The Ascent Plug & Play: Where Can you Find Grigori Components?

Inside The Ascent, there is a Side Mission called Plug & Play. Side Missions are acquired by conversing with NPCs and embracing their proposal. These side missions are supplementary missions or tasks which have no direct effect on the actual plot of a game, but rather provide a variety of information to the total lore, along with offering the player with several rewards upon completing the side mission.

The Ascent Plug and Play is a retrieved side-mission in which you must collect 5 Scrapland Materials and construct a bot for Fouch, an NPC in Stimtown.

Who is Fouch?

Fouch is the proprietor of the sexbot brothel Plug & Play. Not precisely what he says on his index cards (which state “Purveyor of Extraordinary Experiences”), but who are we to evaluate?

In contrast, Fouch has indeed been rumored to be doing a brisk business in recent years, catering to clientele from all around the galaxy.

Whatever your flavor, whatever your enjoyment, Fouch like a robot is ready and eager to get your every desire, want, and dream.


Stimtown is where residents of the Warrens (and surrounding zones) go to let off steam.

Each whim will be tended to, every filthy want would be gratified – even at a fair price relative to the pasher higher floors, where few Stimtown carousers would be permitted anyhow.

When the piles were initially built, they served as a local automatic food dispensary and general gathering area, but they quickly became a popular hangout for people seeking drunkenness, deprivation, or simply to chill out with pals.

As the area grew in popularity, corpSec would periodically come to shut it down, but this resulted in such large disturbances in the Warrens that the regional corpSec commander chose to quit Stimtown alone for the time being.

The reality that he now receives free services at all of the places most likely influenced his decision.

NPCs in Stimtown

  • Palu
  • Spice
  • Merle
  • Fouch
  • Warton
  • Sal Mon
  • Boseman
  • Humble Ivan

Missions in Stimtown

Main Missions:

  • Trace Protocol

Side Missions:

  • One More Rep
  • Plug & Play
  • The Recipe
  • The Champ
  • That Guy

Let’s get started.

Though it is a basic job, you may experience a glitch when completing this side mission in this game produced by Neon Giant.

This issue or system errors, though, is not that bad as the one you’ll most likely discover in The Dark Horse side objective; nonetheless, on and off you come across it, I am here to tell you what you need to obtain the Scrapland elements and complete the Plug & Play task in The Ascent.

Let us get started with some common questions and key facts asked by most gamers.

What is The Ascent plug and play?

It is a delivery side mission in The Ascent.

What’s the proper time to start The Ascent Plug and Play mission?

The suggested level of the side mission is level 25, This side mission’s suggested level is 25, thus you can begin it on one of your visits to The Node; but, given it is a greater task, you may wish to level up a bit beforehand.

What will you get when you finish a Plug & Play side mission in Ascent?

You will receive 70,000 XP and the Tentakill Augmentation for completing this side task.

Where can the components be found?

The Elements may be found in Tier: Highstreet’s Scrapland section.

What is the location of Fouch (Plug & Play mission Giver)?

Fouch may be located on Tier: Warrens in the Stimtown neighborhood. Seek him out at the Plug & Play club. The location of the club, as well as Fouch, can be found on the map.

What is The Location of Grigori In The Node?

After speaking with Fouch, your initial goal becomes very apparent. You should know how to travel quickly in The Ascent by the time you finish this task, so get a cab and head towards Arcology: The Warrens.

Travel towards the left-hand side to the elevator, and when you get that tier; Highstreet, take another cab to The Node.

If you can’t reach The Node, concentrate on completing the game’s primary tasks to open it.

When you arrive at the area listed on the map, check for Grigori’s Hardware Store, which is easy to see; thanks to the huge billboard over the door.

Finally, Grigori is here.

How to Reach Scrapland in The Ascension

After speaking with Grigori, you will be directed to Scrapland. Go past his table and into the rear room, where you’ll discover an elevator such as this one below.

That’s the way you get into Scrapland.

How to Obtain Ascension Scrapland Components

You have a clear goal as you have reached the Scrapland.

To obtain 5 components, you will have to kill a number of bots in the red hunt region.

For your information, bots in this region drop all three sorts of items in this zone. However, the rate of dropping is very slow, so extra time will be needed and you will have to wait here.

The bots drop a lot of materials, just kill them in order to obtain this stuff.

Patrol Bots Not Spawning: Achievable Ascent Plug & Play Bug

As already noted, certain players may bug this task. In essence, the issue inhibits the generation of robots. Or just place your opponents in the area they will not be able to view.

If this occurs, quit the game entirely and reload your device. If the glitch continues, advance the plot of the game and complete the next major task.

After all 5 elements have been received, return to Gregori, then head to Fouch for your prizes and delete Plug and Play from the mission lists located here.

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