload to the designated location. The end of the competition is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. There are several ways to win, such as killing all enemies, capturing the objective, or pushing the payload.

Each match consists of five players who are split into groups of two. After the end of the game, players respawn where they were. There is no limit to how many times you can play in one day. There are two types of servers in the game: regular and hardcore. Hardcore servers have limited resources and a shorter respawn time. In addition, the game rewards players with XP and loot boxes based on their performance.

How can I get the Realm Royale codes?

You are ready to find a list of all the existing Royale codes that you can redeem if you are deep in the gameplay and want to unlock various chicken skins and chests. Unfortunately, the truth is that no free Realm Royale codes are currently available because the shared codes are only available once.

The Realm Royal codes are one-time used/expires after being utilized. You can use them once, and then boom, they are no longer able to be used. There are some videos on YouTube which suppose to provide new Royal codes, but these are fake. It will help if you also take precautions to avoid fake websites that get your coding procedure wrong.

GamesRadar and RealmRoyale have given away 16,000 codes for their game to players in the past. However, many of these codes have been used, so they are outdated. The following are some of the codes shared at the time;

For PS4

Ride the Wave

● RRRW0460A26890228

● RRRW0499FC8E90228

● RRRW0543032690228

● Breakdance Emote

● RRBDE0009A1E90620

● RRBDE006D42790620

● RRBDE009E20890620

● RRBDE00B10E790620

● RRBDE00E2D6390620

Bad Egg Spray

● RRBEE002ED5790620

● RRBEE003B0E290620

● RRBEE00B81CE90620

● RRBEE010DC0090620

● RRBEE014EE5990620

● RRBEE018369090620

● Anarchist Assassin

● RRAN016870E590327

Forge fire Knight

● RRFK0E71994890228

● RRFK0E9C902590228

● RRFK0EA1426690228

Fuzzy Bundle

● RRFZP015B8890821

Screamin’ Weenie

● RRSWP0053B390821

● RRSWP00960F90821

● RRSWP0134A690821


● RRWDP002F6A90821

● RRWDP0167F890821

● RRWDP0194A190821

● RRWDP01D10190821

● RRWDP01E95C90821

HRX Bundle

● RHRXBE00610691111

● RHRXBE00690C91111

● RHRXBE00A0AE91111

Alpha 1 Warrior

● OB22A100678291001

● OB22A100ACFF91001

● OB22A101B00091001

● OB22A101DB0291001

● OB22A102A94E91001

● OB22A10335EB91001

Screamin’ Weenie

● OB22005A1791001

● OB2200659391001

● OB2200667491001

● OB22007D2A91001

● OB2200E7AC91001

● OB22016C6791001

Ember Emu

● OB22EE00751791001

● OB22EE00D42691001

● OB22EE01330391001

● OB22EE02599D91001

● OB22EE026F8691001

● OB22EE02B6AD91001

For Xbox One








None of these codes are valid anymore. On Twitter, you can follow and retweet @RealRoyale and follow the blender to get a free Royal Realm code that works.

The best ways to locate a working Realm Royale code are through scam brokers or getting in touch with the developer through social media. The situation is the same for any game online. Anyone can use a fake account to spin up a code and sell it for real money. Most of these codes are going to be ineffective.

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How to Redeem Realm Royale Codes

If you have a free code to redeem but don’t know how to do so, do the following:

From the main menu, click on Armory, followed by Redeem a code. A pop-up will appear. Enter the realm royale codes sent to you via email and click submit.

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