10 Best Suikoden 2 Characters in 2022

If you’re into RPG games, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing Suikoden II. It’s among the top role-playing games of all time, alongside Xenogears.

Suikoden II is based on a classical Chinese novel known as Water Margin. It’s about a group of misfits that join forces to dethrone an empire. Suikoden II follows a phenomenal story of two best friends who got entangled in a war against each other. 

The game also comes with 108 distinct characters, out of which you use half of them in battle. So, if you’re wondering which characters are the best, you might want to continue reading.

But, first, there’s something significant about the characters you need to be mindful of. You have to understand that each role has rune slots that need to be unlocked to get stronger.

For instance, when you combine Fury (2 times damage buff), Double Strike (1.5 damage given & received), and Double Beat (2 times attack) all stack, your character will become incredibly powerful. You can further add in a Thunder/Rage weapon rune (1.5 times damage), and you’ll become almost unbeatable.

Suikoden II isn’t that difficult of a game – throw in a Fury alongside a Double Beat on someone, and they will faceroll the whole game. Nonetheless, here are the top Suikoden II characters.

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1. Killey

Killey: He’s downright the best character in Suikoden II. There’s no locked equipment, and you get three unlocked rune slots, and his weapon has an unlocked rune slot. By giving him the combo described above and throwing in a Thunder or Rage rune,  you can make him super powerful. Finally, include triple Fire Emblems, and he’ll defeat the ultimate boss in one shot.

2. Sheena

Sheena: The second best character is Sheena, almost on par with Killey. However, the difference between the two is that Sheena’s accessory slot only features a Star Earring, which makes him a bit weaker physically. Nonetheless, it’s just a minute difference. In fact, Sheena, too, can defeat the boss with a single hit.     

3. Chaco 4. Sid 5. Rina

These three are the following best characters in Suikoden II and for the same reasons. Chaco gets three rune slots, which makes him quite versatile. Though his magic stat is low, you can use him as a mage. Thanks to his three runes slots, you can use the Fury rune, Double Beat rune, and Double Strike rune combo, allowing him to output massive damage.

Rina also comes with 3 runes slots, and she can attack from any position in the party. Also, her above-average magic defense makes her more durable in battle.

6. Kahn

Kahn: He comes close to becoming the best Suikoden II characters. That’s because of the Magic Drain rune being fixed on his weapon, making him weaker than the others.

In practicality, it’s quite time-consuming to collect all these runes. As such, there is some advantage to characters who have cool magic rune, are great to simply plug and play, or ones that performs just great when you throw in a Double Beat/Fury rune.  These special mentions include:

7. Viktor

Viktor: He’s among the best physical attack characters, boasting decent strength and HP growth. Viktor makes for an excellent front line character and uses his two-handed sword until he retrieves the ultimate Star Dragon Sword.

While the Clone Rune worked great in Suikoden I, the Titan Rune works well for him in II. Also, he gets just two rune spots, and because his magic abilities are weak, it’s best to use the Magic Rune.

Nonetheless, he’s among the few physical warriors who get two rune slot, giving him an advantage. Use the Fury Rune or the Double Strike and the Double Beat combo, and he’ll be super powerful. Though his potential isn’t at par with Sheena or Killey, it’s much easier to reach his potential. Plus, it’s enough to power through the whole game with.

8. Riou

Riou: He’s the main hero of Suikoden II and is a remarkable character. Riou boasts excellent stats in every category. He also has numerous strong Unite attacks, followed by one of the game’s most helpful and powerful runes called the Bright Shield Rune. You can use this rune as a defensive as well as an offensive rune.

9. McDohl

McDohl: He’s the main protagonist of the first Suikoden, and you get him when you import your data. McDohl is a perfectly balanced mage and fighter, and he features an excellent Soul Eater rune. You can use him as a high-powered fighter or a powerful mage. Thanks to his versatility, he’s a great asset with stats comparable to Riou.

10. Nanami

Nanami: She’s another balanced character and boasts high-speed status. Nanami’s role in the game is extensive, meaning you’ll get to use her most of the time. But, then you won’t be able to at the end, which is quite disappointing.

Nevertheless, Nanami is the fastest character, which you’ll love about her. Also, with the usage of the Spark rune, your whole team can get her speed. As such, even though she just gets two slots for runes, giving her a Spark rune and a Fury rune will make her a powerful enough character with unique utility.

So, these are some of the top characters in Suikoden II that you’ll most certainly love getting your hands on. Each character has its own unique background and comes with its own special abilities and utility. Just remember that they’re as powerful as the number of unlocked rune slots. Either way, you’ll have a great time getting to learn each of these characters.

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