Best Location and Rotation for Deer Meat Gathering in Black Desert Online

The gathering has been named BDO’s best lucrative Life Skill. Players having high Gathering Proficiency levels report earning between 80 and 150 million silver each hour. Gathering, like fishing, is among the simplest Useful Skills for newcomers to begin earning money with. All you need is energy aside from the gathering equipment.

There are numerous places in the desert that you may harvest, and there’s only a single ideal area, which is in Calpheon. On the journey to arrive as Kamasylvia, there are a number of deer along the road, and that is where you’ll be gathering these deer.

In terms of slaughtering, butchering is making lots of money since everyone is slaughtering deer and werewolf meat and putting it in their cooking pots. Balenos dinners, in particular, are excellent. Also, the food in Valencia is excellent, as is a variety of other items. This will make you a lot of money in the game – it’s currently the best income source in the game.

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Rotation of Deer Gathering

So that’s the rotation; there have been two separate elk or deer groups present. These deer are quite active on the roadway because there are three packs. In the jungle, there is also one pack. The pack appearing on the map is the best pack in the forest.

If you have a sluggish class, you may just stay there, and they will almost immediately reply. So you simply remain there practically 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, if you’re a lightning-quick student or the highest level min-maxer, you could get each of these packs at the very same time.

Therefore, take full advantage of it and gather additional power because getting both packs to move between them is just around a five to ten percent boost vs gathering just that pack inside the forest.

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Advantages Of Gathering

The gathering gives you access to various manufacturing resources that you may utilize in the other life skills, upgrades, and employee workshops. Trying to gather materials is more important in Alchemy because the need for underclocked resources is higher.

The Gathering Survival Skill is a prerequisite in many mission lines, and it unlocks additional Life Skill tasks. In addition, increasing your Gathering levels comes with a lot less energy. There’s a 30% chance you won’t use any energy.  Finally, improving your life skill in gathering enables you to utilize better gathering items.

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