Best Fated, Legendary, and FC Heroes of Exos Heroes Game

There are several online games and battle royals to accommodate yourself. However, only a few games penetrate the hearts of the gamers with their graphics, intense gameplay, storyline, and best characters. Exos Heroes is one of those games which ruled the world during their apex. 

Exos Heroes has been a mixture of tough and perplexing challenges for gamers. That is why we are going to give you a detailed guide on Exos Heroes. This guide would cover every aspect of the game, and we will share every little detail, which is a must to know if you are planning to start this game.

Exos Heroes is undoubtedly fun to play and is full of excitement. If you’re new to Exos Heroes, you should know that it offers an exciting action experience set in a fantastical environment that will enchant players and give them shivers with each battle. It has many events that keep the players engaged. So if you knew which player has more abilities and which has not, it would become more exciting to play with top Exos Heroes.

If you are looking for a guide to learn about top Exos heroes, you have come to the right place. 

Here’s everything you should know about the list of the top-tier Exos Heroes, which includes best FC heroes, 4-Star legendary heroes, and fated heroes. This guide will clear out your every confusion relating to the best heroes of the Exos Heroes Game Global Version. 

Introduction of Exos Heroes Game

The Exos Heroes English Global Version has been published by a well-known game publisher – LINE Games, also famous for XROSS Chronicle. This game is available on the Android Store (Google Play Store) and the Apple Store. The featured heroes of this game are divided into six grades which are:

  1. Fate Core
  2. Fated
  3. Legendary
  4. Rare
  5. Magical
  6. Common

If you are just starting this game and playing this game for the first time, you would probably be thinking about which players are the OPs and which players would get you victory in every type of PvE and PvP game mode. This tier list of top EXOS Heroes global will help you in choosing the best players to create an elite team to get more victories in the game. 

The Exos Heroes list has been arranged into five tiers which are:

  1. Super Plus (S+) – Elite
  2. Super (S) – Better than Average
  3. A – Average
  4. B – Nearly Average (Majorly Below Average)
  5. C – Majorly Bad or Below Average
  6. D – Complete Bad

There is also a collection of 4-star top-class heroes capable of delivering you victories in PvP and PvE. So without wasting any time, let’s get you to study the EXOS Heroes Top Tier List Global of 2021, including the legendary and best-fated heroes guide.

Top Tier List of Fated Heroes in Exos Heroes Game

The top tier list of Fated Heroes 2021 Global version is as follows:

A Tier Fated Heroes:

  • Fated Bathory (A)

B and B+ Tier Fated Heroes:

  • Fated Garff (B)
  • Fated Rachel (B)
  • Fated Shufraken (B)
  • Fated Jinai (B+)
  • Fated Baraka (B)
  • Fated Magi (B)
  • Fated Anastasia (B)

C Tier Fated Heroes:

  • Fated Rudley (C)
  • Fated Xiakhan (C)
  • Fated Neomi (C)
  • Fated Ramge (C)
  • Fated Uloom (C) 
  • Fated Mahar (C)
  • Fated Bernadette (C)
  • Fated Emma (C)
  • Fated Sabrina (C)
  • Fated Chati (C)

S and S+ Fated Heroes:

  • Fated Dorka (S+)
  • Fated Schmind (S)

N/A Tier Fated Heroes:

  • Fated Rera
  • Fated Valentina
  • Fated Jinn
  • Fated SEO-A
  • Fated Valarr
  • Fated Shell
  • Fated Kylock
  • Fated Zeon
  • Fated Talia
  • Fated Bernavas
  • Fated Baileysh

Top Tier List of Elite Fate Core Heroes in Exos Heroes Game

The top tier list of the top Fate Core Heroes 2021 Global version is as follows:

S and S+ Tier Heroes:

  • FC April (S+)
  • FC Tantalo (S+)
  • FC Talia (S+)
  • FC Jinai (S+)
  • FC Bathory (S+)
  • FC Rera (S+)
  • FC Iris (S+)
  • FC Shell (S)
  • FC Brook (S)
  • FC Rudley (S)
  • FC Garff (S)

A and A+ Tier Heroes:

  • FC Valarr (A+)
  • FC Annie (A+)
  • FC Uloom (A+)
  • Misty FC Ramge (A+)
  • Executer of Battlefield FC Rachel (A+)
  • FC Adams (A+)
  • FC Emma (A+)
  • FC Zeon (A+)
  • FC Luke (A+)
  • FC Lepin (A)
  • FC Shufraken (A)
  • FC Valentina (A)
  • Black Moon FC Baraka (A)

B and B+ Tier Heroes:

  • FC Magi (B+)
  • FC Deva (B+)
  • FC Degas (B)
  • Successor to the Throne FC Rachel (B)
  • FC Anastasia (B)
  • FC Scarlet (B)
  • FC Jinn (B)
  • FC Otard (B)

C Tier Heroes:

  • Heir to the Throne FC Ramge (C)
  • FC Bernadette (C)

Top Tier List of Best Legendary Heroes in Exos Heroes Game

Legendary Heroes of Exos Heroes Game are the best ones during the early stages of the game to the mid-game. The top tier list of Best Legendary Heroes 2021 Global version is as follows:

  • Tantalo (Elite Legendary)
  • Degas (Elite Legendary)
  • Adams (Elite Legendary)
  • Scarlet (Elite Legendary)
  • Deva (Elite Legendary)
  • Astarte (Elite Legendary)
  • Cybele (Elite Legendary)
  • Annie (Elite Legendary)
  • Brook (Elite Legendary)
  • Lepin (Elite Legendary)
  • Leger (Elite Legendary)
  • Otard (Elite Legendary)
  • Karin (Elite Legendary)

So these are top-tier heroes of Exos Heroes Game, which will help you get victories in every game mode. S+ Tier is one of the best tiers in-game that every beginner should use to gain victories. 

According to the latest tier ratings, the list will continue to update, which would be recognized and maintained by the global version of this game. Exos Heroes Game has gone global, and you can get a head start with the top-tier fated heroes or legendary heroes like Rudley, Bathory, Jinai, etc.

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