The Best MapleStory Leveling Guide in 2022 (Level 1-203)

Here is an easy guide for both funded and unfunded players in the reboot server of the GMS.

1. General Tips and Guide Formatting

The numbers indicated with the dash represent the starting level and last level, respectively. The name displayed next to the numbers is the name of the map. If a story recommended to you is not a map, the plan would mention it in words.


100-115: Normal Zakum, Boss Level once a day.

2. The Tutorial Levels 1 to 10

After the Tutorial level completion, almost all the classes will automatically set their levels to 10. Some classes start with level 10, and the tutorials for the different courses will shorten the levels from 10 to 30.

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First Job Advancement Levels 10 to 30

Characters in the game with Tutorial Questlines till level 30 are- Ark, Pathfinder, Shade, Cadena, Hoyoung, and Illium. Follow these recommendations for the questlines:

When you own the Rock for Hyper Teleportation:

23 to 30: Plant 3, Waste Treatment

15 to 23: 3 Golem Temple

10 to 15: Entrance to Golem’s Temple.

When you don’t own the Rock for Hyper Teleportation:


21 to 30: Plant 3 Waste Treatment

10 to 21: 3 Hedgehog Pickleyard

Victoria Island

23 to 30: Giant Tree

20 to 25: Trail to Mushmom Forest

15 to 30: 3 Golem Temple

10-15: Entrance to Golem’s Temple


17 to 30: Oda Warrior

14 to 23: Oda Scout

10 to 30: Story Quests


21 to 30: Streetlight Row

17 to 21: Path 3, Edelstein Strolling

10 to 17: Path 1 and 2, Edelstein Strolling

Second Job Advancement Levels 30 to 60

The Theme Dungeon, 30 to 60: Playing any three of these dungeon levels will get you level 60.

  1. Riena Strait
  2. Gold Beach
  3. Ellinel Fairy Academy
  4. Elodin

Classes like Kineses have these dungeon levels connected to story quests.

48 to 60: Land of Wild Boar

43 to 48: Kerning City Quests

40 to 50: 1, 2, and 3, Lair of Mr. Hazard

30 to 40: 1 and 2, Alley of Stray Dogs

Third Job Advancement Levels 60 to 100

90 to 100: C-2 Area- Lab

83 to 100: Desert of Serenity/ Sahel 2

72-90: II Ice Valley

65 to 81: Sky I Stairway

60 to 77: Humid Swamp/ Silent Swamp

60 to 72: Camp 1 for Military (This is a Hidden Map which you will find in the Excavation Intermission Area, located straight through the castle door.

Fourth Job Advancement Levels 100 to 140

135 to 140: Moonlight Ridge, Quests on Goblin Ridge, and Fox Ridge Flash

130 to 140: II Tiger Forest, Quests of Forest I and Tiger Ridge

125 to 135: Entrance to Black Mountain

120 to 130: Forgotten Passage

115 to 140: Monster Park, Daily Quest

108 to 120: Apparatus Room, Toy Facotry

105 to 120: Sky Terrace <5>/ Cloud

100 to 113: II Sky Nest

100 to 108: Forest West Leafre

100-115: Normal Zakum, Boss Level once a day

Hyper Stage Levels 140 to 200

191 to 203: Site 2 Forsaken Excavation

185 to 192: Southern Deserted Ridge

180 to 190: Corridor H03: Inside the Mothership

168 to 185: Corridor 203: Inside the Mothership

165 to 180: Omega Sector, Theme Dungeon

160 to 175: Normal Horntail, Boss Level, requires good HP

148 to 161: Cosmetic Shop 5F

145 to 154: Café <4> 2F

145 to 150: Kerning Tower, Dungeon Theme

143 to 154: the Commercci Republic, Theme Dungeon

140 to 200: Monster Park, Daily Quest

140 to 149: Pirate Den 2 Red-Nose

Fifth Job Advancement

Farming is different in the Arcane River; the maps you need will base on the AF you have and how far you’ve made it into the Arcane River.

It would be best if you kept in mind the following when farming in the Arcane River;

  1. When you have more than 110% AF, you can deal with more damage efficiently.
  2. When you have 150% or more AF, you will take 1% damage from monsters, even elites.
  3. Do not go to maps that do not have 100% AF.
  4. Keep your EXP and Meso rate in check with Battle Analisys to collect data of the objectives to the best map available.
  5. Since different characters have different reach and mobility, you should experiment with maps that work for your chosen character.
  6. If you want to play in a weak or fragile class, you should play maps with 150% AF.


360 AF: Path 1 Lower

360 AF: Lower Path Cavern

320 AF: In Between Thunder 2 and Frost

Chuchu Island

In Chuchu Island, you will find that there are only a few optional farming maps which means there are fewer or no bonuses in the burning field. Since this is the case, there is a better chance for your character to earn more EXP in Reverse City.

160 AF: Mountainside 2 Skywhale

100 AF: Slurpy Depths of the Forest

100 AF: Forest 1 Mottled: Hill of Five Colors


640 AF: Temple 3 Radiant; this is an option for players without Kanna/ Wild Totem characters.

600 AF: Sea 6 Mirror-Touched

600 AF: Sea 3 Mirror-Touched, higher burning, unlike MTS2

600 AF: Sea 2 Mirror-Touched, MTS maps

I have yet to pass this level but have received the current information from former and current guildmates and community feedback. This information is all verified, not one out of speculation or guesswork.

If you want to use this guide anyway, make sure you use the Battle Analisys to try out different maps and those that are suitable for your character.


210 AF: Dance Floor 1 Occupied; this needs good vertical reach or mobility.

210 AF: 2 and 3 Chicken Festival

210 AF: 1 Chicken Festival

210 AF: Place 3 Revelation


520 AF: In Trueffet 3 That Day

480 AF: Hall 4 Shadowdance

440 AF: Boulevard 2 Bully

The location for Morass is often overlooked as a farming place since it is not the right choice for training and requires a higher AF. It has mob levels that are similar to that of Arcana.

But for people who fly solo, it is a good location for those who play without Kannas or Wild Totems. In case all maps in Arcana are full and you are in desperate need of EXPs, Morass is an excellent substitute.

Reverse City

100 AF: Hidden Research Train

40 AF: 1 and 4 Subway Tunnel

The maps as mentioned above are the best maps in Reverse City. Stay away from the M-Tower charts in Reverse City for leveling since the location is too large to cultivate alone.


880 AF: 1-5 End of World

880 AF: 1-4 End of World

820 AF: Deep Core 1 Labyrinth of Suffering

730 AF: Current 4 Void

670 AF: 2 Last Horizon

Vanishing Journey

60 AF: Below the Cave

40 AF: Zone of Fire

30 AF: Land of Rage Weathered

You can join a 25+ level guild to score additional AFs or invest some Hyper Stats into Arcane Force.

Yum Yum Island

160 AF: Fungos Forest Region

These maps have many platforms suitable for your character’s class to attack several platforms. Examples of the Characters to use here are- Lightning, Ice, etc.

160 AF: Illiard Field Region

Characters like Kanna, Corsair, etc., who have very tall hitboxes for attack or full map attacks, can use this map with 2-3 platform layers.

130 AF: Mushbud Forest Region

Characters like Hunter, Aran, etc., can use this platform as they are further apart. These are more extended maps preferable for those classes with good mobility and can attack as they move.

The maps in Yum Yum Island are almost similar, so you need to choose a suitable location for your class and character with the highest burning in it.

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