Don’t Starve Together – A List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Don’t Starve Together, and what are some of its key elements? 

Don’t Starve Together is an immensely engrossing game packed with several exciting game elements. You can explore new territory, gather resources, erect amazing buildings, and fight multiple bad guys, including the larger mobs like Deerclops and Crab King, as well some of the smaller bosses like Bee Queen and Spider Queen.

You will have plenty to do as the game throws several exciting and complex challenges at you. For example, you would have to survive harsh conditions of different seasons like Winter, Summer, and Autumn in the course of the game.

Don’t Starve Together is heavy on the exploration element in its gameplay. You get several opportunities to uncover all kinds of features and things on its huge map. The game also lets you build bases and manage them. Though, this game element is limited, with the only real option for you being the ability to tweak your bases with multiple Skins.

2. Is Don’t Starve Together Cross-Platform?

Don’t Starve Together is available to play separately on multiple platforms. However, you will not be able to play Don’t Starve Together in a cross-platform manner.

You can play this game on your favorite gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Don’t Starve Together is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

You can even play Don’t Starve Together on a Windows PC. However, it is a large, complex game that eats a lot of computing resources. You need to have a good gaming laptop with the proper specifications to be able to play DST smoothly on it.

You could also play the game on a Mac. Sadly, the average MacBook will heat up fast when you play this game. The performance on a MacBook is even worse than that on a PC.

Though several platforms are available to play DST, you cannot have multiple players on different platforms play this game together. Players on a console like the Xbox will not be able to play along with other players on a PC or Mac.

However, DST can be played in multiplayer mode on the console. The console version, though, restricts access to some features. For instance, you cannot add mods on a console.

3. How to pause Don’t Starve Together?

It may seem strange, but there is actually no control built inside “vanilla” Don’t Starve Together that lets you pause the game.

Players can, though, hit the Escape key while inside the game. The game will then enter the “pause” menu as the in-game world stops.

4. Will the designers launch a mobile version of Don’t Starve Together?

The good news is that the single-person version of Don’t Starve Together is already available to play on mobile devices.

Sadly, there are slim chances of the multiplayer version of the game being released on mobile devices anytime soon. Truth be told, the game is resource-heavy, and it is improbable that mobile devices will ever be able to support the full game. Slow internet speeds and uptime will always be an issue by doing this.

5. Is the Hamlet expansion available for Don’t Starve Together players?

No, at this point, there appear no chances of Don’t Starve Together players getting access to the Hamlet expansion anytime soon. Players, though, can play this expansion with the help of third-party mods.

6. Can I play DST as a local co-op? 

Yes, you can enjoy playing Don’t Starve Together as a local co-op. Otherwise, you can also play DST in the online mode.

You can choose one of these settings during the world-generation stage. Please note that you cannot change these options once your world is launched.

7. Is Don’t Starve Together available free of cost?

No, as things stand presently, you have to buy Don’t Starve Together by paying for it on Steam or any other similar gaming platform.

You can also check for sales and offers put out by Klei periodically. You could buy the game at 50% of its cost or less through one of these sales. Also, they occasionally open buy-1 get 1-free offers to bring in more players to the game.

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8. Can I play Don’t Starve Together Split Screen on the PS4?

Yes, players can opt to play Don’t Starve Together with a split-screen on the PS4.

To do this, players need to be signed into multiple separate PSN accounts simultaneously.

After this, players need to hit the options button under the main menu of the second DualShock 4 controller. Here, you can select the option to enable the second player to split-screen.

If you are signing in through a Guest PSN account, you can only play the game on PS4 in offline mode.

9. How do I win at Don’t Starve Together?

Don’t Starve Together is an open-ended game and does not come in with pre-defined quests or missions that you can complete to “win” the game. There is no linear plot in the game as such.

This is a little different from the original single-player Don’t Starve, in which you could “beat” the game in the traditional sense.

Don’t Starve Together is very much like Minesweeper in that it lets players set their own goals and challenges with great flexibility. In this, though, Don’t Starve Together is packed with rich options and resources. You can have endless possibilities in deciding upon a game “mission”.

Here, it is worth mentioning that a few linear adventure-like events have been released in the past. You could win in a conventional manner by completing one of these events like The Forge and The Gorge,

10. What is the nice-looking gift flashing in the top left of my screen in Don’t Starve Together?

The gift in the top left of the screen in DST is a notification to let the players know that they are now eligible to get a free new skin.

In DST, players can collect up to a maximum of 8 skins every week by playing the game for at least 8 hours. DST rewards you with a new skin for every hour of gameplay.

Players do not even need to play the whole 8 hours at a single stretch. You can take breaks, and your hours played will still resume from the same count.

The only thing to be careful about is that these hours are reset every Thursday at 9:40 PM (GST). You would not want to spread out your 8-hours across this timestamp.

Also, players can collect quite a handful of these lucrative in-game elements during the Winter’s Feast. Players receive loot boxes during this event with the possibility of gaining 4 items together.

Players can collect a huge number of spools by bagging as many of these loot boxes as they can.

Once you have the gift icon showing in the top left corner of your screen, you should go and stand next to a Science Machine or an Alchemy Engine. This will make your gift glow. Next, you can click on the glowing gift, and the new skin will be available for you.

11. What are spools in Don’t Starve Together, and why should I care about them?

Spools are a wonderful resource in DST that allows you to spin amazing cosmetic items, including your favorite Skins.

You can exchange them in the Trade Inn to get beautiful Skins. You can also unweave skins into your Spools.

If you do decide to use Spools while playing the game, you need to tweak the proper setting. To do this, navigate into your Curio Cabinet and toggle the setting that says “Wearable” category. You can then get your desired Skins by exchanging the requisite number of Spools. If you’d like to learn more about Don’t Starve Together, here’s a cool Don’t Starve Together review we’ve found!

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12. Will the Shipwreck expansion be released for Don’t Starve Together?

As of now, there are no announcements about releasing the Shipwreck expansion for Don’t Starve Together.

Most of the SW mods currently are not reliable enough, and players are not keen on using them.

13. How many players can play Don’t Starve Together?

If you are hosting Don’t Starve Together on your server, you can include a maximum of 6 players in the game.

If you are on a dedicated server, you can then have as many as 64 players playing the game at one time. However, your host may even support a greater number of players if it so desires. It all depends on the guys managing the dedicated server.

Also, you can use some mods that can tweak your files and let you host more players, even on your own server.

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