MapleStory: Reboot vs. Non-Reboot – What’s The Difference?

Some players wrote to the MapleStory store saying that the game is no longer the same as before. It changed a lot. In comparison to Reboot servers, regulars do not have many options of weapons and clothing.

Are there any other differences between the two? That is the question that is most searchable on the Internet by the lovers of this game.

Let us explore the distinctions that exist between the kinds of servers in Reboot World and throw a light upon some hidden facts.

MapleStory Reboot World, What Is It?

The Reboot World in MapleStory launched in Reboot Patch V.168. They constructed it to fight the problems of payment and winning elements of regular servers. With the introduction of the Reboot World, many changes to both worlds occur. 

Somehow game developers are making an effort to get a reasonable proportion between them to render happiness to players of the game.

There exist 2 Reboot Worlds in this game- one in the Region of North America and one in the Region of Europe. Currently, the North America Reboot World happens to be the most famous server in MapleStory GMS. Also, coincidentally, Europe is the least well-known server. 

When Reboot World was published for the first time, no European version existed in the game. That means that Europeans play on North American servers during that time.

However, in 2018, the European version was ultimately published, which was nearly three years after the publication of the initial version. Despite its release, several participants are still playing on the servers of the North American region.

If we talk about it nowadays, no territory block exists between the two servers. Moreover, no event to transfer accounts from one territory to another has been published till now.

What Are The Differences Between Reboot World and Regular Servers?

1. No Trading and Auctions

No trading occurs between participants of Reboot Worlds. No Trading implies no auctions, businesses, plunging articles for another character, etc. However, you can transport items through storage to other gaming characters other than the Equipment items.

2. Increased Meso Rate

The other difference is that Reboot World possesses a Mesos rate six points more than the traditional servers. That implies that the dropping of Mesos by mobs over defendants is six times greater than regular servers.

3. Potential Cubes For Purchasing Mesos

You can purchase cubes like Black and Red Cubes from the cash shop. This way, players enhance their destruction in the game. On the other hand, regular servers purchase cubes by using NX.

4. Higher EXP and HP Possessed by Monsters

The ordinary monsters who live in Reboot World of MapleStory possess higher EXP and HP than the other servers.

5. Removal Of Spell Tracing

Currently, the system of spell tracing is not there in the Reboot World. Instead, you can sell spell traces at 5,000 Mesos individually.

6. Hyper-Teleport Stone Acquisition

The Teleport Rock enables players to wander all over the world of Maple with ease. However, in the case of regular servers, buying these points costs NX to acquire.

7. Equipment Drops

The drops are for the character’s category, rather than buying casual equipment for different duties.

8. Mesos For Tickets Of Monster Park

You can give Mesos for buying Monster Park tickets in Reboot World. However, on other servers, you need to use NX for buying tickets.

9. Mesos for Coupons Of Slot Expansion

You can expand your inventory slots by using Mesos to buy coupons.

10. Absence Of Red Color Familiar Cards

The recently updated Familiar system expects NX items to redeem the knowability of Familiars. Reboot World does not provide these items. Therefore, reboot players need to grind for thousands of familiar manuscripts to obtain decent results.

What About Maple Tour?

The tour bestows considerably additional Mesos in the Reboot World. The extra entry tickets will provide you Maple Points in NX executing its many characteristics reinforced to Reboot World.

1. Absence Of Bonus Potential

The stats of bonus potential are not accessible in the Reboot World.

2. Absence Of Marvel Machine Elements

These elements are the most essential and beneficial things of MapleStory like Hyper Teleport Stone, Frenzy Totem, Battleroid, and many more. These elements are only accessible to regular servers.

3. No Cash Shop 2x EXP

Cash Shop Coupons provide twofold drop and exp, which is not attainable in Reboot Worlds.

4. Nonexistence Of Vacuum Pets

They enable your pet to suck Mesos and commodities when you are moving around outlines on the maps. These pets are only accessible on regular servers.

Difference Due To Community They Cover

If you want to keep an efficient guild and list of buddies, Reboot World is the right place for you as it is full of community right now.

However, if you want to be in the company as a vibrant market, then the most populated world of regular servers is Scania.

Difference In Clothing

On regular servers, you can purchase durable NX clothing from the Auction House or Free Market. From the Cash Shop, you can buy excellent surprise style boxes. There you can also sell commodities which you do not like to wear. 

However, in Reboot, you need to obtain cartons by trading them in an NPC. You can use collected stamps to buy commodities from very controlled choices that NPC offers.

However, the most significant distinction is an inconvenience. In Regular Servers, you need to pay something for elevating up your progression. However, in the case of Reboot World, you need to grind to get everything.

Still, you can admire MapleStory as a dominant player in regular servers. You only need to grind various things by purchasing and selling commodities in an Auction House.

The degree of complication in regular servers is also reduced a little, as you need to retain access to more destruction boosts like Bonus Potential and Spell Tracing. Specific essential commodities can formulate the action a lot simpler than are available on ordinary servers.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the distinctions that prevail in both the servers in MapleStory. We hope that this article helped you in resolving your doubts. Hopefully, you will enjoy MapleStory again nearly as you did in history. Send this article to your gaming friends to enlighten them as well. Also, do not forget to share your experience by writing in the comments section below.

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