What Does Stardew Valley Favorite Thing Do?

When you first play Stardew Valley, the players are given a plethora of options. Most of it has to do with the personalization of the player’s avatar. There are some decisions that may affect future gameplay however some do not have any repercussions at all.

But one of the most important questions of the game is “What is the meaning behind Stardew Valley’s Favorite Thing?”

To start off, at the beginning of the game, the avatar personalization screen provides players with a plethora of options to choose from. In total there are around 32 hairstyles, 20 accessories, 24 different skin colors, 2 genders, and a whopping 112 shirts for players to choose from.

From the color of their pants to their eyes and hair, players have the option to customize them all. One thing that can alter how the game goes in the future is animal preferences. What pet spawns in your village later on in the game depends on your animal preferences.

Feel free to choose whatever gender you prefer as it has no effect on the marriages that happen in the game.

At the end of this menu, you will have to choose your Favorite Thing. There is a dedicated text field for you to fill in what you want. Whenever someone finds a stardrop and eats it, the Favorite Thing gets mentioned in Stardew Valley.

For example, whenever you eat that thing in the game you will get prompted with the below-given message on your screen if you pick “oranges” as your favorite thing:

You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of Oranges. Your maximum energy level has increased.

That is literally it. That is all that the Favourite Thing does in the game.

The sole purpose of the Favourite Thing is to get itself displayed whenever a consumption of Stardrop has taken place. It does it every single time, basically making you think about your favorite thing in life. Well, it kind of is for the best.

However, you shouldn’t take it too lightly as you are going to be seeing your Favorite Thing prompted on your screen quite frequently throughout the time you play Stardew Valley. Make sure you enter something that you can live with.

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Secret Favourite Thing

The fun doesn’t end here! There is something more to the Favourite Thing which is kind of a secret. Upon entering ConcerendApe as your favorite thing, the player will get a hidden code and not the normal text.

You found an Astardrop? Your mind is filled with thoughts of… ConcernedApe? (Well, thanks!)ConcernedApe.

Your maximum energy level has increased.

The phrase ConcernedApe is actually a tribute to the person who created Stardew Valley. He single-handedly created the whole game. He programmed the entire game on his own as well as wrote the game’s entire story along with the dialogues. 

He even crafted the sound effects and the art solely on his own. His real name is Eric Barone.

It took Eric four years to build the entire game from scratch. In the game, we get the option to make him our Favorite Thing and give the creator a small tribute for giving us this beautiful game to enjoy.

Summing It Up

This was basically the entire story of the Favorite Thing in Stardew Valley. It all begins at the start of the game in the avatar personalization menu of the game. You get the special field and you enter your Favorite Thing and from then on you get to see it every time you eat a stardrop.

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