How To Separate Stacks Of Items In Black Desert Online

The fight among two opposing nations, the State of Calpheon as well as the Kingdom of Valencia, is the focus of Black Desert Online, which is situated in a high fantasy environment. Valencia is extremely spiritual, but Calpheon is quite economical.

This game has the finest graphics you will ever see in an MMORPG. Everything in the game is fantastic, from the visuals to the character creator to the animations. Although if you don’t wish to play these games, it is recommended that you simply explore the enormous open world.

Balenos, Calphon, Seredia, and Mediah are the four primary regions that were formerly at peace. All this transformed when Black Death began to spread via traders from Valencia, in a trading region east of Mediah. The epidemic killed many people all across the world. Those who could not be ejected owing to the paranoia caused by the black death. Finally, the three areas formed an alliance and launched a 30-year battle, having Mediah reaping the most benefits by gathering black stones then selling those to the others.

Following the conflict, the league gradually resumed commercial relations with Valencia. When the value of black stones was realized by other places, tensions developed. They began looking for black stones as well, eager to earn money. Calpheon had no place to store the valuable black stones, so they took them from the others. This exacerbated tensions with Valencia, which really is home to a huge Black Desert containing numerous black stones.

Black Desert Online is an action-adventure game that requires precise aiming and endless action like a third-person shooter game. Residential, fishing, hunting, and trading are all available in the game, as well as massive player-against-player attack events like castle fights. It’s known for its extensive and detailed character customization.

In BDO, unlike the tab-targeting method used in most MMORPGs, an active combat system requires accurate manual aiming, evading, and employing combinations. Combos for striking, evading, and blocking can be used to trigger skills. Mounted combat is also available to players. Mounts may be tamed in the wild, and unique mounts can be bred by marrying specific sorts of mounts. Mounts must be fed and cared for, and they cannot be placed in the inventory. They may also be killed. 

Black Desert Online is indeed a great game to play. However, if you are curious about how to separate stacks in BDO, keep reading as this article will explain it all.

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How To Separate Stacks In Black Desert Online

Separating stacks is quite important since it allows players to store items precisely as they want them, whether it’s in the inventories or chests. To do so, access your inventory by pressing Alt or E if that is a chest, then hover over the thing you wish to divide and click it while holding down Shift. You must see a new box show up with a slider to select how many parts of the stack you would like to transfer. It will default to 50% of the stack, consider choosing whatever number you want, and hit OK.

You may now set the stack anywhere you want, which indicates you can still have multiple stacks of an object even though they’re not full, but this isn’t actually useful because it merely takes up extra inventory space. Whenever you select an object, hold down Ctrl to move it between the inventory as well as a chest without dragging it.

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What Are The Advantages Of Splitting Stacks

Splitting stacks can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. Each person is likely to process and store goods differently; thus, this allows you to handle your belongings as you see fit. When eating boars, this function comes in helpful since you can determine how many strawberries you want. You can place them down in the enclosure instead of doing it one after the other. Whether you’re playing with pals, dividing stacks is a great idea since it allows you to offer goods to the other player without needing to give over the full stack.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of reasons to get out into the world of Black Desert, from exploring new sites of attraction and taming horses to fishing or boating, and hundreds of players are doing exactly that at any given moment, giving the game a sense of life and energy which is unlike anything else in the category. Everything you need to know about separating stacks in Black Desert Online is covered in the above article.

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