Are Small Sword Fragment Quests Worth It In Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online’s gameplay is action-based, involving precise aiming and free movement akin to those of third-person shootings. Lodging, fishing, harvesting, and trading are some activities players can do in the game. There are also massive player-against-player attack events and castle fights. BDO is well-known for its extensive and detailed character customization.

In contrast to the menu mechanism used in most MMORPGs, an actual combat system necessitates accurate physical aiming, evading, and utilizing combinations. Skills could also be triggered by hitting, dodging, and preventing combos. Players can also engage in equine combat. Mounts are obtained by taming them in the wilderness, and gamers may breed unique mounts by marrying specific species. Mounts should be loved and cared for; they cannot be stored, and they could get killed anytime.

There is also a dynamic system day and night cycle with the continuous growth of ambient light. The dynamic, global weather system, which requires various occurrences like typhoons, will impact gameplay.  Localized weather patterns will feature momentary fog, and players might use it to undertake surprising attacks against opposing guild facilities. 

A dynamical day/night cycle with steady development of ambient light is also available. Many non-player characters will become inaccessible throughout the night as they head home, while enemies will spawn extra loot. Based on whether it is night or day, different types of game material are available. Player housing is instanced, and the size and location vary. Players may adorn and furnish their homes by acquiring furniture from NPCs or creating it themselves.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about small sword fragment quests in Black Desert Online. Keep reading to learn more.

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Are Small Sword Fragment Quests Worth It In Black Desert Online, And Where Can You Get it?

A small sword fragment is well worth it because myth has it that the dagger was created by fusing these shards and will serve as a key to the vault on the upper floor of the Library Towers.

This small sword fragment can be obtained through Swordsmith Fink, located in Sasau in the forge behind the weaponsmith. He is looking for five shattered shards of a fabled sword claimed to have belonged to a Queen of Sheba. The majority of the pieces were given to blacksmiths throughout the realm, who retained them as a lucky charm.

This small sword fragment would be easy to get if you have finished the mission ‘Aquarius’ and appointed pickman to the role of the water carrier. Simply find Pickman, who will be going up or down the slope via Rattay’s south-western entrance during the day, and inquire about the prize he promised. He would then hand you a piece of the sword of Sheba to you.

You will not be able to obtain the small sword fragment from pickman if you’ve not already completed the mission ‘Aquarius’ and did not intend to do so, or whether you did not offer pickman the task of the water carrier, or if you did not even demand a bonus when you discussed the job with him. Instead, it would be in the hands of the Rattay blacksmith because the blacksmith keeps it on the highest point of a bookshelf in his house’s basement.

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About Black Desert Online 

The War in Black Desert Online is a game that takes place in a high fantasy environment and centers around two competing nations, the State of Calpheon as well as the Kingdom of Valencia. Calpheon is now a materialistic person, but Valencia is a spiritual person.

A long time ago, Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah, the four primary areas, were at peace. All this changed when Black Death began to spread through merchants from Valencia in such a trading region east of Mediah.

Many people died due to the pandemic all across the world—those that did not were ejected as a result of the black death, which caused psychosis. Ultimately, the three major areas allied and launched a 30-year battle, with the media benefiting the most by gathering black stones then exporting them to the others.

Following the conflict, the coalition gradually resumed commerce with Valencia. When the value of black stones was established in other regions, tensions developed. Desperate for being rich, people began to look for black stones as well. Calpheon seemed to have no location where the valuable black stones could be found; therefore, they took from the others. This exacerbated tensions with Valencia, which really is home to a huge Black Desert containing numerous black stones.

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