Where To Find Seaweed In Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a massive game with a wide range of play styles that appeal to many players. The game’s primary flaw is a lack of clear guidance on how to play it. Many things may appear weird or counterintuitive before you even start.

Even though Black Desert Online has been around for over seven years, it is still considered one of the most difficult MMORPGs available. It is a sandbox game featuring layers upon layers of systems that players must master in order to succeed. Some of the MMORPG’s activities may even demand the use of spreadsheets.

Unless you’re among the brave soldiers who want to give it a shot, especially with new classes and improvements that have recently been published, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with a few of the game’s quirks ahead of time. Besides, entering Black Desert Online blindly may be intimidating and lead to disappointment.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about where to find seaweed in Black Desert Online and some additional information regarding this game. Continue reading for more.

Where Can You Find Seaweed And Fish In Black Desert Online?

It is really easy to find fish and seaweed in Black Desert Online. For fishing, go to Velia and look for Crio below by the docks. He’ll offer you a fishing rod with 30 durabilities as well as 0 fishing speed that you may equip and hurl to your heart’s delight.

The fishing number of the feature itself doesn’t require much explanation; simply input the appropriate letters inside the time limit. Achieving excellence on the first portion of the minigame allows you to bypass the second, and it does not affect the quality of the fish you capture. The bigger the letter combination, the bigger the fish and seaweed you’ll capture.

You would like to sell your fish and seaweed once you’ve accumulated a good stock. Since fresh fish and seaweed are considered trade goods, you must hire a trade manager to sell them. If you want to get the most money for the fish and seaweed, make sure the connections between where you fished or where you’re selling all are connected.

Essential Concepts In Fishing In Black Desert Online

There are only two character-based metrics that affect the fishing in Black Desert Online. The fishing skill is listed under Improvement, while your fishing skill is mentioned under your vocations. Since they are insultingly titled and perform entirely distinct functions, many individuals refer to them by various names.

You will have to struggle to achieve +4 speed at first because you’ll just have a simple rod and any food you can find. To begin, prepare or purchase any exotic herbal wine which can be made by anybody with basic culinary skills and blend it with whatever paste lure you have on hand.

Contact Abelin in Velia as a new fisherman, and he will direct you to Crio. This begins a task chain in which you should attach a fishing rod, capture a mudskipper, dry it, collect some seaweed, and eventually catch a fish, with the end prize being an apprentice fisher’s uniform that grants you +1 fishing ability.

You may also use a long fishing pole once you’ve got this, and ideally, you’ve discovered that you enjoy fishing so often that you’ve joined a union of at minimum +1 fishing speed. You’ll probably want to make those heavy rods yourself because they sell out rapidly when they’re put on the market. Once you can make a few bottles of unique wine and a few heavy rods at once, you’ll be ready for a reasonable fishing speed.

Fishing As a Source of Income

It’s nearly impossible to lose money by fishing, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always make a fortune. There are several things that you can do to boost your earnings and make fishing a much more time-efficient income source. Unfortunately, fishing would never be the best method to generate money, but if you don’t like the grinding or choose to relax to serious gaming, fishing may easily be your major source of revenue.

You will have to make an investment to increase your fishing revenue. Although a fishing boat is not needed, this will make your experience much easier. Being able to go from point A to point B on the sea is among the most time-consuming aspects of fishing and minimizing this time while also efficiently expanding your inventory capacity with fishing boat storage is also one of the greatest methods to enhance your earnings.

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