Top 10 Best Blueprints in Warzone (2022)

With the arrival of the new Warzone “Call of Duty,” there’s more discussion about weapon blueprints than the actual weapons. This fact is true in Call of Duty: Pioneer because there are already some powerful pre-made guns with exotic camouflage and top accessories.

However, most blueprints are better than most of the basic weapons themselves, and only a few can be said to be better than anything made by the gunsmith. Weapon Blueprints are a new way to build a class in Call of Duty Warzone.

A blueprint is a variation of a basic weapon with pre-made attachments and sometimes even unique designs and shot types. Usually, when you unlock a weapon, you will need to use it in battle and level it up.

This way, you’ll unlock better attachments as the game progresses. However, weapon blueprints change this pattern, allowing you to access unlocked attachments easily. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the top 10 blueprints in warzone 2022 to make your gaming time enjoyable.

Top 10 Best Blueprints in Warzone 2022

10. Bonerattler

For gamers who have reached the 24th tier of the Black Ops Season 6, Vanguard’s unique Bonerattler Epic rare blueprint is free. Since this is one of the top 10 best blueprints in warzone 2022 for the extraordinary STG44, it is not wrong to call it the indispensable blueprint in Warzone so far.

Since the rifle has enough impact force, Bonerattler uses the Mark VI Skeletal lower barrel and shiny copper VDD 320mm barrel to increase its aiming time by more than 25%.

Additionally, it comes with a 1.35x sight, which provides enough magnification. This way, the gun doesn’t slow down. Whether you want to begin your Vanguard journey with a big K/D proportion or want to eliminate opponents in Domination, you’ll never regret letting Bonerattler spin.

9. Shredder

As a gift on the release day, the paper shredder is an amazing blueprint, and it does truly satisfy its extraordinariness. It comes with a special MP40 and is rated amongst the top ten blueprints in warzone 2022. 

The major advantage of this blueprint is its capacity to impair any kind of recoil that the MP40 base might encounter. This can be credited to the gun’s VDD 34m buttstock, which ultimately reduces the overall recoil by about 15% and increases the retraction resistance by 20%. 

The only element that may make players give up using this blueprint is its camouflage which has a wooden grip, but you can find a skin like in the Pack Tactic section.

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8. Blizzard

The most useful sniper rifle blueprint is definitely the Blizzard of the 3-line rifle. Unfortunately, only fans with the game’s Ultimate version can access this blueprint. However, it’s likely to appear in the store soon, like most pre-request rewards usually do.

Blizzard is only for medium and long-range use, it focuses mainly on terminating vertical and horizontal recoil and this advantage can be traced to its Kovalevskaya weighted stock (it is probably the best accessory in Warzone and the last accessory you can unlock without a blueprint). 

This snowstorm has a fast reload time of about two seconds; it also provides 5x optics.

7. Heirloom (M1 Grand Blueprint)

Another blueprint that uses most of the copper camouflage is the M1 Grand heirloom. Thankfully, you can grab this Blueprint for free on the 72nd floor of the Battle Pass. Although this legendary war zone counterpart is available, the Hierloom rifle is indeed a rare sharpshooter blueprint with unique features, and it can cause a lot of damage, even from a far distance. 

Because of its “acquisition proficiency” attachment, this blueprint will gain extra accuracy every time you make a long-range kill. Everything else added helps reduce overall recoil, but its F8 stabilizer also increases the damage range by 12%.

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6. Warning Track (STG44 Blueprint)

You can’t cross the STG44’s warning track off your list when making the list of the top 10 best blueprints in warzone 2022. This incredible Blueprint has a black matted texture and a shiny silver MX muffler (silencer). It focuses more on ammunition and accuracy, which is one important feature the STG44 possesses.

Furthermore, it comprises of extended ammunition types, and this accessory provides even more destruction than the weapons you already have. Although Warning Track is a little slower than you might have hoped, it has grown to become popular artillery in more subtle game modes such as search and destruction.

