How To Walk In Black Desert Online?

Using the walking navigation is one of the most common actions in Black Desert Online. It is an essential part of playing the game since it allows players to explore and look for new quests or ways to make money. However, some gamers may not know how to walk altogether, such as stopping to walk mid-stride or turning around quickly without moving too far from where you started, so we wanted to go over these essential points.

If we wish to walk in a specific direction for a short distance or duration of time, we need to understand Auto-path first. However, even if we don’t, walking in a specific direction can be beneficial in several ways.

A red line will appear by clicking on the Auto-path button beneath the mini-map (shown as an icon of a person). This red line indicates the direction you are currently going in and how long it will take you to walk in that direction until you arrive at your destination. You can click again to cancel this path.

Auto-path is a handy tool for traveling and keeping track of the distance and time you spend on your journeys. For example, it can help you know if you have enough time to get to a friend’s house before your guild starts their raid.

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There are two ways to walk in BDO:

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn on the auto-path in the mini-map. Now when you hit the ‘T’ key, your character will start running. Afterwards, hit the “scroll lock”, and your character will walk. In this way, you can’t change your direction because of the directions marked on the mini-map. You can only scroll around your character as he walks through the path.
  2. The second way is by moving in any direction at any point while walking. Just follow the previous method – first hit “T” then hit “Scroll lock,” but you need to turn off the auto-path. As a result of doing so, your character can go anywhere you want.

To cancel walking to running, press the ‘T’ key while running. To change your direction while walking, you need to press the ‘Scroll Lock’ key.

As a result of using this method, it is hard to understand whether your character is walking or running since there are no red lines on the mini-map. Therefore, you should consult with other players for information about what your character is doing at that moment.

If you see that you are not actually moving, but still appear to be moving at the same speed, then your character is stuck within the auto-path. However, you can’t stop using this method since it costs stamina. It will take a lot of stamina to continue walking within the path for a lengthy time. Therefore, the only way to stop using this method is to wait until your stamina refills or use items that shorten the time needed to refill stamina.

The walk command is helpful for travelling and when you want to cancel your current direction. For example, you can cancel the auto-path to go back towards a specific location or see something of interest. You can also use this command if your allies are in danger. When someone says ‘Stopped!’, it means that they are stuck within the path for some time have turned around.

You can also set an extra key to perform this task. For example, you can use the ‘T’ key or other keys to walk in a specific direction for a short time. For example, this can be used to move to a specific location for any reason whatsoever. 

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