Top 7 Best Games Like Danganronpa in 2022

Danganronpa is one of the most loved adventurous Japanese Visual Novels that involves students entangled in a murder mystery. There have been many devoted followers ever since the release of the first series, Trigger Happy Havoc, in 2010.

We have assembled some of the most exciting games involving mystery and puzzles that have similarities to Danganronpa. People who loved Danganronpa would absolutely love these listed games. They include interactions among characters and have mysteriously fictional stories powering the games.

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1. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Did you have fun with the brainy trial investigations in Danganronpa? If you did, you would definitely love Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. It is a game that requires you to defend your client, the prime suspect, through a series of investigations and courtroom trials.

In Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, you play Phoenix Wright, a rookie defense attorney. After a murder scene, you will have to prove your client innocent. To confirm that your client was not the murderer, you will have to investigate the crime scene and find evidence. You will also need to interact with the police, client, and witnesses to gather information to face objections.

This game is full of mystery that tests your ability and skills. It is a must-try for everyone who loves to test their own skills while having fun. You will find yourself completely immersed in the character feeling like a real smart attorney throughout the game.

2. Corpse Party: Back To School Edition

Each moment in the Corpse Party game is an adventurous battle to escape and survive. It is a horror game where you role-play.

Like Danganronpa, the game requires the player to explore a haunted school’s surroundings and find ways to escape. It requires you to role play and make decisions while interacting with the other characters.  There will be different endings depending on what you decide to do with the other characters and the items you pick around you.

3. The World Ends With You: Final Remix

A role-playing game, The World Ends With You, is a touching yet thrilling game. Neku Sakuraba finds himself in a modern-day Shibuya district, Tokyo. He is still confused about how he is in the Underground, an alternate stage of existence after death. The mission is the only thing he knows after regaining consciousness in the Underground which he needs to complete to survive.

 The game plot and rules share similarities with Danganronpa. The life and death situations are also similar. In the World Ends With You, Neku is a character with amnesia. Like in Danganronpa, the character has to complete his mission or be erased mindfully and spiritually. Neku needs to work together with another character in his entire mission to ensure survival in the game and free himself from being trapped.

The game is enjoyable with the exciting plot, the Shibuya district’s modern setting, and stylish graphics.

4. Persona 5

Persona 5 is an all-time favorite role playing game that involves high school students. Like in Danganronpa, the students need to rely on their team and work together for ultimate victory.

Like Danganronpa, Persona 5 is set in a modern-day Tokyo. The player assumes the character of a high school student, Joker. The relationship you build with other characters and the decision you make decides the storyline of your game. It even gives you the possibility of developing a romantic relationship.

To compare with Danganronpa, Persona 5 is more focused on a severe psychological aspect. Danganronpa presents you with a lighter mood with funny scenes from time to time. However, the setting and the plot that both the games provide will leave the gamer curious about every next move.

5. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Zero Escape is an adventurous visual novel series with an aura of mystery. The developers of Danganronpa made the first two games Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and Virtues’ Last Reward. This means that the thrill and style that you love about Danganronpa can be expected from Zero Escape too.

Like Danganronpa, Zero Escape is about characters forced to play a game of life and death. In this game, nine people are kidnapped and held captive inside a facility. You need to check out the objects around you carefully and inspect the surroundings to find clues. The nine strangers also need to find out secrets about each other to solve puzzles and make progression.

The mysterious puzzles with their interesting plot keep the gamers curiously engaged. You can buy the first and third of the series in a single package while buying Zero Time Dilemma separately. You can play all three games individually and not necessarily in sequence.

6. The Sexy Brutale

An adventure within a mansion, The Sexy Brutale is a murder mystery video game. Here, party-goers in an estate get murdered one after another, and the player’s task is to find out about the mystery and prevent further death.

In The Sexy Brutale, you play the role of a preacher Boone who is required to prevent death by finding out the secrets of the characters, exploring the mansion, and solving puzzles.

Gamers love The Sexy Brutale for its excellent graphics and soundtrack, apart from the rich gaming experience.

7. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick and Danganronpa are similar as both the games are role playing games. It involves the player making decisions to solve puzzles and mysteries to progress.

In Ghost trick, the gamer is the ghost who has lost all the memories of the past. You will have no idea why someone murdered you. To start finding out, you will have to go on an adventure and save people. You have the power to time-travel back to four minutes ahead before the corpse’s death and save them. Solving puzzles is the key to progress.

The same developers develop ghost trick and the Phoenix Wright series. You can find all those exciting mysteries, engaging dialogues, and styles in both.


All these games share a thing in common- mysteriously exciting! Each of them is worth playing and can even help you build your decision making skills.

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