How To Help The Beastmaster at Beorn Carven in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


Valhalla is established in 873 CE, where players take on the character of Eivor, a Viking Warrior and Clan Commander of the Norsemen who could be played with either male or female. The dialogue options and NPC connection features from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are retained in the game, adding additional aspects such as political relations with NPC tribes Every option and decision made by the players have an immediate impact on the game’s universe. Players can go from the icy beaches of Norway to the English countryside.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the 12th major entry in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise. The gamer takes command of Eivor, a Viking from Norway who took part in the Norse invasion of England in the ninth century.

The Essexe mystery has a total of 12 mysteries and the second one is to overcome the Beastmaster in Beorn Carven who is able to talk with animals. There you will see another man outside the cave and to complete this mystery you have to kill either the monk or the other man outside the cave.

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Beastmaster within Beorn Cavern is one of the other NPC you’ll face in the Essexe section of this game produced by Ubisoft, and the Beastmaster, like Keith, has a minor issue with the cathedral. Not with the structure, but with one of the members. If you like, you may say a priest.

The AC Valhalla Beastmaster World Event (which is usually called Devil’s Hole) is more or less tougher than it appears at first glance, but let us find out together who among them is correct and what is the greatest option you have to make.

As we continue, it’s worth noting that the AC Valhalla Devil’s Hole riddle is linked to another global event (World Event) in the Cent area. Particularly red in the tooth and claw.

Beorn Cavern and The Beastmaster Locations in AC Valhalla

So, let’s begin with Beorn Cavern’s placement in AC Valhalla. The cave on the map is positioned close west of Colcestre.

Chat to the throng just outside of the cavern and then you’ll discover that the “devil” lives in the cave. Your next mission is to enter the cavern and talk with the Beastmaster.

Riding to the area specified on the map, you will discover a monk next to the mentioned cavern.

How to Assist the Beastmaster

When you meet the monk outside the cavern and inquire about him, he will inform you that the commander of the Beasts is inside.

Apparently, that’s not correct; nonetheless, the monk claims that individuals perished as a result of various creatures killing them or even birds.

The guy within the cave, he claims, commands the beasts, and he needs you to cope with Beastmaster. The game clearly enables you to murder the priest, which will frighten his followers. Yet, that is not the greatest approach. You can frighten them away by using the Raven Distraction feature. You may also approach them with feral creatures, and they will flee.

Within the cave, you will encounter the aforementioned NPC. He’s a kind guy, and he’s got a bear.

If you finish Red In Tooth And Claw, Eivor will reveal the guy who was murdered by rats during your chat.

Now we are aware of what has happened there, it is apparent that Beastmaster is not involved with that individual.

Thus, the challenge and goal are to pick between assisting the Beastmaster and the monk outside.

You now have the choice of selecting either “you don’t deserve to die” or “murder is murder.”

If you have to choose the latter option, you will have to face the beastmaster. Alternatively, you must assist the beastmaster in eliminating the monk and his minions.

If you opt to assist the priest, you must first murder the Beastmaster, who is, parenthetically, honest, and then return to the monk.

However, if you opt to assist the Beastmaster, things become more complex since he will inform you that he expects you to terrify the audience outside.

You may obviously walk outside and murder the monk. After that, report the man within the cave to finish the event.

He will warn you that this move would only complicate matters, and the decision to murder the monk was a poor one.

What you really want to accomplish is to explore the neighboring woodland for more than one wolf.

Get near to them and then return to the priest. He has some silver which he will give you for your little efforts. In this manner, you may entice the wolves to terrify the crowd.

This is not your concern if they execute the monk. Return to the Beastmaster, and the event is over. The correct method.

That is how you assist the Beastmaster and complete the Assassin’s Creed Boar Devil’s Hole global event.

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