PICTEK Gaming Mouse Review – A Complete Guide (2022 Updated)

If you are the kind of person who loses appetite and moves into social isolation over missed headshots and lost rampages, then you know the perfect gaming mouse is worth its weight in gold. 

Well, there is good news. We bring you the perfect product to end all of your gaming blues. The Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse, power-packed with fantastic features, including 8 Programmable Buttons, 7200 DPI sensitivity, a 16.8 million color-rich RGB backlighting that would put the Aurora lights to shame (well, not quite), and mind-blowing macro setup facility, is just perfect to get back to winning ways. Plus, the icing on the cake – it is absolutely within your budget! In fact, the Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse boasts of the best cost-to-performance ratio in the industry! 

The PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Let’s find out why the PicTek Wired Gaming Mouse is making all hardcore gaming aficionados drool over its endless awesomeness.


Packed with the powerful pixART PMW 3389 optical sensor, the Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse supports sensitivities of up to 7200 dpi and polling rates of up to 1000Hz. 

Sensitivity is a measure of how many dots your cursor moves for every inch of your mouse movement. Polling rate refers to how many times a second your computer reports your cursor’s position.

It turns out that these two metrics are the holy grail of gaming. The better these are, the higher the chances of you running away with all the digital glory! The Pictek keeps you top of the pack on both of these!


Not all games are suited for the same levels of sensitivity and polling rate. The beauty of the Pictek Gaming Mouse is its wide-ranging flexibility.

Choose from 5 dpi levels from 1200 to 7200. Go for one among 4 polling rates – 125Hz, 250 Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Not all gamers fire with the same gun. Some are better with their index fingers, while some have lightning-fast thumbs. The Pictek Gaming Mouse comes in with all its 8 buttons programmable – choose to assign any function to any button!

Finally, combine the power of multiple button presses in one press by setting up beautiful macros. The number of combinations is limitless – and did we just tell you your opponents are already sweating over your next rampage single-button combo!


It is always better for gamers to have an extra button on the right hand than to awkwardly reach out to the left-hand side. 

The Pictek comes in power-packed with 7 programmable buttons. For MMORPG players with never-ending tools and power options, this is an absolute god-send!


The Pictek Gaming Mouse keeps your enthusiasm high to soar over difficult gameplay moments with its 16.8 million color chroma RGB backlighting. Choose any color combo and effect – static colors, breathing effect, blinking effect, color cycles, and adjust speeds. Get the perfect vibe for every mood to continue with those endless killing sprees!


For first-person shooters, speed is the real deal maker. The Pictek Gaming Mouse is one of the lightest in the market. Boost speeds and keep owning,


The mouse has decent button mechanics with good enough touch and feel. 

The company ships every package with a promise of 20 million clicks for the buttons! We must say we are impressed!


And finally, the Pictek packs in all these functions at an excellent price point of under $20! It has the best cost-to-performance ratio in the market. And for budget gaming lovers, this is the only mouse that you need!

The only thing where the Pictek Gaming Mouse comes out a little short is ergonomics. The plastic does not really feel top-notch or rich. Same for the mouse cable, which is a simple black plastic one – we would have loved a braided one! But then, at this price point, you can’t expect to buy the moon!

The Pictek Gaming Mouse is the best budget gaming mouse in the market. We would recommend it for casual and pro gamers alike.


  • Unmatched Performance
  • Best Affordable price point 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Lots of Flexibility
  • Fast Movement
  • High Precision 


  • Plastic cable looks plain 
  • Thumb Buttons are little drawn out – may need frequent grip change 
  • Palm grip feels slightly dodgy – Claw grip though works like a breeze

There are also some other gaming mouse offerings in the market geared for the budget user. Let’s see how the Pictek stacks against them.

PicTek vs Victsing – Which one is better?

Victsing is another company that has many offerings in the budget gaming mouse space. Most of its mouses are wireless, and many of them are ambidextrous. The company also provides many flexible options for users.

Despite its many promises, sadly, Victsing does not deliver on performance. Most tests on Victsing gaming mouses fall short of benchmarks. So too for user reviews, many of which I am afraid report laggy gameplays and inconsistent sensitivity. The Victsing gaming mouses are prone to high CPI errors with insufficient precision.

The Pictek, as we have seen, is a lot better in terms of performance and speed. If you are not really after a wireless ambidextrous solution, we would suggest you stick with the Pictek Gaming Mouse.

Pictek vs RedDragon 

Red Dragon is another major player in the gaming mouse space. The company enjoys a good reputation, being in business since 1996, and has been manufacturing peripherals since 2012. 

The Red Dragon has a wide range of offerings for all kinds of gamers. Still, we find it is more geared toward the low-to–mind end segment who are looking for getting the job done nice and simple.

The Red dragon comes with all the features that a normal gamer would look for in his gaming mouse. Compared with the Pictek, though, it falls slightly short on sensitivity with offerings in the 3000-5000dpi range. Also, there are some issues with its bundled software. The Pictek gaming software is faster and easier to control your mouse with.

Most importantly, the Red Dragon is pricier than the Pictek mouse.

All in all, Red dragon offerings are a decent bet. However, they are more suited for MOBA gamers, not so much for FPS and MMORPG guzzlers. The Pictek is all-purpose suitable for any kind of gaming.

Before we wrap things, here are a few answers to help you decide better.

Q: Is Pictek a good gaming mouse?

A: Yes, it is. It boasts of 7200dpi and 1000Hz polling rates – both of which give it superior performance. It has the best cost-to-performance ratio in the market. It is one of the best budget gaming mouse devices.

Q: Is the Pictek gaming mouse good for drag clicking?

A: Yes, with its feather-light form factor, robust button mechanisms, high sensitivity, and fast acceleration, the Pictek Gaming Mouse can be used for drag flicking.

Q: How heavy is the Pictek Gaming Mouse?

A: Weighing in at only 4.8 ounces, the Pictek Gaming Mouse is a feather-light mouse perfect for fast-speed usage like in FPS games.

Q: Can the Pictek Gaming Mouse double click?

A: Yes, the Pictek Gaming Mouse can be easily double-clicked. The bundled gaming software provides wide options for customizing the double-click functionality on your Pictek Gaming Mouse.

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