How to Make Alchemy Stones in Black Desert Online

In BDO, depending on the circumstances, the alchemy stone used will have a different effect on oneself. Alchemists in BDO will do well using alchemy stones to boost their equipment as the game has high-level content, and gathering materials from mobs can be challenging. 

BDO has three major types of stone available: destroying, protecting and living. For more information about alchemy stones and how to get them, keep reading as in this article, we will go through everything regarding Alchemy Stones in BDO.

How To Make Alchemy Stones In BDO

Before you begin to make your alchemy stones, it’s a good idea to learn how to make alchemical items. The leading causes concern your level of expertise, and you’re going to require processing you may use as an ingredient only by using side products. It would help if you also had a good understanding of the alchemical level.

You will need an item that has the same processing effect as your alchemic stone. Use only items with the same processing effect as your alchemic stone! Each recipe shows how to gain an ingredient with the same processing effect as your alchemy stone.

Also, you will need an ingredient with the same processing effect for each completed manufacturing of an item. If you don’t have the correct item for this purpose, you won’t make any product at all! For example, to make a stone of alchemy, you will need a certain set of ingredients that we will mention later on in the article.

You will typically need some processing ingredient or a box of pure components. The former is also called the main processing item. The latter is called the main ingredient. Of course, both are needed for each alchemy stone production. If you don’t have them, you can’t go on with the production of an alchemy stone.

It is necessary to produce the exact item as the alchemic stone repeatedly and make a certain amount of it every day.

The process for making an Alchemical Stone requires:

  • 10 Clear Reagent of Liquid
  • Five times powder (Nodes: Glish swamp, Omar Lava, Quint hill, Cave, etc.)
  • 3 Sinner’s Blood
  • 10 Shining Powder
  • 10 Pure Powder Reagent

Once you find the constituents, make the stone with the object. Put the right amount of ingredients in a cooking utensil. The process starts as soon as you stir it together.

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Where To Find These Materials

It seems simple to acquire the most critical components for transmuting an alchemy stone in Black Desert Online. However, if you would like to find alchemy stones in the wild or make them from scratch, you need the ingredients. Therefore, the process for making an alchemy stone is different from the process of making the creation materials for transmuting in Black Desert Online.

The Time Powder and the Reagents

The Time Powder and Reagents are essential for beginning alchemists to make because they use the reagents and powder they make to create the more powerful items. However, they also would need many resources like lead if they wanted to make Time Powder.

Sinner’s Blood

The recipe for Sinner’s Blood is:

  • One clear liquid
  • 2 One Sheep’s Blood / Goat /Pig / Llama / Deer 
  • 1 Flame Powder – Most copper knots as the Northern Heidel Quarry, Coastal Cave
  • 1 Knot in the Bloody Tree (Node: Treant Forest, Stonetail Wasteland, Elric Shrine)
  • Shining Powder

The Shining Powder is an inappropriate material as it does not produce many items on its own. The Shining Powder mainly comes from other recipes for mid-level alchemy, with the Clear Reagent of Liquid not giving out this product. However, the Sinner’s Blood will give you the Shining Powder. Hence we suggest you make plenty of that.

Grades and Tiers of Alchemy Stones

Each of the alchemy stones comes in seven distinct categories and four distinct grades. You get benefits from different tiers of stones based on their grade. Each stone can be levelled up, thereby changing both its grade and tier. The new tier will have fewer tiers for better stones when this happens while coming with better grading benefits.

How To Upgrade Alchemy Stones

Have you been playing Black Desert Online for a while? If so, you probably know that alchemy stones take much of that time and effort to upgrade, and they can be pricey. You’ll have to polish your stone first. After that, it’s just a matter of growing the stone!

Upgrading is an essential process that makes your stone better. You have to use the same class of ingredients to make whatever recipe you want. The higher-level ingredients are more likely to give you something good with each tier of stone.

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Alchemy Stone Polishing

To upgrade alchemy stones, you first must polish them. This step means that you employ suitable materials to improve the alchemy stone’s “experience”. Once it reaches 80%, you may attempt to grow it. Life stones require particular crops, plenty of raw material to produce these supplies in high quality.

As mentioned above, polishing the alchemy stones is not only an essential part of alchemy, but it also causes a different experience. Thus, we consistently achieve something by handling the process of polishing an object. 

Growing Alchemy Stones

When you have completed 80% of your alchemy stone, you can try cultivating it. The growth button opens up a screen to put your stone and the other black stone in one box. If you press “Growth”, your grown alchemy stone will appear if you succeed in the side box. However, upon failing, half of your experience is lost.

The probability that a growth attempt will upgrade the tier or grade of a stone is shown in this table. I’ve called different terms for the same thing. For example, I call grade, tier, and colour all the same thing.

After reaching the Sturdy tier, your stone has a chance of losing a level if you don’t succeed at growing it. That is the main reason why I wouldn’t say I like that.

How To Use Alchemy Stones

To make use of your alchemy stone, equip it to your tool slot of choice as you would any other tool. You can place up to four alchemy stones in a single slot and choose from them at will by pressing the corresponding number key.

After that, you will see a menu of options. You can mix, refine, and consume. The available stones are dependent on your character level and what class you are currently in.

You start once enabled mixing the alchemy stones. If you mix the wrong item, you will end up with a regular item and experience loss. Mixing each of the standard items is not enough to create a new item from them.

With an equipped Alchemy stone, you can automatically mix those two items while standing in one spot. The animation is pretty cool, I have to admit. It also reduces the time needed to perform these tasks by 50% since there is no need to move.

When it becomes durable zero, it can be returned to the vendor to be strengthened again. If you do not have a matching item on hand, you will receive a new one from the blacksmith and experience loss.

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Repairing an Alchemy Stone

After having your alchemy stones in your inventory, you can choose to repair them. Unfortunately, you most likely will have to return them to the blacksmith for this.

Repairing can decrease this durability by using it more often. For example, if you use it for mixing, it will go down slower. On the other hand, using it to make potions will decrease durability faster. The Alchemy Stone can be bought from other players or bought from the Auction House.

For repairing or recharging your Alchemy Stone, you will need to bring it to a Blacksmith of the appropriate tier. You can use this trainer NPC to repair all your alchemy stones at once.

In the “Recharge” menu, you should put the material you want to recharge the Alchemy Stone. In this case, you will require some Moonstone, an ingredient in making Ancient Stones and higher tiers of alchemy stones. When you do this, it takes a certain amount of time.

Then, repairing it will upgrade the stone. What happens is that the materials disappear, and their quantity is equal to the number of times you used the Alchemy Stone. The higher tier of Alchemy Stone you use, the longer it takes before you can categorise it.

Furthermore, you will permanently lose the same amount of experience. The benefit of this is you’re going to get your Alchemy Stone back a lot faster. A single item per tier goes up by one item. 

I am unsure regarding the number of items, but I think the same amount as on the stone. Especially if you are a very weak alchemist, it will be worthwhile to invest in storing these.

Can Alchemy Stones Supply a Profit?

Yes, alchemy stones will supply a profit. This is because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to both craft the stone in the first place and then upgrade them over and over again.

With a substantial amount of patience and the right items, you can turn this system into a profitable one. Of course, you will have to mine many ingredients, especially if you start grinding for pure metals, but the extra cash from selling alchemy stones is nice.

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