Eve Online – What is Ratting?

In Eve Online, ratting is a kind of profit-making that includes destroying NPC ships for bounty rewards. It’s quite simple, could be achieved with a number of spacecraft, and it is also one of the most dependable methods to earn in Eve.

Nearly every inherently hostile in Eve gets a rewarding payoff. You may view this payment by clicking show information on certain ships and glancing underneath their name. 

Ratting is commonly divided into three types, cosmic anomaly ratting, belt ratting, and active rattling.

Types Of Rattling

Cosmic Anomaly Ratting

Cosmic anomalies are a great deal more intricate than belt ratting. They include warping to a location in dead space and cleansing the area of multiple waves of rats even before the location is complete.

This has several advantages, including the fact that anomalies give a measured and consistent revenue, as well as varying degrees of difficulty based on the portal you pick. Having a ship capable of surviving each wave when you destroy them is the price you must pay as a result of this trade-off.


The majority of anomaly runs entail landing on the field, locating a suitable orbit, and having your drones take care of all the arduous work while you sit back and relax. When you get a grasp of it, Anomaly Ratting could be considered a semi-AFK hobby.

The Vexor, Lash, Asp, and Myrmidon are also the four most often seen ships in this category.

Belt Ratting

Obtaining highly uncommon officer modules through belt ratting is a frequent early profit-making hobby for novice players, and it may become a very profitable option later on.


Belt ratting is simply the process of sifting through an asteroid belt in search of rats to kill. Typically, it is done using a destroyer or a cruiser, but cruisers are better suited for anomalous ratting. Several asteroid belts were deleted as a result of the May 2021 Upgrade, and stargates were becoming a popular location for this type of ratting.

Since it is an early-game action, it is advised that you plunder and repair the ships which you kill to extract the most money out of each belt as quickly as possible.

Active Ratting

Active ratting is defined as being physically present at your keyboards and actively participating in the game, ordering your spaceship to shoot at certain icons in a specific order. Although it has one of the best ISK/hour ratios, it requires a significant amount of work from the player. 

While it may be accomplished with fewer skills and less expensive ships than AFK ratting, it reaps the most advantages from T1-weighted weapons and supporting skills, which might necessitate a significant amount of training skills for a particular ship.


In the right circumstances and with specialized and very costly equipment, the active rating can be substantially more successful than AFK ratting. However, it involves significantly more work and therefore does not scale well to several accounts. 

In any case, for a player who only has a personal account to rat with, active ratting could be a more financially feasible option.

Where Can You Rat?

Truesec is a term that refers to the “real” security of a system, particularly one with a 0.0 security rating. When playing nullsec, the actual security rating is presented in-game under the operating system tab. As truesec drops, the value of spawns increases, and in systems with truesec less than -0.75, there’s also a possibility for an officer to spawn.

The presence of stronger belt and gate rats, a larger number of better anomalies, as well as a larger chance of factional and officer spawning, are all associated with lower truesec levels. Ratting systems with low truesec and bigger numbers of belts are more desired than systems with low truesec and fewer belts.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dying?

If there are conflict zones local, you should avoid ratting; however, if you have to, understand how to coordinate, interpret Intel, and assist other goons in their endeavors.

While ratting, you must never downplay the importance of the local. Keep an eye on it at all times. (Alternatively, you may use your left mouse button to move the tabs for a personal chat from your chat window, allowing you to retain both it and squadron chat displayed on your user interface.) 

Either sit at your computer and pay attention to what’s going on locally or hide in a safe spot. This is the most effective method of determining whether or not you are in danger and, thus, how to prepare.


Ratting is built on the idea of tracking down and murdering non-player characters (NPCs) in order to collect bounties and treasure. Ratting is frequently seen as a better money-making option compared to mining since the abilities required for Ratting are also valuable in PvP situations.

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