What Happens When You Die In Black Desert Online?

Death in BDO has penalties that differ depending on how the death occurred.

If you died after fighting Monsters, your experience points go down. You may have lost your crystals and trade items upon death. Death will quickly destroy your Crystals, so you ought to be heedful.

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If you died after falling from a high place, you would lose your Weapons and Armor, the EXP (experience)-point in your storage, and the EXP (experience) in your job advancement. If you die after going fishing (semi-automatic fishing), you lose all of your inventory items. 

In addition, if your strength is broken in the process of fishing, you will have to wait until your character’s strength is re-restored before you can go fishing again.

If a character dies in a campaign, the game will transfer the experience points they obtained to their next campaign. That means that if a newly generated character dies in an accident, the character will immediately be able to fight as well.

However, it is disenchantment if one’s death occurs while enchanting or fusing items. (One character-generated item may be lost.)

Suppose you are summoned to a guild battle while enchanting or fusing items. You can usually minimize damage by finishing the enchanting or fusion. However, if one’s character dies during a guild battle, all items in his or her inventory will be deleted. If your guild building is destroyed for any reason, don’t store anything in the storage.

If you died in a PvP incident (such as an open war), then all of the EXP (experience) earned by your characters will turn into penalties. This means that even though you’ve won the battle, you will not be able to proceed in your quest until later.

After death, the player will be able to re-create their character from scratch. A character’s experience in a world won’t transfer to the next. In short, the level of new characters and that of old characters are unconnected.

But, if your level increases, Combat EXP loss becomes more of a burden and should be dealt with cautiously. On the other hand, there is no penalty for dying from PvP.

When your character dies in BDO, the penalty of losing your items is also moderately severe, although the use of ransom vouchers can remedy it. Although Ransom Vouchers are sold for cash at the general store, there is a limit to their number. It is better not to waste them on trivial matters such as death penalties.

Finally, if you want to obtain more EXP(experience) during battle, you can choose from many different skills and weapons depending on your character’s job.

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Resurrection spot

According to the EXP (experience), the resurrection location is determined by a character in their previous world.

Resurrection locations are divided into three areas: common, medium, and a particular area. Long-term characters might not appear to be revived, but they get a second chance by returning to a specific place. But if you make a character and lose it quickly, you will end up in the common area.

But this is just your character. Exp accumulates on your account. The guild’s members get equal shares of the guild bank based on how many are in the guild.

Suppose you do not submit a quit signal within one minute, which would be the specified time for resurrection. The game will send your character to the nearest possible resurrection point out of the three different locations in that case.

Furthermore, even if you are revived in a particular area, it is possible to select another location from the resurrection location list. If you spend more time in prison, your sentence will be that much longer.

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