How to Vassalize in Stellaris (2022 Update)

Stellaris is a grand strategy game with a lot of replay value due to the almost infinite kingdom customization choices and a slew of unpredictable events and quests.

It promotes and rewards analytical, long-term thoughts since managing the empire and its wealth, whether military, social, fiscal, or otherwise, requires you to make several decisions against a goal well in advance.

Although Stellaris has a variety of alliances, this guide will concentrate on Vassals. When it comes to making Vassals, there is a strategy for any playstyle. This may include invading a species’ homeworld and driving them into servitude or freeing someone from the domination of another country.

A vassal is a country that is subject to another. Having a country you’re subject to is known as vassalation. If you want to dominate a country, you can render them a vassal for ten years and then incorporate them into your kingdom.

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One of the most powerful tactics in Stellaris is to use vassals. This is because vassals will assist you in supporting your armed powers, winning battles, and controlling the territories surrounding you.

However, several players (both fresh and old) are unfamiliar with the method. Thus, they are losing out on a crucial aspect of the game by not having vassals.

Want to learn how to vassalize in Stellaris? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with our fast start guide!

Declaring War

In this game, there are several different ways to make vassals. The first strategy entails declaring war on a specific nation.

From the “Empires” tab, select the objective, then “Communicate” and “Declare War.” When demands come up, you’ll be given a variety of choices, one of which is “Vassalize.”

They aren’t going to agree straight away. The opposing kingdom would finally choose to become your vassal after you stomp their butts through space enough.

Making Demands 

To vassalise an empire, it isn’t necessary to go to war. The second method, in particular, includes attacking an empire with which you are actually at peace.

Pick the empire in the “Empires” tab, then press “Communicate” to see what the “Demand Vassalization” icon looks like. You will claim vassalization right away if one has a green tick. If it has a red cross, though, you’ll have to go through those hoops.

You will see that vassalization isn’t a choice right now by hovering over the red cross. Taking care of these problems would usually facilitate vassalization. Some ethics, however, could completely eliminate this option.

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Targeting Sectors of Interest

Until you run into an irritating error, the next approach is the most straightforward. It entails converting a sector into a vassal state.

You just need to choose a planet from each of your sectors. After that, go to the “Governor” screen and choose “Create Vassal.” That’s what there is to it!

You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of vassalizing your fields over time. It’s comforting to know that the choice for doing so is always accessible.

Greeted As a Liberator

We previously discussed how going to battle allows you to claim vassalization. Surprisingly, there is another aspect of fighting that will help you and your kingdom gain more vassals.

When fighting, most players are focused on conquering different worlds. You may opt to liberate the worlds instead.

This establishes a new regime that is similar to yours, and they will be friendly and thankful to your empire. It would be simpler to claim vassalization from them as a result.

You’ll need to act fast if you want to make these requests. Otherwise, the freed planet might form an alliance with someone else and thwart your plans!

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