The Best Beast Tamer Class Guide in 2022

Beast tamer in MapleStory is one of the most elusive classes. It is a new feature in the game, and it allows you to tame and control different animals. However, you can only make one after Nexon enables you to.

The Beast Tamer class is complex, and it is different from all the other classes available in the game. But it is worth all your time and investment in building one because it will help you a lot through the game. In general, the beast tamer class is intelligent, and the skill moves are all dependent on animals such as the Hawk, Bear, snow leopard, Cat, etc.

Things to know before creating a beast tamer

Before you get all excited about this class in the game, it is worth noting that there are some things you need to know before you make a beast tamer. The Nexon God has the authority to grant you access to this class, and it is not easy to obtain.

Let’s say you are one of the lucky ones where the Nexon God allowed you to make one. The new features in the beast tamer class include a drastic change in the DPS. They fixed the Passive Stacking Bug by lowering the DPS (Damage per Second) in half.

Previously, the beast tamer was a powerful class, and you could change forms and stack the passives. But the passive stack feature is no longer available in the beast tamer class. One of the changes you can observe is the improvement of the Hawk Mode. They have introduced changes to it so that it can bring some balance to the beast tamer class.

Best tamers stand out from the rest of the other classes because they have unique Skill Build abilities. If you ever get a beast tamer from a Tera Burning Event, turning your beast maker into the Tera Burning Character is the best move you can make in the game.

The weapons of beast tamer

The beast tamer has only two weapons. The primary weapon is the scepter that looks like a traditional staff, and the secondary weapon is a whistle—both the weapons suit well for the class.

Cash shop for beast tamer

The characters in the game can share all the cash shop and NX items with each other if they belong to the same class. However, when it comes to a beast tamer, you can only share the items with another beast tamer class. So in that sense, it is a restricted class.

The skills of a beast tamer

The beast tamer has many skill sets. All of them are unique and with different features and capabilities. Here is a description of all of them in the game.

The link skill is a powerful skill of the beast tamer. You can use it to Max your HP and MP, increase Critical Rate, and Boss Damage. The other name for this Skill is Focus Spirit, and it comes with the mystical powers of the animal spirit. Generally, the maximum level of the link skill is level 3. Each level requires 70, 120, and 210 points, and all your skills will keep increasing as you level up. 

Legion effect

Also called the ‘Ignore Enemy Defence,’ the Legion effect has five levels, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S, Rank SS, Rank SSS. Each rank has a specific percentage of ignoring the enemy defense, with Rank B +1% and Rank SS +6% as the lowest and highest.

Inner ability

Using the inner ability of the beast tamer comes with a catch. The most effective way to use it is to have three lines. It would be best to have an Attack Speed as the primary line, Buff Duration as the secondary line, and Magic Attack on the last line. Without using any of these, the inner ability of your beast tamer will do you no good.

Having an Attack Speed as the primary line allows you to go from 1-0 with all the other AS buffs, giving you more damage abilities. The secondary line is best for the Meow Card and Cat Mode because it gives party buffs to you. You can keep the third line for anything, but Magic Attack works best.

Skill build of beast tamer

The beast tamer skill build has two options. The first option is called Link Training, and the second option is called Beast Tamer Mains. These two are unique, and the most significant difference between them is that Link Training does not require you to invest in animals that give you party buffs. It sounds like a bad feature because you need the party buffs for going to the main one and bosses. But there is one thing you can do. You can SP reset by using the Link Training style if you want to keep the class and continue using it further. 

A Guardian’s Blessing

If you haven’t done it yet or did not know about it, do not forget to go and claim all the gift items you receive from “A Guardian’s Blessing Quest.” You will miss out on some fantastic items to boost your game and characters. All the items are valuable, such as chairs, various scrolls, and Animal SP Potions that can help you increase your beast tamer and progress through the game.

You can check out the beast tamer skill build Link Training and see the options you have for every animal. For example, a leopard has skills like Thunder Dash, Attack Key, and Macho Dancer. These are specific skill sets that you can use in the game. The Thunder Dash allows the leopard to move horizontally, the Attack Key triggers the leopard’s roar and pounce, while the Macho Dance enables the leopard to move diagonally.

Here is a tip for you for the skill build for Link Training of your beast tamer. Try the leopard and Bear combo and put all the SP into the leopard. Let the leopard max out, and then you can add the rest into the Bear.

The leopard is excellent for damage buffs and mobility. You can also try the Hawk Mode because it has excellent training capabilities. However, if you are more reliant on defensive formation and one-shooting, it may not be the best choice because many people do not achieve it.

