Which Flaws Are Worthwhile in The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds is a massive game. There are many planets, asteroids, and space stations to discover, companies to destroy or assist, people to save or kill, and mates or enemies to make along the way. 

Aside from the typical difficulties of a role-playing game, you’ll always constantly make important decisions, traversing branching conversation trees and deciding to choose whether or not to murder everyone you encounter.

As you go through The Outer Worlds, you would be questioned numerous times whether you want to accept or decline a flaw discovered in you by Spacer’s Decision. While accepting a flaw may not seem like an enticing proposition at first, it really does come with the benefit of one perk point.

In certain circumstances, accepting the flaw’s bad consequences looks to be beneficial for the prize; however, it should be emphasized that flaw impacts are irreversible and cannot be erased in The Outer Worlds.

Perks will be awarded every other level, although it will take longer to upgrade as you progress. Since perks have such strong impacts, accepting certain faults is worth the risk.

We’ll go over how flaws work and which flaws are necessary to take when they’re triggered in our The Outer Worlds guide. Throughout this article, you’ll find a list of all the flaws that we discovered.

How Flaws Work In The Outer Worlds

If a specific occurrence occurs to your character in The Outer Worlds, players are given the option to accept or decline a flaw. This might involve getting attacked too frequently by a specific species or being harmed in a specific method.

When activated, the game will pause, and a pop-up will display with the text “Spacer’s Pick Found A Fault In You!” explaining why the flaw was identified and its consequences. If you accept the fault, the flaw display will also notify you that you might receive one perk point as a reward.

You could accept several flaws that are all permanent. When you play The Outer Worlds on expert mode, you can take three flaws; four if you play on medium difficulty; as well as five if you play on supernova difficulties.

Racking up extra benefits outside of power leveling is the major incentive, although accepting three faults will unlock the ‘Flawed Heroes’ accomplishment for anybody aiming for 100 percent achievement of The Outer Worlds.

Acceptable Flaws in The Outer Worlds

Spacer’s Choices in The Outer Worlds may detect 20 different faults in character, varying from drug addiction to a phobia of particular species. As a result, there are 20 other ways to obtain perks aside from leveling up.

There have likely been five flaws in The Outer Worlds that almost any player can quickly accept yet still enjoy playing the game without much difficulty.

The Cynophobia Flaw

The Outer Worlds’ Cynophobia flaw is caused by being attacked by Canids way too many times. Accepting the flaw reduces perception by -2 or temperament by -1, making you less effective and nervous when attacked, although the imperfection does award one perk point.

Canids are frequently seen in battle when fighting marauders as well as outlaws; therefore, cynophobia is likely to be triggered quickly in your game.

Accepting the Cynophobia flaw in The Outer Worlds is among the most manageable flaws to accept. The negative impacts aren’t too terrible, as Canids are one of the game’s weakest creatures.

Just like other species, there is a Giant Canid in the game, and the name is Orthrus that can be discovered outside the Geothermal Plant. However, because Canids are way less strong than most other creatures, this flaw will not be as detrimental to your objective of pursuing the mega monsters in The Outer Worlds.

Therefore, when Spacer’s Choice discovers the flaw in Cynophobia, accepting it will be the most beneficial for you.

Physical Impairment, Weakness, and Farsightedness

Once Spacer’s Choice discovers the Physical Harm Weakness, the sentence reads: “Having far too much physical damage has rendered you soft and prone to additional physical damage.”

However, if you’re suffering from a lot of physical harm, you don’t want to make yourself even more vulnerable to physical attacks.

Since this flaw causes you to absorb +25 percent physical damage, you should only select it if you choose to battle at range using guns rather than dashing into the fight with just a melee weapon. However, because of the marauders that rush at you with melee weapons, it’s also quite easy to defeat this issue.

If you prefer weapons and also have a good ranged weapon, including the Sublight Rocket Launcher or the Pink Drop, you may take off the melee opponents without engaging and go all with the automated rifles and pistols.

Taking the Physical Damage Weakness has a huge effect. However, by slightly altering your strategies before battling, you may reduce its impact whilst gaining another perk point.

If you’re aiming for the all build, bringing on the flaw Farsighted isn’t too bad because it just gives you -10 melee weapons abilities.

The Drug Addiction Flaw

A Drug Addiction flaw is among the most typical weaknesses you’ll come across in The Outer Worlds. Most players experience this issue since drugs can provide enormous advantages for a spell.

To cause Drug Addiction, just take drugs frequently in the game. Ambidextrous, Rapid Dispense Pill, Nico pad low nicotine, Nico-Pad high dosage, Rocket Pills, Spacer’s Haw low nicotine, and Spacer’s Lipper high nicotine) are some of the Outer Worlds low nicotine drugs.

Choosing Drug Addiction will cause you to lose -1 agility, -1 awareness, as well as -1 temperament anytime the Drug Addiction Withdrawals effect occurs. Whenever your character experiences withdrawal symptoms, you just take another medication to counteract the consequences.

In The Outer Worlds, drugs are quite easy to obtain, and taking them provides numerous advantages for 15 to 60 seconds. Embracing the flaw would, of course, earn you one bonus point.

Food Addiction, for identical reasons, is a completely tolerable flaw to accept, affecting the very same effect as -1 agility, -1 awareness, and -1 temper, and also withdrawals.

Flaws You Should Avoid

Canids are very easy animals to stop; therefore, cynophobia is indeed the easiest creature flaw to accept.

Raptiphobia caused by Raptidon encounters, Pithecophobia caused by Prime encounters, as well as Herpetophobia caused by Mara monster encounters all indicate that you will be at a disadvantage when confronted with substantially tougher animals.

Raptiphobia is certainly doable, as much as you don’t combine it with Erosive Weakness, as the Raptidon’s projectile strikes are destructive.

Robophobia – because auto mechanical is already difficult – Pithecophobia, Completely Crippled, Permanent Trauma, and Permanently Maimed are probably the most difficult flaws to overcome.

Few Tips To Play The Outer Worlds Flaws

Look For Suggestions Everywhere

It’s not always simple to figure out which of the numerous pathways is best for you. However, The Outer Worlds will provide you with lots of suggestions. Search for computer terminals, novels, notebooks, and even individuals you chat to – all of these things will point you in the right direction. Once you collect one of these clues, it will display in the Journal menu underneath the mission that it is associated with.

Loot Can Be Found Everywhere

There’s something to loot in almost every room, container, bookshelf, and corpse. Simply walking around and looting all you see can get you anything from condiment to grenades.

Investigate everything and steal everything that isn’t fastened down. Much of it you won’t use or need, but you may sell it, disassemble it for components, or donate it to your buddies. None of it is useless, so take everything.

Final Thoughts

In Outer Worlds, there are numerous flaws to choose from, each with its own set of perks and challenges. This article covers all you need to know about accepting and rejecting flaws so that you can make your decision wisely. 

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