Unturned II: All the Things You Need to Know

Unturned, the free zombie expedition survival game developed by Smartly Dressed Games(SDG), is getting a sequel, with creator Nelson Sexton stating that Unturned II would be a totally new game.

It is currently being discreetly tested and produced, following on from the first game’s success, which has received a 91% favourable rating from over 400,000 positive reviews on Steam. Players of Unturned will, however, be able to gain in via a side door.

So, here’s everything that you need to learn about Unturned II, such as how to get admittance to the Unturned II beta and where to get the most up-to-date information about the game.

Will Unturned II Also Be Free?

Unturned II will be free to download and play on Steam, according to a Discord AMA dated the 26th July 2020. Having said that, the title may also introduce a premium pass in order to ease any problems that may arise as a result of the existence of hackers.

Will Unturned II Be 32-bit or 64-bit?

Unturned requires a minimum Windows operating system of Windows 7 32-bit and a preferred operating system of Windows 10 64-bit, although it is uncertain if Unturned II will be available in a 32-bit version at the time of this post.

According to the creator, Unturned II should be as widely available as possible. However, response to the January 2021 Development Update has shown that the game is currently optimised for 64-bit computer systems, with 32-bit runs encountering certain difficulties.

Can I Get A Private Beta of Unturned II?

To be eligible for the Unturned II exclusive beta, you’ll have to show your abilities in the free Unturned video game first. In addition, you must have spent at least 1,250 hours playing the game. You will get an access ticket to the Unturned II private beta after you have completed this task.

After completing 1,250 hours of gameplay in Unturned, you’ll have to visit your inventory in the game and then pick the ‘Invitation’ ticket in order to get entry to the Unturned II exclusive beta test.

I Have Completed 1250 Hours Of Gameplay. How Do I Get Access To Unturned II Beta Now?

After completing 1,250 hours of gameplay in Unturned and earning the coveted “Invitation” to the Unturned II private beta, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Open Unturned
  • Choose the survivors option
  • Go over your belongings in your inventory.
  • Once you have clicked on the ‘Invitation’ item, go to the bottom left corner and click on ‘Claim Unturned II Access.’
  • Leave the game of Unturned;
  • Unturned II will be found by going to your Steam Library, after which you have to go to your games list.

Is Unturned II Going to Be Released on the Consoles?

Although Unturned has been accessible on Steam since July 2014, the game will not be released on the Xbox One X, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 until mid-November 2020. According to Reddit, Unturned II is currently being developed for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.

In contrast, as stated on the SDG Website, native controller functionality is being added to aid in console compatibility if the company decides to launch a console; nevertheless, at this moment, a console release is not in the works.

Is Unturned II Going to Be Available On Mobile Devices?

Unturned II does not seem to be making its way to mobile devices. However, Devlog #030 explicitly documented the removal of non-essential files, such as mobile support files, using TidyUE in order to reduce the overall file count.

An SDG worker on Reddit revealed recently that the initial Unturned game did not have a mobile version, even though there had been asset flips, as is frequently the case with successful online games of this caliber.

Is It Possible to Play Unturned II in Split-Screen Mode?

As previously stated in Devlog #032, the production of Unturned II has placed a strong emphasis on the support for split-screen play. Several elements of the split-screen functionality, notably the UI’s pop-up options and the self-spectating perspective, have been improved since the post was published in mid-March.

Split-screen features include using a keyboard-mouse configuration in combination with a gamepad, with the input setting “Skip Assigning to Player 1” being used to enable the split-screen mode. It is configured to be the default split-screen arrangement, although it may be changed to Over and Under, with the first being preferable for dual-monitor systems. 

What Will Be The PEGI Or ESRB Rating of Unturned II?

Unturned was classified ESRB Teen and PEGI 16+, but since it was created to allow the community to modify and create their own versions of the game, certain content may fall outside of both rating categories. Unturned II has not yet been rated by either the ESRB or the PEGI.

Will Unturned II Have An Offline Version?

As shown on the Unturned II Private Beta title screen, the zombie apocalypse game Unturned II may be played as an offline adventure or in online multiplayer modes with other players across the world.

How do you view the Unturned II Trello roadmap?

SDG has always kept open lines of communication with its community and carries on to do so using many formats. To see the development roadmap, which includes tasks recently completed and areas that are in active development, please use this link to get to the Trello Unturned 2 Roadmap page.

How Can I Access the Unturned II Devlog?

Another method in which SDG maintains Unturned II fans up to speed is via their frequent Devlogs, blog posts, and announcements – which can all be accessed on the Unturned II page of SDG’s Blog.

What Are The System Requirements For Unturned II?

Unturned II’s exact system requirements have not yet been verified since the game is still in development and is presently in the format of private beta. Recently downloaded versions of Unturned needed just 276 MB of disc space, with the most current version of the first Unturned game requiring only the following system requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor Speed: 3 GHz

Memory Size: 8 GB RAM

DirectX Version: Version 11

Storage Requirement: 6 GB available space

Unturned II Gameplay Videos and Trailers

The developer, SDG, has yet to reveal anything in the form of proper, refined gameplay video or Unturned II trailers since the game is currently in the early phases of production. However, the Devlog series includes many highlight clips showing the work that has been done, and many gamers have produced videos displaying Unturned II gameplay videos.

In addition to these videos, the YouTube accounts Kameding and MrSpaml are also producing content for Unturned II, with the first providing a peek at Unturned II gameplay footage from 2021.

Unturned II Release Date

The release date for Unturned II has not yet been confirmed by the developer since there are still many items to complete on the roadmap before the game can be launched. According to a mid-2020 update, the goal for last year was to have the basic functionality on a reliable survivor server established, with many additional milestones to achieve over the course of the next few years after that.

If you want to get a taste of Nelson Sexton’s continuing effort right now, you may sign up for the Unturned II private beta once you meet the access criteria of 1,250 hours spent playing Unturned on the first game.

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