How to Kick Out Unwanted Colonists in RimWorld?

Are you getting tired of your thriving colony population in RimWorld? Do you want to thin out the herd a little? Look no more as in this article, we’re going to tell you in detail about how to get rid of the extra colonists that are reducing your resources day by day. After following the instructions mentioned here, you’ll finally have a balanced and well-developed colony with the required resources for the remaining colonists.

How to Expel/Kick Out a Colonist?

Overpopulation is a disease that can sweep you of natural resources and food resources. So to keep the colony or any area thriving, we have to take some serious measures for the sake of many, like banishing the culprits. To expel a colonist in RimWorld, select them and then press the icon in their ‘Bio’ tab that looks like a piece of a door. You will be prompted to confirm your decision to expatriate this colonist after pressing this button. Finally, press the agree button to remove the pawn from your group. The pawn will remain in the game and may appear in future events.

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Reasons to Banish a Colonist Even if You Don’t’ Want

A leader is a leader because of his decision power. You may occasionally find yourself with an excessive quantity of colonists to handle. With hard winters and dwindling food supplies, expelling a colonist may seem cruel at first, but you may come to realize that it is important for the colony’s survival. We’ll have to make some difficult choices to ensure the survival of the many above the survival of the few. Furthermore, a colonist’s expulsion does not have to be the end of their adventure. You might even catch and arrest a pawn you’ve dismissed in the hopes of having them return to the colony in the future.

If some colonists have a negative trait, you may choose to expel them for that reason as well. Some qualities will drive your pawns to engage in more communal battles with other colony members, resulting in a negative mood debuff for everyone. A large number of unpleasant moods floating around at the wrong time, such as during a raid, can be dangerous. The Pyromaniac attribute is one that many players aim to avoid. If their mood dips too low and they experience a breakdown, colonists with this feature have a chance of starting fires. I don’t need to tell you why this is such a bad idea.

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Substitutes to Banishing a Colonist

Many may feel that expelling a colonist is their only available option to deal with the colonists that you don’t want. Fortunately, in RimWorld, there’s always a way. However, dismissing a colonist has its perils. If you banish a colonist, then behind the entirety of different pawns, still the behaviors of a part of your colony will change, and a mood debuff of -3 per expelled colonist can occur. This debuff will duplicate if you expel numerous colonists all at once.

As an alternative to banishment, the colonists could be assigned to cleaning up the colony. You can assign various job roles to other colonists by using the work tab. Large bases need a dedicated cleaner because pawns want to reside in a clean and healthy environment.

You may even remove the colonist’s ability to walk surgically. For example, if you have a pyromaniac and are concerned that they may be setting flames all over your colony, go to their health tab and attach a peg leg to one of their body legs. These pegged legs can later be removed, leaving the colonist unable to move.

Another way to get rid of a colonist will get you some silver. Slaves are accepted and sold by some groups in the game. Any of your colonists can be sold to these groups as slaves. The colonist’s worth will be determined by his health, abilities, and any bionics he may have. Keep in mind that, unless you have mods that prohibit it, selling someone into slavery will result in a significant mood debuff for the entire colony. So, once you get rid of a colonist, be prepared since it can make a lot of other people angry and delusional.

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