Best Stellaris Ascension Perks – Your Path To Unchallenged Supremacy

Ascension Perks are one of the most powerful ways to have unrivaled galactic supremacy in Stellaris. These perks are late-game mechanisms, and you need to work hard to unlock these seemingly undefeatable assets.

Here is a list of Stellaris Best Ascension Perks:

1. Interstellar Dominion

This should be one of the first ascension perks that you should target. It requires no prerequisites whatsoever, other than having reached a stage to be able to unlock Ascension Perks.

Interstellar Dominion works its magic by cutting down both Influence cost and Starbase Influence cost by a solid 20%. Stellaris gamers know how precious Influence is in the game as it comes in limited supplies. So by reducing its cost, you can spread your Influence strategically over crucial parts of your empire.

This makes Interstellar Dominion one of the best ascension perks in the game.

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2. World Shaper

World Shaper lets you include uninhabitable planets in your empire. You need to have any other ascension perk unlocked before you can use World Shaper. You must not be having a Gestalt Consciousness, and you must have already researched Climate Restoration Technology.

World Shaper reduces the cost of terraforming by a whopping 25%. Unlocking this terrific ascension perk can give you a significant head start in expanding your territories into faraway zones populated by planets that are not yet habitable. 

3. Technological Ascendancy

This is also one of those perks that can be easily unlocked. However, don’t let that fool you into underestimating its power. This perk can significantly boost your capabilities in technology and research. In addition, these powers can have a domino effect to help leapfrog your empire into an unrivaled Dominion.

There are no prerequisites to unlock Technological Ascendancy. You gain a healthy 10% increase in research speed once you unlock it. But crucially, you also gain 50% more common access to rare technologies, and this can be a real game-changer in Stellaris.

As RNG mechanics control the availability of technologies in Stellaris, a massive 50% boost is absolutely priceless.

4. Enigmatic Engineering

If you are looking for a perk that sharpens your radar to spot any foes from far away and leap into quick rear-guard action, then Enigmatic Engineering is perfect for you.

You need to have one ascension perk activated before you can unlock Enigmatic Engineering. This powerful perk increases your sensor range by a factor of two and your Hyperlane detection range by a factor of 4. Also, your ships do not leave any traceable debris behind after you have unlocked Enigmatic Engineering.

This means you become an enigma to your enemies, spotting their plans even before they have moved into action. No leftover debris means they get no headroom to reverse engineer your ingeniously crafted ships to try to hit you back with your own music!

5. Galactic Wonders

A powerful perk that requires you to research Mega-Engineering technology, build or repair a Megastructure, and allocate three ascension perks before you can unlock and unleash its massive power.

Galactic Wonders lets you unlock and build three powerful beasts – a Ring World, A Dyson Sphere, and a Matter Decompressor. All you need to make sure is that you have the appropriate DLC installed.

These Megastructures are some of the strongest rock-like creations for the high-intensity late-game phase. With these in place, it would take some courage (and dare we say foolishness) for your enemies to even think about attacking you. These are your gateways to unparalleled galactic lordship.

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6. Colossus Project

This is a massive power and one of the best ascension perks Stellaris can throw at you. Agreed it is a costly undertaking, but then it is every bit worth it.

Colossus Project falls in the Tier-3 perks, and you need to have unlocked three other ascension perks before you activate it. Also, you need to have already researched Titans technology. 

Colossus Project equips you to build massive, deadly Colossus ships. These crafts are the most powerful and destructive crafts in all Stellaris. With these ships, you can wipe away entire planets in one swift assault.

No wonder Colossus Project is one of the most awesome Stellaris ascension perks. If you reach a stage where you can unleash it, you are very close to being the King of the Universe!

Stellaris lets you tinker and experiment with an impressive number of strategies and combinations. Try out more Ascension Perks, and let us know which ones were your path to Galactic glory.

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