Once you have finish acquiring all the leopard skills, you can try and throw some of them into the Bear. Try Paw Swapping bosses like Horntail and Zakum so that you can get more EXP.

Here is another tip for you during the skill build for Link Training. You can ignore the Leave Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath and leave them on level 1. Once you reach level 19, you can also leave Fort The Brave because you will not receive any boost in level 20.

After finishing with leopard and Bear, your next challenge is to get to 210. So the next animal to invest in is the Cat. The best way to approach training your Cat is to focus more on the passives like the Kitty Battle Squad and the Cat Wit. But do bear in mind that these are useful only when you use Critter Crossing, All Together, and Hyper Skill.

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Skill build for Mains

If you want to try and Main your beast tamer, the best combo to go with is Bear+Cat+Hawk. Training your beast tamer for the Mains means that you can do Bosses, but you will also require more utility and buffs. This combo works the best because you can use the Bear for bossing, the Cat for buffing, and the Hawk Mode as the primary training mode.

There are some key elements to keep in mind while you Skill Build your beast tamer for Mains. If you want the Hawk to be effective, it should perform at least One-Shot or Two-Shot with Baby Bombers on a Defensive Formation. But if you don’t want to use the Hawk, the Bear+Cat+Leopard combo also works well. However, it also means that you lose a lot of power and max out on utilities quickly.

The Hawk has some excellent capabilities. It comes equipped with skills like Baby Bombers, Defence Formation, and Fly, but here is something to keep in mind. Your early levels with the Hawk will not be an easy ordeal if you cannot kill the mobs with your Defensive Formation. Additionally, you will not be able to use the basic Formation Attack skill while flying. The Formation Attack skill also becomes inactive while jumping and hits only right and left. So you have to work your way up and develop the Hawk to maximize its capabilities.

As you progress through the game and you unlock the Baby Bombers ability of the Hawk, you can use it to fly in the middle of a map. It also allows you to spam Baby Bombers while the Defensive Formation works in the background. But also bear in mind that you cannot always keep the Hawk flying. So when you drop it down, it is highly recommended that you use the 5th Job Skill Cub Calvary. But if you are still not on the 5th Job, don’t worry. You can use the Attack key until you can fly again.

Once you have maxed the Hawk, the next animal to invest in is the Bear. It has some serious moves like the Li’l Fort and Furious Strikes, which have massive impacts when you do Bosses. So focus on training the Bear so that you can use it for Bosses. After that, focus on the Cat because many passive buffs can help you progress in the game. 

With all this said and done, here is another helpful piece of information for you. Always bear in mind that applying all these buffs comes from the animal you use. So if you aren’t using any, all the buffs won’t be applicable. For example, if you are in Hawk but want to use the Cat buffs, you have to use the Hyper Skill “All Together! Critter Crossing!” By doing this, you allow the cat buff to skill up because you get Buff Duration, and you start to get buffs from all the other animals.

The Hyper Skills of beast tamer

Acquiring the Hyper Skills of your beast tamer is vital for the game. You will need a set of specific skills for both Training and Mains.  Some of the best passive Hyper Skills you can use for Training are:

  • Furious Strikes to Reinforce
  • Three-point pounce for extra strikes
  • Furious Strikes for extra strikes
  • Three-point pounce to Reinforce
  • Furious Strikes for Boss Rush

The Mains also require a different set of passive skills. And they are;

  • Formation Attack to Reinforce
  • Furious Strikes to Reinforce
  • Formation Attack to Spread
  • Furious Strikes for Boss Rush
  • Furious Strikes for extra strikes

The difference with Mains to Training is that if you use Leopard or Hawk in the Mains, you will need to use the same setup for the Training.

Matrix Vs. Beast Tamer and Perfect Nodes

This one is for those that want to go a step further and increase their damage capabilities. Two combos can increase your destructive power. Use the Hawk+Bear+Cat combo, and you get Formation Attack, Furious Strikes, Tornado Flight, and Li’l Fort. The second option you have is to go for the Leopard+Bear+Cat combo. With this combo, you get Leopard’s Paw, Li’l Fort, Thunder Dash, Furious Strikes, Three-Point Pounce, and Macho Dancer. All this enhances your beast tamer and helps you with all bosses.

Most of the skills in the game come as one. For instance, you will notice that Baby Bomber and Formation Attack come as one. So it becomes easy for you to maximize your nodes. You can also focus on some of the other nodes like Aerial Relief, Decent Sharp Eyes, Champ Charge, Mana Overload, Cub Calvary, Decent Speed Infusion, Combat Orders, and Decent Advanced Blessing, to name a few. 

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