How To Restore Maximum Durability To An Item In Black Desert Online

In Black Desert Online, you’ll require “Black Stones” to improve your gear. All armor and weaponry have two distinct black stones. Black stones can be purchased on the market square, refined, swapped for hunters’ seals, and dropped by monsters during mining. They’re also frequently distributed during gatherings.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding how to restore maximum durability to an item in Black Desert Online. Continue reading for further information.

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How And When To Enhance Or Disenchant

To enhance any item, call the black spirit and then choose “enhancement.” Choose “enhance” after right-clicking the gear as well as a black stone. You can also access the enhancement window by clicking the black stone in the inventories.

To disenchant a piece of hardware, go out to a blacksmith, then select “extraction” followed by “Blackstone extraction.” Choose “extract” after right-clicking the gear which you wish to disenchant.

The item or equipment will be destroyed, but then you can get your Blackstone back. Disenhancing any item that hasn’t been enhanced past the point where it’s appropriate to enhance always will return every one of the black stones.

However, the amount you receive after that is completely arbitrary. For instance, if you disenhance a +5 armor piece, you would receive all four black stones. Whenever you disenhance a 5.4 weapon, you can only get 8 black stones back, despite putting more into it.

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How Do You Restore Maximum Durability?

Every time you do poorly on an item, its maximum durability lowers. Therefore you must know because upgrading the weapon would never cause you to lose it. If the maximum durability hits zero, the character will become useless till you restore it.

You’ll need to have the identical item, but without the enhancements, to restore the item’s maximum durability, and that will destroy the item. You don’t require the same quality of weapon if the item’s grade has been improved; instead, you could use a greener grade. If you’re upgrading an ultimate debilitating shuriken, for instance, you may restore the maximum durability with a regular green grade tadd shuriken.

Choose “repair” and then choose “maximum durability restoration” at a blacksmith. Insert the item to be repaired in the “recovery targeted equipment” position, as well as the item to be forfeited in the “materials” hole. Finally, to approve, choose “recover max durability.” Every item you utilize increases the maximum durability by a factor of ten.

Item Artisan

Artisan’s memory can be purchased at the pearl shop or the loyal store. By using this item, it increases the maximum durability restoration by a factor of three. If you’re using the item containing memory fragments upon boss armor, for instance, this would heal three durabilities instead of simply one. You may also use it with objects that have a 30 durability rating.

It’s recommended buying an artisan’s memory from a loyal store to restore 30 durabilities if you’re fixing costly equipment like liverto weapons and blue level reviving weapons. It is significantly less expensive and time-consuming than utilizing memory fragments.

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Accessory Enhancement

There is no “secure” enhancement for bands, bracelets, necklaces, or belts. They have such a significant failure rate and barely improve between pins. Enhancing accessories necessitates the use of both of the same items, and even if the enhancement misses, either of the items is destroyed. The “soft cap” fail stack is also included with the accessories. 

The enhanced likelihood of success will decrease after you hit the soft cap. For instance, if you want to calculate your chances of success while improving a DUO accessory with fifty fail stacks, consider 10 percent base risk.

Force Enhancing

You may force enhance gear for just a 100 percent chance of success, but this will cost you extra black stones and lower your maximum durability by that amount. Most players would not utilize force enhancement but instead, use the fail stacks to boost because force augmentation is now only accessible up to TRI. They have a better chance of succeeding. That’s because, owing to black stones required as well as the cost of restoration, force enhancement typically costs more.

Amount Of Crone Stones Required

The number of crone stones required is affected by the item’s actual price and seems to be approximately half of the total cost. For instance, when a single kzarka costs 2 billion metal on the market, simply divide it into halves to get 1 billion silver. Then multiply by the price of cron stones. For each PEN effort, 500 crone stones are required. All crone stones would be removed regardless of whether the improvement works or fails.

Crone stones could also be used to prevent accessories from breaking if they are unsuccessful. Whether you are unable to do it, though, the augmentation might either stay the same or diminish.

Crone stones could also be acquired by the “melting” of pearl shop outfits. Because players may purchase whole clothing set from the market square, this has been the most cost-effective method of obtaining crone stones.

To “thaw” a costume, visit a blacksmith, and after that, select “costume extraction” from the extraction menu. After that, you may pick whether you want valks cry or crone stones. It will result in the costume item being destroyed.

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