Top 10 Best Bows in Warframe (2022)

Warframe is a multiplayer online action, third-person shooter game that is available for free. Warframe is a game that requires a lot of patience. Even if you pay for the game, you’ll still have to grind to get the majority of the items. Having said that, I believe Warframe’s grind is the most enjoyable aspect of the game. So if you’re wondering about the best bow in Warframe, then this guide will help you a lot to decide which bow is the best.

When it refers to bows in Warframe, some stand out, including some that are a lot of fun to use. Depending on our preferences, there is a boy for almost every situation. Every now and then, I appreciate a nice boy for subtle action or precise penetrating shots.

Now, if you were one of those folks that chose a bow when they first started playing Warframe, you may already know what I’m saying about and have developed a feel for it. To those who are unfamiliar, bows are excellent for stealth missions because they penetrate opponents and may be charged up to deliver even more harm. 

There are various bows in the game, most of them concentrate on a specific type of damage or have unique abilities, and it is always a good idea to have one in your inventory for missions and sorties. Let’s get you to the list without wasting any more time.

Well, here is a list of top warframe bows that can be used to strike your opponents.

1. Lenz

When it happens to come to bows, we usually expect these bows to be all quiet and deadly, yet the Lenz ranks among the greatest not just because it is a bow but also because of its power.

Unlike many other bows, Lenz attacks uniquely. On impact, the Lenz projectile causes damage and slows opponents, followed by a vast high-damage blast. The Lenz isn’t really the quietest or least dangerous weapon in the world, but it sure does inflict a lot of damage, which comes in handy in several situations.

2. Dread

Dread is a bow that you get by accident after you kill a stalker. When you kill him, he somehow drops the blueprint for his signature bow, which you can utilize to make your own. Since this bow can inflict substantial amounts of critical damage, focusing on damage and critical chance can be highly beneficial.

This weapon could effectively cope with orange critical damage with a couple of essential mods. It mainly deals with slash damage, with a tiny amount of piercing and impact thrown in for good measure. 

3. Paris Prime

The Paris Prime, one of the first and most recognized Prime weapons, has been around for quite a long time, and many players may recall it as the Prime variant of the specific Paris bows that were featured earlier in the gameplay.

Apart from being classy and unique, the Paris Prime is also highly lethal because of its simple design and the fact that nearly anyone can use it. The Paris Prime usually has a high critical chance at first, allowing it to be modified for severe critical damage. Its high base damage ensures that it will inflict a lot of damage to opponents.

4. Daikyu

The Daikyu looks to be slightly larger than typical bows and causes more damage, which is split across the three forms of physical damage, with puncture taking the lead with a more significant amount. The Daikyu, unlike some of the other bows, has a higher status chance while still dealing a lot of critical damage.

One of Daikyu’s advantages is the ability to employ the Spring-Loaded Broadhead mod, which improves damage when fired from a more extended range. The Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired is a specific hybrid mod for the Daikyu that grants numerous bonuses. It is another viable mod and growing famous for this.

5. Cernos Prime

The Cernos Prime was among the first bows to be tied or slightly more vital than the Paris Prime because of higher base damage with a bit of downside of a reduced critical chance. Due to its high status and critical chance, the Cernos Prime could be helpful when using critical status or combo builds because of its high status and critical chance.

The Cernos Prime is remarkable in that it fires three arrows at once and has a secondary firing that enables it to strike vertically while also providing a headshot bonus.

6. Nagantaka

Although the Nagantaka is a crossbow, it is included in the list because it is similar in specific ways. This is Garuda’s signature primary weapon, and it fires semi-automatically.

It primarily does slash damage to opponents and has a high percentage of status chance, allowing it to quickly trigger the bleeding status effect induced by slashed damage or any other status impacts from components it has been modified with. This weapon’s ability to earn improved reload speed after dealing headshots, as well as the ability to unload its remaining bullets quickly with secondary fire properly, is a remarkable feature. 

7. Rakta Cernos

The Rakta Cernos is basically the Rakta counterpart of the Cernos, with a faster charge speed but a higher chance of critical and status probability. This weapon has higher base damage and the blight impact, which generates damage in a radius across the user that does viral damage and imposes the associated status effects. Blight also recovers energy and increases the user’s movement speed.

8. Zhuge

The Zhuge elevates the status of the bow and crossbow by being an automated weapon that fires bolt after bolt at its opponents. It has a high percentage of status and an excellent critical chance, making it suitable for both critical builds and weapons with elemental damage modifications. 

Although its magazine is tiny, the amount of damage it deals with combines well with the weapon’s critical stats and its high chance of triggering status effects. This weapon primarily inflicts pierce damage, with moderate slash damage and a negligible effect.

9. Mutalist Cernos

Finally, the Mutalist Cernos, a bow with a unique feature that takes its name from the infestation it has been afflicted with, makes its way onto the list. The Mutalist Cernos is essentially an infested form of the Cernos, except it fires a poisonous cloud that causes damage in the long run and can proc status effects when it hits the ground.

This weapon can not only deal damage but also inflict numerous sorts of damage to opponents and eliminate groups of opponents, not to mention the weapon’s high percentage of status chance.

10. Attica

The Attica is a powerful automatic crossbow that deals a lot of damage and has a high critical chance. Despite its slow firing rate, the Attica is still an automated weapon that compensates for its critical chance and low-based damage.

This weapon mainly deals with pierce damage, with some cut and impact damage thrown in for good measure.

Closing Thoughts

When it refers to being stealthy or precise, bows and crossbows pop into mind frequently. Remember that they often have punched through and can be used to effectively take out opponents in a line while remaining reasonably silent. Bows are an excellent choice for sneaky missions and inflicting actual damage to specific opponents. Furthermore, it gives extra satisfaction when you eliminate your enemies with a bow headshot. 

Not all bows are created equal; some may have unique sorts of damage. To devise creative and lethal builds, one must pay careful attention to any specific passives or firing modes the weapon possesses.

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