You can grab this weapon after completing the 64th floor of the Warriors Pass of the new sixth season. While players cannot customize this blueprint through the Gunsmith, they can use four weapon blueprints that come with a default set of accessories on Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

5. Grim Reaper Ghost Pack

Perhaps one of the weirdest bundles in Warzone, this pack includes nine items. Of course, the Phantom Skin is an exceptionally intimidating ornamental; it is incredible and unique.

The ISO and FAL fire “soul piercing” shells can suck an opponent’s soul from their bodies. The Grim Reaper Ghost Pack also has a sickle melee weapon and is a cool way to finish off your enemies.

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4. The Zealous Acolyte

If you are searching for a beautiful sniper that settles beneath the Pellington 703, then the Zealous Acolyte is a top choice to consider. This legendary Blueprint ranks high amongst Warzone fans. Additionally, this weapon boasts incredible accuracy, ammo, and speed. 

This doesn’t come without taking note of the many attachments that come with it. The Zealous Acolyte also struts the Stabilizer 308 as a muzzle attachment to help maintain an idle sway control.

The Zealous Acolyte also blends with a laser that increases the perpetual goal of the hip-fire to a crucial 360 for no scopes. You definitely wouldn’t ask for anything less than this “beauty in the savannah” weapon. 

3. Homecoming Kilo 141

The assault rifles and handguns in this bundle possess emerald tracer cartridges which makes your bullets appear like diamonds, striking your opponents. Players can also activate the Toto knockout, which unleashes a white wolf on your opponents. It is one of the best aesthetic blueprint sets in Raven Software.

The Homecoming Kilo 141 assault rifle has been wreaking havoc in Verdansk for some time, and the Grau’s nerfs have increased its popularity. The Kilo can quickly take down entire squads thanks to its 60-round magazines. Additionally, the VLK 3.0x optics will give make your shots insanely accurate.

You don’t need to get any recoil control accessory with this weapon in your hands. All you have to do is pull down on your trigger and watch as this gun turns into a squad killing machine. Taking out enemies at medium and long range will be a snap for you, as these accessories take off almost all of the weapon’s recoil.

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2. SHRP: Special Hazard Response Protocol

Be on high alert to lock and load with this legendary blueprint for your next Warzone adventure. Don’t look around for weapons and head straight on to grab the SHRP: Special Hazard Response Protocol bundle. The Socom Blast Mitigator is a top choice to consider if you need attachments.

This blueprint can improve your muzzle flash concealment in seconds; with its 24.6′ Ranger, you can take down enemies with a single blow. Additionally, the inclusion of the Stanag 12 Rnd Tube has proven essential to help increase the magazine ammo capacity. The Serpent Wrap also provides a nice boost to your aim down sight.

Furthermore, the SAS Combat Stock improves your shooting speed without affecting your aim walking speed.

1. AK-47 Resonant

The AK-47 Resonant variant and the MP7 Efflux are some of the coolest shots in the game. These weapons fire electric tracer rounds that appear as blue lightning bolts, and the DrKarlov’s skin will be available for grab.

Although this pack costs 2400 COD points to unlock, you’ll get Assault rifles featuring the best guns in this category. This weapon is a monster at damaging your enemies at close to medium range.

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As most gamers know, every new Call of Duty Warzone season always comes with several fascinating weapons and blueprints. Players can now brag about adding unique weapons and attachments to their arsenal. However, it is advisable to acquire these blueprints while you can to make your game time bliss.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to keep an eye on a rich collection of blueprints capable of revamping meta updates? There’s always a tough competition in Warzone, and most players are there to finish opponents. 

As you won’t be getting these blueprints from the game’s onset, you have to use the available weapons to unlock more weapon collections. Before you know it, you might have most of the top ten blueprints in Warzone blueprints as you advance in the game. These blueprints will give you an upper hand in finishing off your enemies without hassle.

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