What Is Cabbage And Where To Find It In Black Desert Online?

In the game Black Desert Online, cabbage is a quest that was added to the games over three years ago to provide gamers with something new to do. Players of any level can complete the challenge. In the game, a cabbage is described as a plant with thick bald leaves layered around a center, shaped like a ball.

In BDO, Cabbage is also considered a rare commodity that can be used as currency or cooking ingredient. However, it has a meager number of health points and will not yield any experience when consumed. The plants need to be watered and fertilized to grow, either in a player’s greenhouse or in the soil. 

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Where Is Cabbage Found?

There are many ways that cabbage can be obtained in Black Desert Online. One harvesting, cabbage, can be obtained by processing cabbage seeds, using a kitchen knife to obtain one cabbage. It can also be gathered using bare hands. The players can also grow the cabbage in greenhouses or soil and earn money by selling it to other players or vendors.

Here are some of the common places where cabbage can be found in BDO:

  •  The Khaizel Region

In the Khaizel Region, players can buy the cabbage from an NCP shopkeeper, and there are also two locations where it can be found. The first is in the southeast of the starting point. The second location is the southwest of the starting in these places. The player has to kill monsters to get cabbages.

  • In the Mediah Region

Players can also find cabbage in the Mediah Region. The cabinet is located on the east side of the map in the M region. It was also along a coastline and can be found at the NCP, which makes it possible to have a cooking fire. So one can cook it. 

  • The Delphe Knights Castle

Players have to complete the “The Cabbage of Destiny” quest to obtain cabbage. Cabbage is found in several places in the castle area. In the pumpkin field, west of the castle, near a small pond. In the castle, the cabbage is found in a room called “Restless Spirits.” Only players who reached level 20 can access this room. After completing several quests, the player needs to head over to the “Quest Board” and take the “Dinner’s Ready” quest at level 20. They will be sent to the ancient ruins of Delphi. Once they enter the castle, they will need to look for an NCP called “Gremian.” This particular NCP needs help with his dinner, and players have to look for the ingredients. One of these ingredients is the cabbage, which can be found in one of the rooms upstairs, specifically near the window. It is located on a barrel by a window on the second floor. Players can also find cabbage on the first floor in a room that has a bookshelf. 

  • Marketplace

One of the most common places to find cabbage is the marketplace, which is located in the Lower Town. Players can also purchase it from the auction house, as well as from other players. Gamers may purchase the plant from any NCP character in the game.

  • NCP

Players can purchase cabbage from any NCP in the game. The cabbage can be found at the following NPCs’ locations. NPC Ludo is located west of Novoh. Another one is located east of Shakat and North of Tshira. There is another NCP in front of the barn near Shakatu’s Villa. At the southwest of Khaalag’s Pass, players can get cabbage from NPC Ludo.

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