How to Pause and Unpause the Match in Dota 2?

If you are new to Dota 2, then you may find the dynamics of pause and unpause in the game very confusing. We call it confusing because the process of pause and unpause has not been defined in the manual of the game. There is basically no way that explains how these two processes can be worked out. There is no clarification on the limitations and rules of these two processes as well. This clearly means that a user has to learn on his own about how these two functions work.

On a general note, the pause function in Dota 2 can be executed by using the “F9” key. This key can be used to execute the functions of both pause and unpause.

However, if you are an avid gamer and want to perform these functions without pressing a specific key then you would be happy to know that it can be altered quite simply.

Follow the instructions defined below to change the setting of these functions in Dota 2:

The functions of pause and unpause in Dota 2 can be altered by synchronization with disconnecting players or the team, which is in process of executing these actions.

There are three situations in which this process can be executed in the game.

  1. In order to unpause your game, you have to make sure that there is no disconnection or interruption in your game or connection. Moreover, you also have to make sure that your enemy has paused the game. If both of these conditions are fulfilled, you will be required to wait for just 5 seconds before unpausing your game.
  2. Another way you can execute the pause or unpause operations in your game is by making sure that in the enemy’s team, there is a player who has disconnected and has paused the game. If both of these conditions have been fulfilled, then you will be required to wait for only 45 seconds in order to resume your game.
  3. Adding to that, your team can also unpause the game immediately, in case you or any other player in your team has disconnected.

There comes a time in the game when for some reason, your team requires to have a pause, but nobody has disconnected from the game. In this situation, you can always ask the team members to utilize the 45 seconds pause, which they can use four times in a go. This way, you can disconnect yourself from the game and look out for a go-ahead from your friend or team member who would let you know when is the right time to join back the game

By following the above-mentioned hack, you will be getting a minimum 3-minute pause, which could be a great deal for your team. Even if you get a 45-second pause, it is enough for someone to leave the game and someone else can join in to fix the issue for which the pause had to be taken.

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Limitations of Pause in Dota 2

Now that you are familiar with the dynamics and importance of pausing and unpausing a match in Dota 2, you must know that the game comes with a few limitations pertaining to the pause and unpause function that need to be adhered to.

Apart from the general waiting time which has to be encountered by the enemies before the match can be unpaused, the game comes with a cooldown period which suggests that a player can prevent any infinite pause in the game. The cooldown period is of 5 minutes only, which suggests that once your 3 minutes pause tenure expires, your team is supposed to wait a few more minutes, in case you again want to pause the game.

Although the game comes with a limit on the number of times a player can pause the game in a specific time, there is still no limitation on unpausing the game, which means that a single player can stop the other members of the team from pausing the game if they want to.

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Pause Command on Console

The game comes with a pause command console which is very beneficial to the gamers playing the game as a competitive game.

It must be noted that for competitive games in the drafting phase, the default key does not work. 

This could mean that if the captain of your team has disconnected, you cannot play the game until he returns, as you won’t be able to pause or unpause without the console. Therefore, you must be familiar with the pause command on the console if you like to play the game in competitive mode.

Firstly, you have to open the steam library to find Dota 2. After you have selected it, you have to open its properties and click ‘launch operations’ to add console as ‘dota pause’

By doing this, you can pause and unpause by using the ‘\’ key at any time in the game.

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