How To Gain Influence In Stellaris?

Influence is among the most precious resources in Stellaris, but unlike energy and minerals, it cannot be collected by establishing a mining colony on some faraway planet. With the help of our guide on “how to increase influence in Stellaris”, you’ll be able to rule the game and ace through it!

In Stellaris, influence distribution is automatic. In the beginning, your empire will get a monthly three influence, which is a drop in the bucket relative to what it’s used for. Let’s have a look at how you can increase the amount.

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Conducting Technology Research

Conducting technology research is among the most efficient and powerful ways to increase your Stellaris influence. Look for Galactic Administration, Colonial Centralization, and Planetary Unification as you progress through the game. They’ll come in a reverse sequence, so you’ll have to study Planetary Unification first, then Colonial Centralization, and so on.

Prior to working on Planetary Unification, the game requires you to finish your Planetary Government research. The real kicker is that you will get your hands on all of these very early on in the game. Immediate dedication would result in a significant increase in your month-to-month influence benefit.

Lastly, the Galactic Administration allows you to construct the Empire Capital building, with which you can ultimately get a boost of influence.

You would be in a lot stronger place to gain leverage using these technologies. However, there are always more opportunities that you can explore.


It’s one thing to research new technology, so what’s the use of leading a planet if you don’t have any enemies? Stellaris players are fortunate in that they can announce enmities with almost everyone (maximum three). It’s possible to achieve up to an extra 1.5 monthly influence per opponent, just don’t overdo it. There are a couple of points to remember.

First of all, avoid declaring a conflict with a nation that is bigger than yours. It’s a surefire way to be dragged into a fight you don’t want to be in, and one you’ll almost definitely lose.

Next, the amount of Stellaris influence you gain per month is influenced by your position and proximity. A greater foe, ideally one of similar scale to your kingdom, would wield more influence as compared to a small planet. However, you must consider the loss to your alliances. Rivalries would have a greater impact on smaller countries. 

Last but not least, when it comes to rivalries, find a compromise between power and peace. Being too competitive or passive can limit the ability to achieve influence. It’s a delicate juggling act. Declaring a dispute is an act that must be maintained for a minimum of ten years. Your two empires’ borders will stay locked for this time period.


It may be a smart idea to display a little grace after you’ve raised tensions a little across rivalries. Protectorates play a role in this. A protectorate may be used for a variety of activities, but it is particularly important in gaining more influence in Stellaris. You may get an extra 25 influences every month for each protectorate in your territory.

Of course, just because you agree to take an empire as a protectorate doesn’t guarantee they’ll accept. It is the decision of the other country to determine whether or not they need your support. Smaller countries may be won by combat and then easily turned into protectorates. However, war is a costly proposition, so bear that in mind.


In Stellaris, factions are the inverse to democratic groups, and each one assigns two influences to the kingdom a month. There are a few civics and ethics worth mentioning in addition to the base impact benefit that can increase your empire’s influence.

The creation of Fanatic Egalitarian and Egalitarian ideals results in a 25% and 50% increase in influence, respectively. The civics theory of the Parliamentary System often results in a 25% rise. If you study all of them, your influence will rise by a whopping 100 percent. Since this is a percentage improvement rather than a flat raise, these concepts may give your empire the greatest increase in influence.

Will To Power

When launched, the Will to Power edict stays effective for 12 and a half years and gives you five influences each month while in effect. However, there is a long way to go to get there. You’ll need to look at Ascension Theory technologies to get the Will to Power edict. This technology leads you to Ambition edicts, and here you can find the Will to Power edict.

Being a tier 5 technology, Ascension Theory costs 40,000 before you even begin your research. This update isn’t inexpensive or fast to get, but the opportunity for increased influence is well worth it.

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Though not as long-term as the other suggestions, uplifting a species is a great way to achieve a one-time increase of influence.

Be sure a pre-sapient animal lives in a world beyond your boundaries if you want to help them. You must also research the Epigenetic Triggers technology, costing you 30,000 points.

You’ll be allowed to elevate a pre-sapient organism to the permanent member rank of your kingdom after you’ve completed the two criteria. The uplifting comes with a slew of advantages, the most notable of which is a 500-influence increase.

Uplifting isn’t a regular activity that you’ll be able to do, so if the chance presents itself, it’s a great way to achieve influence in Stellaris.

Final Thoughts

If you use the tips above, you should be able to win 10 influences or more every month through your whole kingdom. That’s not it, however. There are several strategies to minimize the influence expense of many operations, thereby raising the influence output volume. 

Keep in mind that at any given moment, the kingdom will only have 1000 influences on hand. If you’ve reached the cap, you won’t be able to earn any further influence until the next month. Be sure to put your newfound influence to good use!

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