Stardew Valley Secret Note 19 – Explained

Your pockets will blast at the creases with Secret Notes on the off chance that you finished the A Winter Enigma journey during your Stardew Valley gameplay. You may have coincidentally found Secret Note 19 regardless of whether you are yet in the beginning phases of gathering because these notes are acquired at no specific request. 

The game Stardew Valley is set in a country setting. You’ve acquired your granddad’s old homestead grounds in Stardew Valley. With a couple of coins and some rummage instruments, you set off to start your new life. It won’t be simple. At the point when Joja Corporation showed up around, the antiquated lifestyles had everything except dissipated. The people group corridor, which was before the center point of movement in the town, is currently in ruins. 

The valley, then again, seems to be overflowing with conceivable outcomes. You may be the one to reestablish Stardew Valley to its previous loftiness with a little hard exertion. 

Civic chairman Lewis gives Secret Note 19 toward the fruition of the Community Center or the endowment of 2000 pieces to the Stardew Valley Museum. Lewis’ note is a card to say thanks, and you can find it in his bedside work area right cabinet. The note peruses, “I’ve tried my hardest to make this town a decent one.” 

The little town’s unique name was Marnie. It was situated over a taking-off mountain edge. Following quite a long while, the town bloomed into a clamoring city. Houses were being raised, shops were opening, and everybody appeared to be feeling acceptable. 

Others, then again, longed for the tranquility of living on the mountain. They thought the town had lost its appeal for reasons unknown, and they didn’t see the value in the new changes. They longed for the snow and the delicate breezes that descended from the culminations. 

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Secret Note 19 Explained 

The note would grow to contain a depiction of Sam and Kent. Furthermore, it would also have a picture of Jodi and Vincent’s home at Lane-1 Willow, just as ten directional signs. To find the answer for Secret 19, go to the nearest green square addressed in the picture, which is simply before the house’s front entryway. It’s hard to move each square in every one of the picture’s bearings, so move your person to the furthest extent that you can find one way until you run into a block. 

If you like, you can stop your interest in Secret Note 19, yet there are more things to enjoy besides your freshly gained statue of Gold Lewis. It can be put anyplace in Pelican Town; be that as it may, it would be obliterated if a resident strolled across it.

The Gold Lewis sculpture will be supplanted the following day (if you have a rotted plant) if it’s annihilated by a resident and is set somewhere around. You will get an unregistered note along with a blessing via the post office the following day. We will not uncover the mystery. However, if you like procuring from your wrongdoings in the valley of Stardew, check it out. 

After you get the note from this part, the statue of Gold Lewis will reemerge, either in Lewis’ home (90% probability) or in Marnie’s home (10% possibility). You can rehash this cycle on as many occasions as you wish, yet the note with grant might be given to you once. Make a point to finish a Winter Mystery mission during your interactivity to get various other notes, same as Secret Note 19. You’ll go over them indiscriminately while finishing agrarian jobs whenever you’ve achieved them.

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