Best Gathering Sets in Monster Hunter World

The ability to create your own armour sets has always been one of the most appealing aspects of the Monster Hunter franchise. It’s a method that a lot of games have attempted to imitate, but only a handful have succeeded as well.

Something about murdering a giant reptile and dressing up in its skin satisfies our most basic and visceral desires.

When you consider that Monster Hunter World has attracted a large number of new gamers, it’s natural that players would wish to streamline their gear-making procedures, which begins with material collecting.

Armours in Monster Hunter World offer a variety of abilities and advantages, leading players to build a number of distinct MHW Gathering Sets. These are mismatched armour parts that aid the player in maximising their ability to collect resources effectively and efficiently. In this article, we’ll tell you several of the best Gathering Sets to assist you in farming in Monster Hunter World.

MHW Best Gathering Sets | Low, High, and Master Ranks

Low-Rank Gathering Set

In all, we have prepared three distinct MHW Gathering Sets that could assist you in making your game a little bit simpler to play. The first one is a low-rank set, which means it will be most beneficial to people who are just getting started and do not have a variety of resources or materials.

The items we recommend adding to your low-rank Gathering Set include:

  • Forgers Luck – King Beetle Crura
  • Pro Transporter – Kulu Vambraces
  • Master gather – Chainmail Headgear
  • Honey Hunter – King Beetle Elytra
  • Botanist – Rathian Mail

Players would be able to collect metal ore nodes, honey, and herbs considerably more quickly if they equip all of the armour pieces. Furthermore, by utilising this set, you will be able to collect some of the resources you require for a high-rank set.

High-Rank Gathering Set

For high-ranking players who have been playing MHW for a long time, the second greatest Gathering Set is for them. Players will be able to collect additional monster parts, metals, and bones with this set.

The items we recommend adding to your high-rank Gathering Set include:

  • Forgers luck – King Beetle Cura B
  • Master gather – Chainmail Headgear B
  • Honey Hunter – King Beetle Elytra B
  • 2 Botanist – King Beetle Brachia B
  • 1 Botanist – Rathian Mail B

Players will be able to collect high-ranking credits a little easier and faster using this Gathering Set’s paired abilities. Furthermore, players may use this MHW Gathering Set to establish the following Decorations, which will provide +3 to Entomologist and Geologist each.

Players would be able to collect additional metal ores from collecting sites, as well as bones from bone heaps, as their Geologist skill improves. Players may readily get monster components from Vespoids and Hornetaur by improving their Entomologist skills.

Master-Rank Gathering Set

The Master-Rank armour set, which will let players collect things comparable to the High-Rank set more efficiently, is probably the strongest MHW Gathering Set in our article.

The items we recommend adding to your master-rank Gathering Set include:

Geologist 2 – Shamos Googles

Botanist 2 – Rathian Mail

Honey Hunter – King Beetle Elytra B

Forgers luck – King Beetle Cura B

This Gathering Set is identical to the previously mentioned set, but it will assist you in obtaining Master-Rank materials by collecting gathering points. Since the abilities remain mostly unaltered from the High-Rank Gathering Set, you will just find it simpler to harvest more plants, metal ore, bones, and honey from mining locations.

Hopefully, with these three Monster Hunter World Gathering Sets, players will be able to rapidly harvest some highly sought-after resources for hunting and crafting some beautiful armour sets.

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