How to Save In Stardew Valley Switch?

Stardew Valley is one of the most impressive RPG games available on the internet. In this game, you have to start from scratch and indulge in various activities like farming, fishing, mining, and foraging on a daily basis. In order to make sure that your hard work and progress don’t go to waste, you need to save the game before you exit.

However, the save system in Stardew Valley Switch is different and complex. You cannot directly exit the game, or else you will lose hours of progress. So to help you, we will show you how to save Stardew Valley Switch in a few simple steps.

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How to Save In Stardew Valley Switch?

Have trouble saving your progress in Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch? Fortunately, the game offers an easy way to do so! You can easily save your progress by simply going to sleep. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your progress when you switch devices. You can also go back to the last time you saved your progress and get your progress back. 

Saving your game in Stardew Valley is complex yet easy. The best thing about this game is that the saving process is the same across all the platforms. It means that no matter what type of gaming platform you are using to play Stardew Valley game, you have to follow the same steps to save it. The steps for saving this game on Nintendo Switch are the same as for PC. 

Unlike other games, there is no auto-save or quick-save option available in Stardew Valley. In order to save the game, you need to sleep for the night on your character’s bed. This game follows the traditional approach and offers a complete simulating experience. When your character sleeps for the day, the game will automatically save the day’s progress. 

It will also allow you to see your profit breakdown for the day, as well as how many levels you’ve achieved. You’ll also be able to restore your energy and health, which can be a big help when you’re struggling. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to save Stardew Valley Switch. 

  • Step 1: Sleep Time

In the Stardew Valley game, you cannot sleep at any time. Your character will only sleep after 12 am. Once the in-game clock hits 12 am, your character will feel tired and sleepy. However, they can stay awake till 2 am. Once it is 2 am, you have to sleep in the game. You can only sleep between 12 am to 2 am

  • Step 2: Go Home

You cannot just sleep anywhere in the game. Your character will only sleep on the bed. So when you have to save the game, you need to go home to put your character to sleep.

  • Step 3: Sleep in Bed

Once you reach home, you need to go inside and towards the bed. You need to sleep on the bed to save the game.

  • Step 4: Sleep and Save

After your character sleeps on the bed, a pop-up will appear on the screen, i.e., “go to sleep for the night?” You need to click on yes to sleep. Once you click on yes, the screen will show that your progress is saved. This is how you need to save in Stardew Valley Switch.

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Is There Any Kind of Auto-Save or Quick Save Option In Stardew Valley?

If you’ve been playing the new game Stardew Valley, you know that saving your progress can be an absolute nightmare. There’s no incremental backup system, so each saves is overwritten by the next, making it nearly impossible to return to a previous state. 

On top of that, you can’t use a quick save on Stardew Valley. There is no auto-save option as well. It means if you quit the game in between, all the progress will be lost. There’s only one way to save your progress in the game. You can only do it at home, and you can’t save the game anywhere else. Because of this reason, you need to properly save your game.

Why Should You Save Your Progress in Stardew Valley Game?

Here are a few reasons to save your progress and keep the game safe. First, Stardew Valley is a location-specific game, meaning that it doesn’t save your progress automatically. It means if you leave the game without saving it, all the progress will be lost, and there will be no way to retrieve it back.

Another reason to save your progress is that the game’s sprite will soon tire out. The more tired he gets, the more likely he will want to sleep. And once the clock hits 2 am, your character will sleep automatically. When you save the game by putting your character to sleep, it will help to restore energy and complete the day-to-day tasks with ease.

Another reason to save your progress in the Stardew Valley game is to prevent you from having to restart the game. Since Stardew Valley is a time-consuming game, you’re bound to get attached to your farm and characters. Having to start all over again can be a frustrating experience, so you may as well back up your game files before making any changes to them. 

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So to save in Stardew Valley Switch, you need to simply go home and sleep on the bed. Once you put your character to sleep, it will automatically save the progress. Apart from this, there is no other option to save the game.

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