Fences in Black Desert Online – The Ultimate Guide

Black Desert Online is undoubtedly an amazing game to play. Every event in this game gives thrills and increases our excitement. It’s like running a real-life colony. You can learn to manage a small group of people by just playing this game, as this game is all about running a colony with the available resources. However, some may find it difficult to get different fences in Black Desert Online and might not know their uses. 

If you’re curious about how to get fences in BDO and their uses, don’t worry, as we will explain all you need to know here. In this guide, we will discuss everything in detail regarding fences in Black Desert Online. 

The main use of fences is growing crops with the perfect life skill of farming. To produce your crops, you’ll need a fence, which you can rent from NPCs.

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Territories That Rent Fences for Farming:

There are different NPCs from where you can rent fences for growing your crops. The location of various NPCs are as follows:

In Balenos Territory

There are three places in Balenos Territory from where you can rent fences. One of them is Flinto Farm, owned by Martina Flinto, and has a small fence for growing your crops. The second one is the Toscani Farm that has a plain fence owned by Paolo Toscani. The third and last location in this territory is Velia, an Old Moon-type fence owned by Klau.

In Seredia Territory

There are four places in this territory from where you can rent fences. Costa Farm is the first place in this territory where a small fence owned by Mael Costa is present. Moretti Plantation has a plain fence owned by Mercianne Moretti. Heidal City has two types of fences. One of them is a strong fence owned by Flaviano, and the other is an old moon-type fence owned by Stee. These are the fences that you can use to grow your crops. 

In Calpheon Territory

Five places in this territory have fences for rent in BDO. Dias Farm is the first place where a small fence owned by Enzo is present. Gianin Farm has a plain fence that Goolie Gianin owns. The northern area of Wheat Plantation has a Plain Fence which Norma Leight owns. There is a plain fence in Trent, which Mayeri owns. The capital of Calpheon also has a strong fence that Geranoa owns. 

In Mediah Territory

There is a small fence in Abun, which Difry Hussey owns. A plain fence is also present in Tarif, which Finlin owns. There are two types of fences in Altinova. One of them is a strong fence owned by Lashir, and the other one is an Old moon type fence owned by Jak.

Each account can have ten fences at most. The other limit on the number of fences you can have at any given moment is the number of contribution points (CP) you have available because renting a fence costs CP.

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Rates of Different Fences

As renting a fence costs CP, we’ll tell you how much CP a fence costs. A small fence costs about three CP, and you can grow four different crops in it. The plain fence costs six CP, and you can grow seven other crops in it. The strong fence costs ten CP, and you can grow ten different crops in it. The old moon-type fence also costs ten CP, and you can grow ten other crops in it.

You can see from the CP cost of each fence type, and it seems that a small fence can have the maximum number of crops per CP. However, you should upgrade gradually to larger fences if you wish to increase your planted crops. The best way to increase this number is by starting from ten small fences. After that, you can upgrade to plain fences and old moon type fences gradually.

The special type of fences in Black Desert Online is old moon type fences. These fences require a farming skill of master one. They’re similar to strong fences; however, they take up less land. This is beneficial since it allows you to pack more farms into a smaller space, minimizing travel time between farms. 

Locating the NPCs That Rent Fences

You can also find these NPCs in-game, so you won’t have to return to this page as often. You can find NPCs who rent fences and acquire an auto-path by utilizing the NPC locator. However, before you can use this way to look for NPCs, you must first engage with them. While you should interact with every NPC you meet, chances are you have already done so because they are not difficult to discover.

The location of the fence plays an important role in the growth and developmental rate of plants. It would be best to analyze the optimal climate of the seeds you’re planting to identify where the best area for that plant is in Black Desert Online. Using the icons on the upper right side of the map, you can see temperature, humidity, and groundwater details. 

Final Thoughts

So this is all you need to know regarding how to get fences in Black Desert Online and their uses in the plantation. This guide ends here, but if you are facing any problems in Black Desert Online, just let us know in the comment section. We will try to reach you back as soon as possible.

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