Persona 5 Trumpeter Build: Best Skills for Trumpeter

Persona 5 blends dungeon exploring and turn-based monster fighting with the time control and relationship-building of a social sim. You are a Tokyo high school student by day, where joining the right groups, having friends, dating, and socializing all matter, and a dungeon explorer by night.

In the Book of Revelation, one of the seven angels holding a Trumpet is referred to as Trumpeter. All of the Trumpeters will sound their trumpet in celebration of a plague on Earth, which will last before the Apocalypse arrives.

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If you are a huge fan of Persona 5, you may be curious about how to effectively use Trumpeter’s skills, since he’s one of the game’s strongest Personas. Due to its innate resistances and access to Debilitate, Trumpeter is also recommended as the strongest Persona for using support skills.

Persona 5 Trumpeter Build – Skills Required

If you want to make Trumpeter the ultimate help Persona, you will need to do a bit of work. Here are some of the best Trumpeter skills you’ll need to achieve:

Heat Riser

A skill that boosts a member’s stats around the board.


  • Reduces any of an enemy’s stats.


  • Boosts any damage by 2.5 times in a single assault.


  • A skill that boosts mystical damage by 2.5 times in a single strike.


  • Replaces all debuffs the party has received.


  • Replaces all buffs that have been applied to opponents.

Ali Dance

  • A move that reduces enemy precision by 50%.

Angelic Grace

  • A skill that improves the dodging chances by 50%.

There’s little wiggle space here. Concentrate, Debilitate, Heat Riser, and Charge are the main skills you require. For just two skills, Angelic Grace, as well as Ali Dance, have the greatest protective bonus. You can also check out Spell Master, a skill that reduces SP costs by half, and Drain Phys, which makes Trumpeter resistant to the highly used harm form. If you want to go that route, Dekunda and Dekaja will be the skills to substitute.

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Since Trumpeter would be holding Concentrate along with Charge, we usually advise against using certain skills on Yoshitsune, Alice, or Kaguya. While there is a strong case for using Charge on Yoshitsune because of his potential to gain elemental immunity, you will only waste your slot by using Concentrate on Alice or Kaguya.

Persona 5 is a rewarding game, but it also requires dedication. This pretty much sums up the best Trumpeter skills in Persona 5. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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