How To Get The Final Form In Black Desert Online

In BDO, among the most creative ways to provide tasks and explain the unending slaughter that players conduct must be the Black Spirit. A Black Spirit is the appropriate statement of intent for the player character in the system’s narrative column, ideally placed as the polar antithesis of the typically patriotic reasons an MMORPG character goes out when on an adventure.

There are several restrictions to player-character storylines in MMORPGs, even though they are open-ended enough so that gamers can fill in the gaps. You can play as the eponymous warriors of hope in Dragon Age XIII. The other members of your party are powerful and skilled, but they are not warriors of lights. The usual presumption in roleplaying would be that the warriors of lights are not you.

With the black spirit, however, the dynamics shift. Since the legend implies that there is much more than just a black spirit, anybody you meet can be overtaken by the black spirit.

A huge meteor landed on the globe in prehistoric ages, as per the lore fragments revealed in the Valencia game. Do not be mistaken with the meteorite which landed in Star’s Edge; that was a more recent occurrence. This much older meteor had a far more significant impact on the surface of the planet’s ecosystem: it was responsible for the introduction of the black stones.

In particular, the big Valencian Black Desert was produced by all those black stones. The Black Desert’s “sands” are largely made up of small black stones, akin to the crystalline desert inside the guild wars game, where the sand grains are basically small crystals. Also, it’s from there that the black desert and the gameplay get their power.

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The Black Spirit’s Qualities

The parasitic creatures known as black spirits are pathogenic organisms. They burrow into people’s thoughts and instill through them a desire to grow stronger, and that in turn increases the spirit. By the conclusion of the connection, the black spirit has completely possessed the owner’s body.

Black spirits may not have a physical form unless they are given an abundance of energy. They require a physical body, as evidenced by both the legend of Black Desert and the initial shadow arena. 

They just don’t care about what’s happening in a person’s life even though they are eternal entities. The black spirit is unconcerned about the stories of each character type. When the Ninja became possessed, he was already in the process of a mission. A black spirit possesses the people in every case, seals their memories away, then concentrates on expanding them, keeping their memories as a hostage.

The black spirit’s objective is to get powerful, and he’ll go towards any extreme to do it. A black spirit’s capacity to empower the host is among his most essential characteristics. It might take the shape of pure physical development or the enhancement of weaponry and armor. 

The spirit can also give goods. However, it’s unclear if they’re made by the spirit or come from somewhere. The black spirit will offer whatever is needed to help the host. These are only seen through their host, even though other magical techniques could be used to detect them.

How To Get The Final Form In Black Desert Online

A character may take a mission from the black spirit after they fully unlock 56, setting them on the trail to awakening. By hitting the H button, the character would be able to transition between pre-woken and aroused combat.

A slight variation enables you to transition between two forms during combat seamlessly. This means you’ll be able to obtain the final form in Black Desert Online, as well as a different weapon for the character to acquire that players can use in battle.

Black spirits, strangely enough, aren’t fussy. Possessed creatures and lesser adventurers abound at the laurel pine ruins. They aren’t antagonistic to a player, and also, the game doesn’t penalize them if they are killed. 

It’s unknown why and how the player’s black spirit chose such a strong person since the bulk of black spirits control mostly weaker creatures. It’s very plausible that having them strengthens a creature. Thus, it’s a kind of investment. 

Stubby tail the Imp is by far the most obvious example of this. He was once a little imp with a colossal crimson nose. Sadly, he was not asked to lead Santa’s wagon. Instead, he was approached by a black spirit who instructed him to slaughter. His black spirit became stronger as he did.

It ultimately seized him entirely, and the only option was to beat him. There’s plenty of evidence that their goals are a little nefarious. What’s more unexpected is the defender’s black spirit, who appears to be a touch-off provided there isn’t a heightened sense of black energy.

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