How to Make It Daytime in Cities: Skylines?

Welcome to another how-to guide where we will talk about the popular game Cities: Skylines. This singleplayer city-building game does not go down from the list of the most popular games, and game developers are working day by day to raise its popularity even more in order to intrigue new players with Cities: Skylines. 

In this game, it is important to build as big, beautiful and high-quality city as possible with the city budget, which will attract new citizens as well as tourists. This is by no means an easy mission, so prepare yourself for a lot of thinking and managerial skills. Let’s start with the guide.

Paradox Interactive currently has a classic PC version of Cities: Skylines on the market, but also a version for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One game consoles. All these versions are available for download on the Steam official website of Cities: Skylines. This game has been around for seven years and is currently among the most popular games in the world. 

Game developers are working hard on the game, and mods creators regularly create new mods to improve players’ gameplay. This game has great reviews and you can often come across a bunch of recommendations. If you have not had the opportunity to build your city so far, this is the right opportunity for you to start, of course with our tips.

Today, we will talk about a little more practical and aesthetic appearance of the city. We will talk about parts of the day, that is, how to make it always daytime in the city. You will see, it is very easy and can significantly improve your gameplay.

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How to Turn on / Off Day and Night Cycle in Cities: Skylines

A successful way to do this is as follows: you can choose whether to click the Esc button, or click on the Options icon located in the upper right corner. This will open the Pause Menu where you need to select Options. After that, the Options Menu will open where you need to click on the Gameplay option.

There, various options will open up for you that you can change. For this task we need the subtitle “In-game settings” where you will see the option “Use day / night cycle”. Under that option there is a bar which shows Mouse light intensity during the night, which illuminates the area you cross with the mouse.

Click on the “Use day / night cycle” option if you want it to be turned on or off.

Also, if you want to stay only during the daytime you can do so by setting sun speed to zero in the Options tab.

Day-And-Night Cycle in Cities: Skylines

This game works to track the relatively realistic change of day and night. When the sun sets, street lights come on and buildings become illuminated. During that time, the wind will be insignificant. The city can only be 70% powered by solar energy, so it is necessary to have additional power sources.

When buildings are being built, it is desirable to have daytime because changes and the construction process can be seen much better in daylight.

However, Paradox Interactive has released the Cities: Skylines After Dark expansion pack, which focuses on the Day-And-Night Cycle. This cycle is actually a periodic change of day and night to make the whole functioning of the city look even more realistic.

When you start building a new city, it will be day. That day will slowly diminish as time passes until night replaces it. This cycle lasts 113 days in the game, so if you play at 3x speed, for example, it’s a little less than 10 minutes.

Of course, if you don’t like this alternation of day and night, you can turn it off in the options menu. Disabling this option will not affect your achievements.

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The TimeWarp Mod for Cities: Skylines

We just love mods, mods can be a real refreshment for the game. Especially mods that are really useful for us to play. Mods creators strive to regularly create mods that will beautify cities and facilitate city building.

With the TimeWarp mod players have complete control over the day and night cycle in the game. They can right click on the sun indicator dial an change the time if they want, also they can change the time of the day, change or pause the day and night cycle, find more options if they select on the clock button which is near the unlock button, even change the size and intensity of the sun or alter cities lattitude and longitude. It seems like an interesting mod to have installed in the game.

Warning: Players need to know that mods are not part of the official version of Cities: Skylines but were made by mods developers. By installing mods in their game, players agree to share their data with mods creators and are also aware of the risks when installing mods. Mods can negatively affect gameplay, so players should check if the mod is valid or not before downloading it. 

Remember, mods can improve your gameplay but they can also disrupt it, so always go for a mod hunt with a dose of risk. Also, don’t forget to save your city before installing a new mod, in case the mod breaks the gameplay so you can remove it and continue where you left off with building the city before you download the new mod.

Final Thoughts

The alternation of day and night is a real process without which we could not imagine the world functioning. Also, in Cities: Skylines we want the city to function the way we envisioned and make it more beautiful to us. This is greatly aided by the day and night cycle which restores realism to the look of the city.

There are several ways in this article that can affect day and night, and each is very easy to apply. Also, if you have an After Dark expansion pack then there are several other options you can use to edit the look of your city day or night. Furthermore, if you are a fan of mods you can install TimeWarp mod with which you can really control the time in your city.

According to your own preferences, set how the alternation of day and night will happen, and if you do not like one of these two options, you can choose to always have night or day in your city. It’s your city so choose whatever you want. And good luck in building the city! 

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