What are Rested EXP Coupons?

Are you a gaming freak? If you are, then you will know about a famous game known as MapleStory. If you have not played the game yet, then you should know that it is worth the experience.

MapleStory is a 2D free-to-play multiplayer online game designed by a South Korean company. You will find several versions of this specific game in different countries and different regions. 

In this game, a gamer explores the maple world, where he or she has to utilize the gaming character’s abilities and skills in order to defeat monsters and earn rewards. Also, you can interact with other members of your team and other parties and do business trading with them. This game is a true example of role-playing games. 

If we talk about the main plot of the game, then there is no winning and losing in the game. In the game, you just have to work on upgrading your character’s abilities and skills over time. 

Now let’s talk about the main matter of concern which is how you can earn the EXP coupons in the game. You can level up in the game pretty easily by utilizing these coupons. 

In this article, we will be focusing on three consistent ways of earning exp coupons, which will be described briefly for your benefit. 

The three ways are as follows: 

1. Monster Park

One of the most efficient ways of earning exp coupons in the game is through Monster Park. Starting at level 105, players or maples can enter the Monster Park, where they have to take out the waves and mobs for a great amount of exp.

However, if you go to the Monster Park on Sunday, you will be lucky because, on Sunday, you can receive a double whammy of 1.5 times of exp for your Monster Park exploration. Also, you will receive the Sunday box where you can get exp related goodies such as 1.5 and 2x exp coupons, the pendant of spirit, the prepared pendant of spirit, and so on.

Note that while you have an initial two free runs of the Monster Park, you can actually explore the Monster Park seven times a day if you take advantage of Monster Park entry tickets in a cash shop.

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2. Legion Store

The Legion Store is another great way to earn exp, but this option depends upon your legion coin income; but if you want to save, then the best way is the thirty minutes 2xp coupons which you can pick up for 70 legion coins.

If you are finding it hard to get your hand on legion coins, then forget to do your legion dailies, which you can do by talking to your NPC game appropriation, which gives you a true bonus where you can receive 30 legion coins a day by taking out both the golden and dragon whelps on the map. 

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3. Mu Lung Dojo

Our final tip in order to earn exp coupons is Mu Lung Dojo which starts at level 105.

Mu Lung Dojo is a test of how far you can get up the dojo floors. At the end of the week, you will be facilitated with a point. Note if you do not perform well enough that you might not get points, so keep that in mind specifically if you are in level 200.

The dojo store sells 30 mins to 2x exp coupons for 2000 points each, and you also have the option to pick up a three-day pendant of the spirit, which offers you a bonus of 30% exp when fully charged. 

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