How to Lock the Camera in Dota 2?

While you start DOTA 2, your perspective inside the match may shift unexpectedly. This one is due to the movement of your mouse, although if users did not intend to move it; it occurs because your cursor responsiveness is a little too high. 

Fortunately, you might be able to disable the screen in terms of following your hero constantly throughout the game. after all, in DOTA 2, your hero must always come first.

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Purpose of Locking the Camera

For newbies, skimming the cursor outside the display or using the cursor buttons to close the gap with the moveable character could be tiresome at first. Luckily, there’s also a workaround for this. This tutorial will walk you through how and where to hold the camera in Dota 2 so that it follows your hero instantly.

Ways to Unlock the Camera

Previously Dota 2 patches gave you the alternative of sticking a keyboard shortcut to hold the camera on the hero. Nevertheless, that choice is no longer available. Luckily, still there is a way around this restriction. Follow the simple steps outlined below.

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Hotkey Method

  • Navigate to the Options menu (at the upper left corner there will be a gear icon)
  • Just go to the HOTKEYS section.
  • Pick a hotkey for Choosing Hero in the UNIT ACTIONS segment. Throughout gameplay, holding down the designated key will focus your display on your main character.
  • Go to the OPTIONS menu.
  • Disconnect the Edge Pan feature in the CAMERA section and allow the Hold Select Hero to Pursue option.

If you implement the instructions correctly, tapping and retaining the hotkey whilst still playing games will permanently hold the hero. Furthermore, this implies that your one finger will be stuck over one of the buttons throughout the game, which will put you at an exclusion.

Conversely, double click at the picture of the hero which will be seen at the bottom of the display to keep the screen on the hero all across the game — unless you’re using motion abilities such as Flash or Cord.

Ensure the Edge Pan feature is turned off. If you don’t, the sensor will open if you scroll off the screen. Regretfully, turning off Edge Pan means you won’t be able to maneuver the map with your mouse. To confirm the rest of the chart, use the arrow buttons or tap on the micro map.

Key-bind Method

The Hotkey approach is very comparable to the Key bind method. That’s how to make it hold your webcam in DOTA 2.

  • Navigate to the game possibilities.
  • Locate the camera settings.
  • Pinpoint the “Toggle Offset -Lock Camera” button as well.
  • Configure the main bind-key.
  • Now, press that key twice more.
  • Your camera will be focused on your hero’s display.

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Why Should You Lock the Camera in Dota 2

Trained and dedicated Dota 2 players rarely use the hold capture mode because it restricts their capacity to track their surroundings and gather valuable information mostly around maps.

Moreover, the lock camera function isn’t entirely pointless. In some cases, holding the camera might provide advantages. While halting body, for example, a few players use a lock camera alternative. 

Body blocking is the use of your hero or any other stable units to obstruct the route of pleasant creeps and prevent them from moving further down the lane. Body blocking is also used to halt the movement of the dissenting heroes. If they have limited health, users or their squad will get more time to claim the kill.

When you hold the camera, the hero will appear in the center of the image. This can help you keep track of the moves of the element(s) you’re body blocking.

Another cause to hold the camera in Dota 2 is for consistency. Some players who have transitioned from League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm prefer to play in locked video mode because those games emphasize personal hero mechanics over map awareness.

However, Dota 2 allows players to “check the signs,” so those who have a routine of holding the camera must split it as quickly as possible.

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People wanted to know why Computer gaming is dwindling. However, Dota 2 is proof that Computer games haven’t yet totally lost their footholds in the video game industry.

Dota 2 was announced officially in 2013; it’s been almost a decade, however the game is still liked by millions of players. 

In reality, it still received some appreciation in the research of the world’s greatest game. The International (TI) 2021 also mentions the popularity of Dota 2. TI is really the game’s greatest renowned yearly world championship event. And its tenth iteration had a prize money of over $40 million and a maximum viewing figures of $2.74 million concurrent audiences. 

It’s not shocking that players want to consider starting the game that is how to hold the camera in Dota 2 guide can help newbies who haven’t yet succeeded in getting accustomed to the new gameplay pursue their champions more easily.

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