How to Get to Arcane River in Maplestory

MapleStory is a 2D premier MMORPG side-scrolling, launched by Wizet, a South Korean Company, in April 2003. Over the years, several narratives of the game were introduced for specific regions or countries, each getting published by different companies. Nexon, Shanda, AsiaSoft, Gamania were included in this list.

NPCs and monsters inhabit the Arcane River area, and the river that flows through it is home to many different species of fish. The Black Mage created the Arcane River to counter-attack Evan’s advanced knowledge of battle skills and techniques. This occurred after Evan used his full power to seal away the Black Mage for good during Maple World’s Tear events. It’s a place where you can go on an adventure with friends or bravely take on powerful bosses by yourself. Getting to the Arcane River is a difficult task.

The following are ways players can get to Arcane River.

  1. Accessing via a questline in Edelstein (via Kerning Square):

Players can access this region through the questline in Edelstein. The Kerning Square quest line features the usual things you’d find in a town, such as NPCs and quests. Once you’ve completed the mission in Henesys and received your badge of completion, it’s time for the final stage of the quest—Arcane River itself. Most notably, it is connected to Edelstein via a questline involving accessing the Lost Ruins dungeon. Upon completion of this questline, players are rewarded with access to Kerning Square on Maplestory’s world map.

  1. Accessing via a storyline mission from Henesys: 

The plot of the game is that you can enter the world of Edelstein and explore the mysterious area. However, to be able to access Arcane River, players need to complete the storyline mission from Henesys. 

Below are a few tips for completing this storyline mission:

  • Talk to your friends and family, as they may have some intel on where Jarvis is hiding. 
  • Join up with friends or hire a henchman! Most missions are more fun when done with others. 
  • Search through the trash bins and look for clues about Jarvis’ whereabouts. 
  • Be sure to use your ears! If you hear something that sounds like Jarvis’.
  1. Using Cross-Server Dungeon for Arcane River:

Cross-Server Dungeons allow players who have completed their Arcane Rivers Region Quests on one server to enter another server’s version of the same dungeon by speaking with NPC Cassandra outside of the dungeon entrance. Players will be able to access Cross-Server Dungeons through the Dimensional Mirror, which has been inserted into each town in Maple World. These dungeons can be accessed by any player while they’re on a quest region and will allow them to progress with their storylines. 

Players can select any server they want to enter, and as long as they have completed their region quests, they’re free to go in and fight alongside other players. It is important to note that these dungeons cannot be entered if you are not on an Arcane River quest region. The chance of obtaining Unique Rewards from Treasure Chests is higher, and there are more rewards to obtain. For this dungeon, a player will not receive any reward if they are defeated. Even so, it’s worth the risk because of all the wonderful rewards.

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