Stardew Valley – How Many Days Per Season Are There?

Stardew Valley has a unique concept of time which dictates how the game will proceed. As it is a simulation game, you have to follow the seasons and the time. Each season has a particular number of days. They affect the visuals as well as other factors like fish, crops, quests, and animal feeding in the game.

Because of these reasons, it is important to know how many days per season in Stardew Valley last. It will help you to take advantage of season-exclusive items as well as prepare for the upcoming season. If you are finding it difficult to grasp the concept of seasons, we can help you. In this guide, we will show you how many days per season in Stardew Valley lasts. 

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How Many Days Per Season in Stardew Valley?

There is a total of twenty-eight days per season in Stardew Valley. The seasons are in order, starting with spring which is followed by summer, fall, and winter. All these four-season make up one year in the game. Each season lasts for 28 days. 

When you start playing the game, it will begin from the first days of the spring season. After completing 28 days of spring, the next season will begin. This way, there will be a total of 28 days each season which makes it 112 days in a year.

In every season, there are exclusive crops that are only available for cultivation in that particular season. For example, you can only purchase potato seeds during the spring season. Once the next season arrives, the visuals, as well as the features of the game, will change. Because of this reason, it is very important to take advantage of the days in each season.

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Concept of Seasons In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features four different seasons, each lasting about 28 days. These seasons are in sequential order, starting with spring, followed by summer and fall, and ending with winter when the year’s cycle starts all over again. The four different seasons in Stardew Valley can be accessed by the player, but the seasons are not always predictable. 

Each season features different wild plants and fish. If you miss one of them, you will have to wait until the next year to harvest them. The unharvested crops will wither away when the seasons change. The seasons also change the daily schedule of the town’s residents. The daily routines of Mayor Lewis, Linus, and the villagers of Stardew Valley change accordingly.

As the game is based on seasons, you need to play it strategically and prepare for the upcoming season. For example, winter is the last month of the year in Stardew Valley, and crops will not grow. So during winter, you must seek out other ways to stay busy. 

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There are many things you should know about the spring season in Stardew Valley. As you might expect, the game starts with lush green grass. Some days, you may even see pink petals floating in the air. 

A strong start will save you time and resources. During the spring season, you will find a variety of crops, fish, and forgeable items. When this season begins, you will find grass patches, new logs, and rocks on the farm. There is Egg Festival on the 13th and Flower Dance on 24th, along with Salmonberry Season from the 15th to 18th. 


Summer is the second season in the game after spring. During this season, the grass remains green, and the trees are thick. You can see butterflies as well. The weather affects fishing, the location of foraging items, and villager routines. There is a Luau festival on the 11th and Dance of the Moonlight Jellies on the 28th. From 12th to 14th, you will also find extra forgeable items at the Beach. 


Fall is the third season in the game after summer. During this season, you can grow some of the most valuable crops in the game. The cranberry is one of the best crops to grow during the fall season in Stardew Valley. You can harvest two berries each time you plant a plant. This season consists of Stardew Valley Fair on 16th and Spirit’s Eve on 27th. There is also blackberry season from the 8th or 11th day of fall.


Winter is the last season in the game. It is a unique season during which no outdoor corps grow. The plant growth will stop, trees will stop growing, and bees will stop making honey. There are many things you can do in the winter season of Stardew Valley. 

From preparing your farm for spring to interacting with the townspeople, this season offers plenty of fun. Throughout this time, mining, foraging, and crafting are still important activities to undertake, and completing them during the winter is an ideal way to earn extra cash and resources.

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In the Stardew Valley game, there is a total of four seasons, and each season consists of 28 days. The game starts on the first day of spring, followed by the summer, fall, and winter seasons. There are 28 days in every season. 

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