How to Increase Administrative Capacity – 8 Easy Steps (2022 Update)

Stellaris is a complex game with lots of trade-offs involved. Administrative Capacity and Empire Sprawl is one such delicate balance that requires deft handling to get your strategy right. 

Though pro-gamers might be deeming Stellaris administrative capacity and empire sprawl as irrelevant metrics, it never hurts to optimize the administration of your empire. Stellaris mechanics are pretty volatile, and that extra boost in efficiency might just be the difference between victory and defeat.

Before we get into some tips for increasing administrative capacity in Stellaris, let us first understand how this operates and its trade-off with empire sprawl.

1. Administrative Capacity

This is a metric that reflects the capacity that your empire possesses to handle its administrative function efficiently. If your empire sprawl exceeds your administrative capacity, then you suffer penalties for every excess sprawl point over your administrative capacity.

  1. Tech cost of 0.3%
  2. Leader Cost of 1%
  3. Leader Upkeep cost of 1%
  4. Campaign (which is a subset of Edicts) cost of 1%
  5. Tradition Adoption (or Unity) cost of +0.5%

Also note, these penalties stack on top of each other. For example, if the empire sprawl overshoots administrative capacity by 51, you would suffer a 15.3% (51 * 0.3) technology cost penalty.

No wonder you should do your best to bulk up your administrative capacity to stay out of those costly penalties.

Here are some successful techniques you can use to beef up your administrative capacity in Stellaris.

2. Bulk Up at the Game Start

By choosing a suitable empire and ethics at the start of the game, you can get a head start with increased administrative capacity at the outset itself.

You can gain the civics of Pacifist (a 10-point boost to administrative capacity) and Fanatic Pacifist (a boost to the administrative capacity of 20 points) by picking one from any of the following options: Irenic Monarchy, Moral Democracy, Irenic Bureaucracy or Irenic Dictatorship.

This sets your initial administrative capacity at a healthy 60 instead of the default base of 30.

Corporate Authority also adds an extra 20 to the administrative capacity. It also carries a host of other benefits, including the ability to build branch offices in other worlds. MegaCorp DLC and Corporate Authority, though, are only available for empires of the corporate type.

Of course, you can edit your empire during gameplay. Shed off those ethics which contradict a Pacifist mindset, and you are sure to gain some extra administrative capacity brownie points.

3. Construct Buildings

We know that administrative capacity has a trade-off with your empire sprawl. One implication of this is that instead of increasing your administrative capacity value per se, you could reduce your empire sprawl. The net effective gain in administrative capacity would remain the same either way.

Administrative Offices provide a great mechanism to reduce empire sprawl. Each Administrative Office creates 2 new Bureaucratic Jobs and decreases the empire sprawl by 2. Though they require 2 Energy units per month for maintenance, erecting them in numbers could be a successful strategy to reduce empire sprawl.

4. Smart Civics Choice

The Divided Attention civic is a wonderful option to increase the administrative capacity in Stellaris. The essence of this Divided Attention ethic is that you gain the “ability to divide your attention through multitasking and efficiently govern your empire”. Hence it gives a healthy 20-point boost to the administrative cap. You need to have the Utopia DLC that provides a hive mind empire to use this Civic.

The Efficient Bureaucratic Civic also increases administrative capacity by a factor of 20 at a reasonable cost of 250 influence points. You can choose it anytime while playing as long as you are not a Gestalt Consciousness or a Corporate Empire.

You can also increase your administrative capacity by 10 points by choosing the Private Prospector’s civic, which is available to all MegaCorp DLC empires.

5. Through innovative Research

How to increase the administrative cap in Stellaris through Research? There are a couple of options for you.

Colonial Bureaucracy will increase your administrative capacity by 20 points. You need to own a minimum of two planets before you can research this. Also, you need to have Adaptive Bureaucracy already available. 

Once you have researched Colonial Bureaucracy, you can get a further boost of 20 points in your administrative capacity by researching the Galactic Bureaucracy capability. Note that this is a smart, progressive move as Galactic Bureaucracy requires you to have already researched Colonial Bureaucracy.

You can take this up a level further by then researching the powerful Administrative Efficiency. Having Galactic Bureaucracy is a prerequisite for enabling Administrative Efficiency. The best part is that you can then go on researching Administrative Efficiency multiple times. Each research stacks up and provides an additional 15-point increase in administrative capacity.

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6. Go the Tradition(al) Route

You can choose a couple of smart features among Traditions to further boost administrative capacity.

If you have a hive mind empire, enabling the Limited Autonomy tradition will increase your administrative capacity. There is a prerequisite, though. You should have already enabled the Amoebic Systems tradition.

You can increase your administrative capacity by a healthy 20 points by making communication in your empire fast and efficient through a network of smart couriers. The tradition that enables this is named Courier Networks. You can find it under the Expansion category in the Traditions menu. Again, you need to have already enabled “Reach for the Stars” to use this capability.

If you are a machine empire, then you increase your bureaucratic efficiency by building better robust software. The tradition for this is aptly named Extensible Software. Again, you need to do some headwork before you can access this tradition. In other words, you need to have the Signal Relay Stations option already activated.

7. Score Big with Massive Ascension Perks

Ascension Perks are one of the most powerful game elements in Stellaris that come into the picture during the late-game and end-game stages. It takes a lot of work to reach a stage to unlock Ascension Perks. But once you reach that stage, these are some of the most powerful features that you could unlock.

These massive perks can give big boosts to your administrative capacity. The Ascension Perk that lets you do this is called the Imperial Prerogative Ascension Perk.

This powerful Ascension Perk can give a significant increase of 30 points to your administrative capacity. 

As we already mentioned, it takes some doing to be able to unlock an Ascension Perk. Likewise, to unlock the Imperial Prerogative Ascension Perk, you need to have completed an entire Tradition group.

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8. Using Empire Modifiers

Another great strategy to increase your administrative capacity is by using powerful Empire Modifiers. This can be a valuable tool to tweak a selected bunch of your empire properties to give you the exact stats that you need.

You need to enable the Oracle Empire Modifier to increase your administrative capacity by a solid 20 points. And even better, this feature is permanent. That additional 20-point increase in your administrative capacity isn’t going anywhere!

The Archaeology Site Excavation game event can trigger this empire modifier.

Before you implement any of these Stellaris administrative capacity increasing strategies, here are few insider tips for you:

  • Early game is all about increasing administrative capacity and expanding the empire as much as you can. Even if you incur a few penalties because of increased empire sprawls, the benefits of an enlarged empire will negate the damage.
  • Never waste administrative capacity by staying under the cap. It is much better to have an empire sprawl value that touches the limit or even goes a few points over. This is especially true for the early game.
  • If you are running short on resources, a smart move would be to dismantle an outpost. This reduces the empire’s sprawl by 2.
  • It is always better to micro-manage penalties and make smart trade-offs with your biggest pain points. For instance, if you are suffering from your science, you could set up dedicated scientific research on a few planets.

Stellaris is a fabulous game that lets you experiment with so many permutations and combinations. Try tinkering with the administrative capacity- empire sprawl balance in your next game, and let us know all the interesting balance points you uncover in this perennial Stellaris trade-off!

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